There are times you find the absolute perfect home. This is one! And below is what the buyer had to say.  ''My wife and I were looking for a home for over two years and we couldn’t find one. We wanted four things that the house should have. 1. A rancher 2. A dead end street 3. Closer to a school...
   Home buyers and sellers should be comfortable enough with their Realtor® that open discussions are always an option. If one of your "friends" tells you "how it should be done" or "how" their agent would be handling the transaction, please talk to you own agent. Tell them about the conversation...
 It has been a wonderfully busy August with listings, sales and settlements.  Buyers have gone from looking for a home, to contract, to inspections, to walk through and to final settlement.  Sellers have gone from listing, to negotiation, to contract, to home inspections, to appraisal and to fina...
  This would be my definition of advertising. It is my job to let the folks know we are in real estate! It is not their job to remember!   Half of advertising does not work but what we don't know is which half. Below is where this idea came. ''John Wanamaker (1838-1922) was a very successful Unit...
   Former Realtors® and other real estate professionals, no longer in the business, have been wonderful referral sources. These are agents who were in my former office, agents who have been part of a transaction, agents I've met in a class, agents who have moved out of town and agents that have c...
  There was a post written by Gordon Crawford  about feedback  Here was my response...   " It's not the showing agent's responsibility to provide and help set the listed price. I do think it is common courtesy to acknowledge you were in the property and if there were any real t...
 Recently met a young professional couple, expecting their first child. When they heard I was in Real Estate, they asked for some tips in buying a home. Well I could write a book Real Estate the Rome Way (already done) or  just  another blog.My first suggestion..check out "Win the Lottery"  so th...
  In order to get the property sold...the house has to sell four or five  times. Let me explain. The first ''sell'' is to me, the listing agent. Do I want this listing? The second "sell" is to the other agent so they bring their buyers. The third "sell" is to the buyers. The fourth is to the appr...
  My best advice for a real estate agent. Go for a signature everyday! Always be closing (ABC).Today we negotiated and signed an addenda removing the home inspection contingency.Each time you get a signature in real estate you are moving forward. Some examples of these signatures are... signing a...
  Is your home up to code?  If you are listing a home in Baltimore, make sure you are aware of Maryland's smoke alarm laws. New hard wired CO/Smoke detectors are needed on every level of the home now required....No more batteries!  All alarms more than 10 years old should be replaced — the manufa...

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