all about real estate: Thankful For Sundays - 11/24/19 08:26 AM

Thankful for the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
So much to be grateful, especially in Real Estate. So thankful for buyers and sellers, for all those who ask me questions, those who have let me talk them out of selling their home, those that have said "heard you on the radio," or ''my spouse listens every week.''  I'm thankful for all those who call in during the show and those that text me during the show for support or to let me know when I make a mistake. Thankful for those who call in during the week. I'm grateful for those who have bought or sold a … (23 comments)

all about real estate: Grateful For The Microphone - 11/19/19 07:36 AM
Each Sunday at noon you’ll find me at the radio station with headphones and in front of the microphone.
All About Real Estate
 Photo by Billy McGee Photography
A few minutes after noon, the ON AIR lights up!
And I start talking for the next hour.
What about?
Anything that has to do with real estate!
There's a recap of my properties, of the transactions, new listings, closings, properties that I'm looking for, rules about real estate, and questions received during my day to day encounters. 
It can be any news about my life in Real Estate. It’s a live call-in talk show, and it is fun. … (29 comments)

all about real estate: Three Million Points The Rome Way - 10/02/19 08:41 AM
Doing It The Rome Way!
Yesterday I hit Three Million ActiveRain Points and would like to share the positive effect blogging has had on my real estate business.
To name a few: 
I have found many buyers and sellers from blogging. I enjoy blogging and the instant gratification of the comments. I wrote and had a book published because of blogging. I left a big box company after 18 years because of advice received from blogging. I started HomeRome Realty with the help and confidence that came from blogging. I have my radio show, and blogging has been an influencing factor in my success. I … (53 comments)

all about real estate: How Do You Prepare For A Radio Show? - 11/11/18 03:35 PM
 How do you prepare for the show?
This is a question I get during the week from friends, colleagues, and clients. What is the topic for  Sunday's live radio show?
Being prepared is what real estate is about!
Each phone call, each text, each email, each voice mail, each time you meet someone... you have to be prepared...each contact has the potential to be an adventure. 
That's the way I feel about my weekly show.
Today's show I was talking...
talking about my newest listing,
 talking about what has happened during the preceding week,
talking about Veterans' Day,
talking about open houses,
talking about my current listings, 
talking about the appraiser and how I … (9 comments)

all about real estate: Realtors®, Radio and The Rain - 09/15/18 10:14 AM
There was a fabulous informative post written by our own Debe Maxwell. 
This dynamo agent is quite amazing...preparing for Hurricane Florence, negotiating and winning a multiple offer bid for her buyer, writing a  'Pulitzer Prize'  winning featured blog and still taking time to answer her phone! 
Read Debe's post...
And later this morning my phone rang.
It was Victor, a Baltimore radio listener, who was thinking about moving to Charlotte.
He wanted me to know that he called and spoke with Debe Maxwell, CRS to make sure she was safe. 
And Debbie took time to  take his call.
Realtors®, Radio and The Rain

all about real estate: Farming The Rome Way - 06/21/18 04:04 PM
Buyers make a list of what they want in a their new home... number of bedrooms, style, location, price range and special features. I talk about the needs of this buyer and announce what they are looking for on my weekly radio program.  The listening audience can to be on the look out if their home might be a match or if they know of another property...maybe a neighbor, friend or relative.
I use print media and have a link
on my website
Take a look at this flyer
These flyers are given to the buyers to keep in their cars. When they see a home they  like, … (27 comments)

all about real estate: The Show Will Go On - 03/31/18 08:33 PM
It's Easter Sunday. It's Passover. It's April Fool's Day.
And...the show will go on.
I have a feeling there will be less people listening and even fewer callers.
The regular listeners will have so much to do with family and friends that a noon radio show will not be on their schedule.
It is OKAY...I will still do the show.
I will still talk about my listings.
I will still talk about the buyers who are looking for special homes.
I may mention a few REALTORS® who took the time to show my properties this week.
If you are around, without any plans, between 12 … (12 comments)

