944: Above And Beyond - 10/08/14 07:27 AM

Above And Beyond
My  'Above And Beyond' is not about me but about a special friend, colleague and ActiveRain member.
You might recognize her as Mortgage Mama  Bridget McGee
 In need of a favor, but hard for me to ask, I was looking for an advertisement  for one of my listings. A friend of the seller offered to put up signs in his gas station which is just a few blocks from his property at
 11249 Liberty Rd 21117

That was an opportunity not to be missed. A quick email to Bridget at 1:18 AM … (27 comments)

944: My Number Is On This Baltimore City Home 944 - 07/18/13 02:39 PM
My Number Is On This Baltimore City Home
My newest listing has my number in the address. Even though it is backwards it is still a form of 944 and everyone  quite a few people know that 944 is my number.
Call me to find out when you can see this beauty and I will give you more details.
This brick townhome in Baltimore City will be on the market soon.
Baltimore City Brick Townhouse With NEW Everything!       

   When you look at a list of properties for sale, … (6 comments)

944: Explain '944' and Win a signed Copy of 'Real Estate the Rome Way' - 01/27/12 04:07 PM

944: Win a Book or a Chat With Margaret Rome Contest...Every 10th Comment - 11/15/10 04:00 PM
Last year this time I ran this successful contest and gave away quite a few books.
Why am I blogging? Why are many of you blogging?
 For me, other than the fun of connecting with so many bright and creative minds, it is to get exposure for my list of properties and then to find the best buyers.
Who has the buyers? Other agents, other people, other real estate professionals, others who are related or connected, friends, family, etc…and not just in my Baltimore area.
About a year ago, one of my sellers gave me this idea…well sort of. She asked me to … (25 comments)

944: What is Your Special Number? 944 is Mine! - 11/13/10 11:49 PM
Recently noticed that I had 536,944 points on ActiveRain. That's MY number! Not the 536 but the 944.
And you are saying: "So What?"  It ends in 944 and almost everyone, well a few people know that 944 is my number.   When you look at a list of properties for sale, they almost all end in 000, 500 or 900. Needed something different to stand out early in my Real Estate carreer some twenty years ago. I was driving a 944..perfect....so my first listing was priced at $XXX,944 and it sold in a week! My second listing sold in … (23 comments)

944: What's Luck Got to Do With Selling Houses in Baltimore, MD? - 08/31/09 07:35 AM
What's Luck Got to Do With It?
Not long ago I talked with Ylan Q Mui, a staff writer at the Washington Post, who was writing an article on the things sellers do to help sell their houses. She wasn't interested in decluttering or staging. What she wanted to talk about was lucky charms, totems, and other magical devices.
Her article, "Lady Luck Lounges on A Red Couch," ran on August 9, but you can still find it online (http://tinyurl.com/nkmher). She interviewed some agents in the area and included this about me and my lucky number:
"Margaret Rome, a real … (29 comments)

944: There She Goes Again With Her Numbers! - 06/24/09 09:52 AM

I like certain numbers – you know that by now. There's my  944  and I love the growing numbers on Active Rain – we recently hit   150,000 members! It seems like just yesterday we celebrated 1,000 then 10,000, then 100,000.
There are many people with many more points than I have, but I'm still proud that I'm almost at 300,000 points and I have invited 125 members.
It is July 2009 and I have hit 300,000 points. Now I can go join Neal Bloom's Platinum Group!
But my favorite number? You guessed it. Today Lee and I celebrate our  15,000 th day anniversary. We celebrate every day, but those … (27 comments)

944: It Has To Be Done 1-2-3! - 01/23/09 07:00 AM
I can hear it now…there she goes with the numbers again. I woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m. and I realized it was 1-2-3. Could not get it out of my head – who knows what sparks my Type E brain sometimes? But there it was: 1-2-3, and there won't be another one until December.
Numbers mean more than just a way to count or tell time. Remember 944? That's one of my special numbers. Even more special is 14,848, the number of days I've been married and living my own love story. What does 1-2-3 mean? Today's date, of … (40 comments)

944: A 5th on the 3rd for the 4th - 07/03/08 03:22 AM
We have used numbers before in posts here - my favorite number 944, 10,000 members, 100,000 points, and so forth. Seems as if today numbers are everywhere I look. This photo of a flower with six petals was taken at 5 Wake Forest Court Catonsville, Maryland 21228.
Since I met Marti Garaughty, "The Art of Marketing You" expert, I always am aware of marketing. So today these two come together - numbers and marketing - with a bit of holiday spririt thrown in. Wouldn't this be an ideal day to own a liquor store, and put up a huge banner out  … (20 comments)

944: Special Treatment! - 05/29/07 07:35 AM
Anyone who knows me knows that I love the color brown. Maybe that's why chocolate is such a favorite of mine! I once owned a brown Porsche 944 that showed up in a blog about what's in a number?  I never thought I could feel the same way about another car. I drove that gem for 10 years until I totaled it. I loved that car.
Saturday after my morning workout, I got a call from TLH Lee that he had a problem with his car, had taken it to the dealer, and needed me to pick him up. Now everyone knows that … (62 comments)

944: What's In a Number...Now? - 01/15/07 07:25 AM
I've talked about numbers before, often. We always seem to be counting something in real estate – listings, days we've had a listing, showings, offers, sales, settlements, commissions.
Since joining this amazing group, I've counted ActiveRain's phenomenal growth to more than 8,000 real estate agents:
Active Rain Hits 1000 agents!
Active Rain hits 3000 Real Estate Agents!
7000 + Real Estate Agents on Active Rain
Active Rain is averaging 1000 Real Estate Agents Each Month!
And talked about some very special people # 1 on Active Rain!
Nima gave me Two Thumbs Up to Margaret Rome, I would give Three but I only have Two!
And I wrote … (15 comments)

944: Do You Have A Unique Number? - 08/04/06 12:20 AM
Thursday, August 03, 2006

What's In a Number?
When I first got into the business, I learned that you need to do something to make yourself stand out. If you notice, almost ALL listings end in 000, 500, or 900. I chose to make my listings more visible by using a unique number in each one.Back then I was driving my little dream car, a Porsche 944, and I began using this number on my first listing. I loved my 944, and I love 944 - now I use it on all my listings. When you look down a … (23 comments)

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