all about real estate with margaret rome: We Ran Out Of Time - 05/02/19 07:21 PM
This past Sunday I had the pleasure of having a guest on my live radio show.
We had a great time talking about negotiations. 
 Toward the end of the show, Jasen  Edwards was describing one of his transactions ... when a seller removed an old rusty garage opener and left a brand new one, still in a box, in the garage. 
We ran out of time on the show and I didn't get to hear the outcome.
But I did get this lovely handwritten note and quote in the mail.
Thanks, Jason Edwards You were wonderful.

all about real estate with margaret rome: People Are Listening - 04/13/19 09:01 PM
This week I wrote a post about a sale that was contingent on natural gas being brought into a home. The buyer would not move forward without knowing  this kind of  cooking was available. There were a lot of calls made by the buyer and the agent without any solution.
I posed this question on my radio show and got excellent advice from callers both during and after show. 
Call BGE ask for  'new service' and request a 'site review'.
It is easier and saves time for the present owner to make these arrangements.
In the next  ten days the owner is meeting … (7 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: I Got Stumped Today...Like A Football Fumble - 12/30/18 05:36 PM
This is the last Sunday in 2018 and my last live radio show of the year.
After touting how easy it is to refer a buyer or seller to a broker in any state...I suggested to the listening audience to call me and for sure I will know a good agent in any state you can name. 
Well sure...I've been blogging since 2006, spoken to many agents, and was positive that would be an easy task.
But then, my producer hit me with...Arizona.
He was testing me live on the air and  I was caught off guard, I could not match up a member with … (15 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: What Will You Do To Sell My House? - 10/30/18 01:37 PM
 What will you do to sell my house?
This is what a seller wants to know from their Realtor®
In addition to putting the property on the MLS (Multiple Listing System), making sure it is on numerous websites, professional photography and taking each call to answer questions and set up appointments, HomeRome will be doing a variety of additional marketing. 
As you can see above...there is my live weekly radio show where I will talk about your house and all the special features.
 You may call in and we can have a discussion about your property. This way your home has more exposure … (2 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Tell Me About The Radio Show - 07/28/18 08:51 PM
Friends family and clients often ask...
So how's the radio show going?
It is has been  five years since I became the host of All About Real Estate.  Each week there has been a different show.
Some shows have guests, some shows have themes, some shows have callers with special topics.
Never sure what the show will be like but I do love the spontaneity.
There have been owners talking about the unique features of their home.  There have been sellers who have shared the selling process. There have been buyers who have had a pleasant transaction with me. There have been buyers who have called to let me know … (11 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: You Might Get Mentioned On The Radio - 06/10/18 10:17 AM
The highlight of my week is
All About Real Estate, 
a live radio show every Sunday at noon.
It is something that I enjoy and it  keeps me humble and  on my toes. 
So where do I come up with topics?
No shortage with my busy schedule. I just look at my previous week.
What did I sell? What did I list? What showings did I have on my properties? Who did I speak with? What emails, texts or calls stand out?
Was there an inspection?
Did I meet an appraiser?
Or like this past week, a question was asked on AR that got lots of … (16 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: How Comments In The Rain Turn Into A Radio Invitation - 01/28/18 04:41 PM
This past week I wrote 
 a blog post  and  long time  AR member and friend,
Emily Medvec Santa Fe NM
made this comment:
" know I still remember our first conversation when I found myself in the rain.
And then I purchased your book and additional copies which I still pass forward to newbies to give them a head start.
The ones that "read" are making more than a living.
Reading and being open to learning is clearly the path vs spoon fed!
Congratulations on all your features and thank you for all you do for us." 
I read Emily's comment, this morning, while I making notes … (24 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Three Goals... The Rome Way - 01/10/18 08:57 PM
The January contest is to pick three goals to pursue this year that are important me.
1. Specializing in unique properties
2. My daily blogging
3. My live radio show.
Commitment to unique homes. 
I plan to go out to see a lot of these homes...the more unusual the better. I want to see these properties even if I'm not ready to list them. I want to see them if they are not planning to sell.
Just recently  met  home owners with a fabulous home... not ready to sell. However they reminded me that almost "everything is for sale at the right price."
Unique homes appeal to … (25 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Five Star Review And He Wasn't Even a Client - 01/01/18 06:11 PM
A few weeks ago, one of my callers wanted to take me out for dinner with his wife. Not because I sold his house and not because he bought a home from me.
It was because of a call to my live Sunday Radio Show and how I followed up afterward.
I declined and thanked him for the gesture.
                                         And a few days later he wrote this 5 star review:                         "Highly … (12 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Pikesville's Newest Deli... - 12/24/17 10:26 PM
There is a welcome addition to Pikesville called The Essen Room.
Located at 25 Hooks Lane just off the Beltway Exit 20...
this new Deli is lively, noisy, delicious and has a wonderful array of  salads, smoked fish, corned beef, huge  sandwiches, bakery items, a pickle bar and lots of friendly staff. Talk about feeling welcomed... this is the place.
I stopped in with Maxine, my radio guest on today's live show and we were greeted like celebrities. They had a table waiting and made us feel so important. Lou said it was his first "reserved" table!
We ordered soup and a half salad. That half salad will … (8 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: What Questions Would You Ask ? - 12/23/17 09:30 AM
Referring to my buyers as future listings, I am bringing a buyer on tomorrow as guest on my live radio show.
Maxine purchased the perfect home from me this month and I am looking forward to talking with her on
The enjoyment of  working with this buyer was her involvement and knowledge of the buying the process. It was definitely not her first transaction. 
What questions would you ask of a former buyer?
Have you ever interviewed a former client?
You can ask your questions in the comments below, text me or  call  the show tomorrow.
Tune in live tomorrow at noon 

