A Black Cat Just In Time For November      If you act fast,  you could have this sweet black cat for November. My daughter sent this to me in hopes we could find the right home for this sweet black kitty.       This cat is currently located near Odenton, Md. Sounds like a great cat. Rumor
    Again It's The Small Stuff   Touring a home today that had lots of bedrooms and bathrooms, almost three acres and three fireplaces, beautiful views and gleaming wood floors...wonderful features for a listing. But sometimes it is the small stuff that makes a place stand out...especially aroun...
 Fall Back This Sunday      Be On Time      Be on time with your Sunday appointments!  Turn  all your time devices back for Daylight Saving...not just your clocks. Sunday November 2nd at 2:00 AM Be thankful for that extra hour of sleep this weekend. Spring forward, fall back. Remember to change y...
Reaching Out To Friends And Past Clients     I have started calling my friends, some who are clients. It has been very rewarding to reconnect with those we have so much in common with.  Just check out this party from a few years ago.       I have been very lucky that my friends have stayed in tou...
The Best Hug After Five Years   What a lovely way to end a day or start a day or just enjoy whenever.  Take time to watch this video and maybe even sing along..     I Will Always Love You               So nice to see such love shared with others.      The Best Hug After Five Years        
  Handsome Boy And Two Sisters Need Baltimore Homes   Bru, a handsome boy, and  sisters Aleeah and Allie are looking for forever homes. Do you have room or do you know someone who has space and enough love for these pets?       Please give the Baltimore Humane Society a call and when you visit Br...
To Stage Or Not To Stage      This past week I introduced a new member to ActiveRain and I have been enjoying his photography.   With permission I am posting a photo by Jeffrey Wolk       This could be a tough room to stage on a limited budget. What do you think?           To Stage Or Not To Stag...
Free Smoke Detectors For Baltimore City Home Owners     Are Your Smoke Detectors Working?    How do you know?  Have you had someone test them lately?  It is a good idea to check  your smoke detectors twice a year at Daylight Saving time.       This is a perfect chance to contact your friends, fam...
    Help Me Welcome Another New Member   So I do believe in breaking bread with clients- present, past and future. Take time to check out Erica's contest and you will see  this one is right up my real estate alley.    A call from a previous seller, suggested I meet with a friend who is a very tal...
Sometimes It's Just About The Small Things   When talking about our properties, we tend to mention how many bedrooms, how many baths, how many fireplaces, how many acres or how much square footage.   Sometimes it's just about the small things.               Small, but important, things may be  sp...

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