all about real estate: What Is A Bedroom Is Not A Simple Answer - 09/16/17 08:49 PM
On my radio show a caller was concerned that a large room on the upper level, with it's own bath room, a door and large window was deemed not a bedroom by the seller and the agent.
  Because there was no closet. But it was advertised as a four bedroom including the room described above.
I will talk about some of the requirements to call a room a bedroom. I'll do that  on the show tomorrow.
Another discovery, when the septic  was checked with the county, found the home was rated for only 3 bedrooms.
This buyer is under contract, wants the house and is asking … (9 comments)

all about real estate: Best Business Practices The HomeRome Way - 08/01/17 01:42 PM
My best business practice from the first year was connecting with people from the different areas of my life.
Guess I should start from the beginning and
Why I Chose Real Estate...It Really Was an Accident!
I was rear ended while driving and had neck and back issues and surgery was recommended. Since they could not guarantee the use of my hands...I decided against it. That was a mild way of saying I refused the operation.
 They advised me not to lift more than five pounds. Whoa! My box of clay weighed 50 more ceramics for awhile.
During this time I get a "cold" … (15 comments)

all about real estate: Open Houses Are Not Predictable - 07/30/17 12:05 PM
It was a gorgeous Baltimore summer day.. sunny and just under 80 degrees.
My seller was  a guest on the radio show talking about 7 Green Heather Court, one of my favorite homes, a contemporary Deck House.
 click to see Pictures
7 Green Heather
7 Green Heather
Baltimore County 21208
MLS BC 9664931
Offered at $649,944
 7 Green Heather Sunroom

Unusual but no callers on the show today...I'm sure everyone was outside at the pool with family and friends enjoying this perfect weather . Why would they be listening to a radio program about real estate?
This is an open house that I advertised, talked about on

all about real estate: A Seller A Sale and A Radio Show - 04/10/17 09:06 PM
What an enjoyable hour on Sunday when my recent seller came on as guest to discuss some of the details of listing and selling a property.
We talked about how we met and his experience with a former listing agent. We talked about the feedback from all the showing appointments. We talked about three different home inspectors with findings from a good sound home  to another inspector on the same property calling almost everything "marginal" including the new roof, new appliances, new oil tank, new radon system and new septic system. This was done in a 94 page home inspection.
Four calls came in ...3 were from practicing … (10 comments)

all about real estate: My Live Radio Show Makes The Phone Ring - 03/20/17 08:38 PM
Each Sunday at noon, I host a live radio show. Sometimes there are more callers than the producer can handle.
Many other times there may only one or two. It is exciting and keeps me on my toes.
The thing you can't know about radio is that my phone continues to ring after the show and through the week.
A show like yesterday, with only one caller, may sound like no one is listening.
But then the calls after the show are so interesting and I love it when they say they follow the show every week.
Mondays are usually full of calls … (7 comments)

all about real estate: Thankful For My Live Radio Show - 11/20/16 10:31 AM
This is what I love doing every week.
Educate the public about real estate.
Get my active listings in front of an audience.
Announce properties that will be coming on the market.
Find special buyers for my listings.
Help buyers find unusual homes.
Announce impromptu open houses.
Congratulate friends and clients on special occasions.
Promote charitable causes.
Take calls from the general public about real estate topics.
Talk about successful transactions.
Talk about real estate challenges.
Take calls from raving fans.
Conversations with interesting guests.
Get my name and brand out to a large audience. 
 Listen to past shows.
I am thankful for my live radio show every Sunday at noon!

