What will you do to sell my house? This is what a seller wants to know from their Realtor® In addition to putting the property on the MLS (Multiple Listing System), making sure it is on numerous websites, professional photography and taking each call to answer questions and set up appointments,...
Fall on the east coast is a lovely time of year including the cool crisp temperatures and watching the changes in our foliage.Thought it would be interesting to follow the season over the next few weeks. At the end of October, here are photos of the trees in front of my house.Here is Week 3 in fo...
  We may get a gold star for a post that is smiled upon by the feature fairies. We may get a mention in Carol Williams Second Chance Saturdays. We may be singled out in Kathy Streib Ah-Ha moment or we may get pointed to in one of Robert Vegas Bob Swetz many groups or Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, CRS...
   The only way you are going to see the rest of this house is if they hire me!Went out to see a  mid-century modern home that I would love to represent.From the front, it looks like a nice rancher on a manicured lot. Not the least bit showy.But from the inside and the back, it is a WOW!  The din...
 Recently wrote a post about how to get a blog done when you are so busy. Frequently the ideas seem to come in the shower so I decided to see if there were any waterproof products to allow me to jot down a  note. After a bit of research...Yep, there are! The order has been placed.Upon arrival, I ...
  Blogging the Rome way.When to write with little time left in a wonderfully busy day?Checking my calendar...there are showings on my new listing at 12 noon,  a listing appointment at two followed by a monthly evening gathering of 15 friends who have been meeting for over 30 years. That leaves li...
 There was a post written this week by Leanne Smith  She shares some very simple advice.    In a nutshell, Leanne said...just pick up the phone. This point is proved almost daily when callers, a bit surprised, say something like..."I expected a voice message." 'You were the only one who picked up...
  As Realtors® we have an opportunity to help our Veterans.  Click on this video HelpVet was formed to empower service members, their families, survivors and the entire military community with a wide variety of benefits, resources and company discounts. There's a large network of n...
 Last week when taking a technology class, the instructor was very enthusiastic about using the Waze app. Explaining that it warned of accidents, speed cameras, police etc.  Since Waze was already on my iPhone, I checked it out and found it very easy to use.   It talked to me and it gave very cle...
  This is the second week of watching the leaves from my Baltimore home.   Thinking of buying or selling a homeCall Margaret Rome  

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