Maryland 2,000 — Free Cat Adoptions the Entire Month of July! Now is the purr-fect time to adopt and give an unwanted cat or kitten a loving, new family! During the entire month of July, the Maryland SPCA, along with 19 other shelters across Maryland, are waiving adoption fees for felines with...
Are you thinking of selling your home and moving to a more convenient type of living ? Maybe a Baltimore Condo? Condos are not  all alike...not by a long shot.Homes, neighborhoods and buildings have a personality. You have to visit to see if the right personality is there for you. Some people can...
 This recent post  opened a whole new meaning on scam. I am receiving calls of how our own industry professionals and our clients are being scammed.    The problem: some of these dishonest, unscrupulous men (so far they have all been male) are preying on women. The ones I am hearing from are in r...
  A variety of clients and ages, make real estate so much fun. I may be working with a classic client who is selling a  home. I may be working with their son or daughter who may also need to buy or sell. And I may be working with one of their grandchildren who may need to buy!Referrals bring in a...
 Have you ever had a con man as a buyer? Years ago, I had a buyer who wrote an offer on a vacant exciting home close to our Baltimore Harbor.  He was so smooth, he was so confident and he was a charmer.  It was going to be a quick settlement and I was waiting for his proof of funds before submitt...
 Last month I wrote about a  wonderful transaction  with some very special buyers.      And recently I came across this account written by my friend and colleague Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee   "About 2 months ago, I was asked to join Margaret Rome on her Sunday at Noon radio show All About Real...
Spoke with my wonderful sellers about holding an impromptu open house today. Perfect beach weather...sunny and in the 80's! And the beach is packed.Not today...they had friends in and were entertaining. Open houses do NOT have to be on weekends! An open house can be anytime someone wants to see a...
 Numerous posts need to be cleaned up.  Having written more than 3000 over the last 12years, that's a lot of work.Many of mine entail fixing broken links.   Rather than randomly going back and choosing ten posts,  I thought I would give this one a theme. We are all BUSY. Some people are very very...
  This post is not going to get me a new buyer or a new listing.  But after a wonderfully busy Friday, I thought it might be fun to take a break.   I received this  picture above from my best friend, Karen. Most of our back and forth texting would not be suitable for my professional image. Neithe...
   Buyers make a list of what they want in a their new home... number of bedrooms, style, location, price range and special features. I talk about the needs of this buyer and announce what they are looking for on my weekly radio program.  The listening audience can to be on the look out if their ...

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