all about real estate: Speechless Is Not Good On Live Radio - 10/23/16 10:53 AM
 Before midnight I  posted this question on the Q&A section. 
''Have you or your clients been scammed?    I am going to talk about this topic on my Sunday radio show and would like to relate it to real estate.''    One of my topics today was warning people about SCAMS and I asked the listening audience if they had been involved to share examples. One of my callers, Victor, gave a few examples of phone scams and how he handled them. Some calls he hung up on others he kind of toyed with. Victor is blind and he used his humor to get rid … (8 comments)

all about real estate: A Real Estate Radio Show Is Not For Everyone - 06/06/16 12:32 AM
 Recently in the Q & A section the question was asked by Harry F. D'Elia ...have you thought about hosting a radio show?
There were many comments and I was mentioned a few times.
Not only had I thought about it... I have been hosting one for the past 3 years.
For me it has been fabulous.
Many of you know first hand that I have spoken to an AR member each day..but only since 2006.  So talking and real estate comes natural.
This is not something to "try" for a few weeks or months. This is a commitment...every Sunday for an hour. (I've missed only … (16 comments)

all about real estate: 100 Days Plus..The Rome Way - 04/30/16 12:47 PM
Thank you Bob Crane  (I think) for April's challenge. And thanks for the reminder.
Tonight's post was already written and in draft form but.. uh is April 30th... the last day of this contest. Bob has asked us to write a post this month talking about how we have done in the first 100 days.
To sum up this first quarter...wonderfully busy describes my real estate.
when opportunity knocks... I do not complain about the noise.
I am almost exclusively a listing agent but the beginning of this year has brought a number of buyers, all were friends, past clients or referrals.
Thank you Margaret Woda  who I affectionately … (24 comments)

all about real estate: What A Nice Problem To Have - 03/20/16 12:53 PM
The boards were lit up and we could not get to everyone.
What a nice problem to have.
  Have to figure out how to get the people to call in at the beginning of the show so we can take more questions.
What did we talk about?
-One caller, who was legally blind, relies on his radio to keep up with the world. He suggested taking a radio when shopping for a new home. That way you know if you have  good reception or not.
-Another caller wanted advice whether to pay off his home or invest.
-Another caller, who recently sold a home, asked if … (12 comments)

all about real estate: Feng Shui In Baltimore - 03/06/16 08:03 AM
Feng Shui In Baltimore
Laura Cerrano 
What a treat meeting  you today, having you on my radio show answering questions about Feng Shui and then spending time with you at lunch. The mish mosh looked wonderful and you seemed to really enjoy it. I think this was your first matzoh ball.
You are beautiful, knowledgeable and fun to be with. Mom would be so proud of you. I know I am.
Thanks for taking time to stop in Baltimore.
Listen to Laura and Margaret
I am so fortunate to work with clients I like, meet lots of interesting  people and talk to an audience each week about real estate.
Feng Shui … (14 comments)

all about real estate: What The Heck Is Feng Shui? - 03/04/16 03:58 AM
What the Heck Is Feng Shui?
''Feng Shui is an ancient art and science from China dating over 3,000 years old. This complex body of knowledge reveals how our environments have the power to influence our conscious and unconscious minds to become re-empowered, creative and healthy. Feng Shui also reveals insights into how our surroundings have an emotional, spiritual, and physical impact on our daily lifestyles.'' Laura Cerrano.
I plan to find out these answers:  
What is Feng Shui?
How do you pronounce Feng Shui?
How is Feng Shui used in Real Estate?
What are the basic principals of Fung Shui?
How does Feng Shui play a role … (13 comments)

all about real estate: How To Sell Houses In Baltimore - 03/03/16 09:28 AM
How To Sell Houses In Baltimore 
(or anywhere else)
1. Start by giving - make it easy for anyone to get information. This means that my web site allows any visitor to search all listings, not just mine, without having to give personal information first. Buyers can see what's available in the areas they are interested in.
But savvy sellers also use this to see what's going on in their neighborhood. And then I make it easy for a visitor to get in touch with me by email or phone.

2. Be available - having the listing agent available to take phone calls saves time and … (7 comments)

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