all about real estate with margaret rome: Thank You For Being A Guest On My Radio Show - 11/12/17 11:57 AM
Today I was fortunate to have my friend Bridget "Mortgage Mama" McGee  also an ActiveRain member in the radio studio.
Our topic... 'How much money do I need to buy a home."  
I love  the spontaneity of  live call-ins from listeners but it is so much fun having the person in the radio studio.
 The hour flew by with our continual conversation. You will be able to hear the pod-cast in the next several days by going to and checking ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE for past shows.
Thank you, Bridget, for being my guest on the radio today!

all about real estate with margaret rome: Pet Friendly All About Real Estate -Listen On Sunday Radio - 11/02/17 07:17 PM
Just a  week ago I wrote about the President's reception and the wonderful work of the Maryland SPCA
  Finding a home for rescue animals. 
Karen and Romeo...SPCA rescue. 
Since being inspired by the organization and how vital they are to our community, I have invited Katie Flory, Community Affairs Director, to be a  guest on this Sunday's live radio show.
As a real estate broker, I get questions about pet policy and whether a condo, HOA or neighborhood is pet friendly.
It is not always an easy answer. 
The neighborhood may seem okay for pets and then you find out there is a fencing restriction.
You may see … (7 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Highlighting A Member On The Radio - 10/15/17 06:59 PM
It was 12:36 today about midway during my live radio show. There was a break between the live calls and I was reading   The best way to destroy your reputation , a post by Debe Maxwell, CRS 
  I liked what Debe had to say and on the spur of the moment, I incorporated her blog post into my ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE show.
Of course, I had her permission. Well two hours later...
I received this  text from Debe:
 "You're so kind-of COURSE I don't mind you sharing that on your radio show! It's time for us to catch-up too !!"
When in the studio, I like to have ActiveRain  on my computer.  Hosting a  … (12 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: A Bedroom Is Not Just A Space For A Bed - 09/17/17 06:17 PM
Following up on last night's blog "what is a bedroom?" this  topic was a discussion on today's radio show. 
What defines a bedroom?
It would be nice if the real estate community could decide exactly what makes a bedroom and stick to it.
Here are some of the pointers. Remember different regions have different rules so check your area and see if any of these apply.
-The room must have a minimum square footage, usually 70-80.
-The room must have a minimum ceiling height...usually 7'.
-The room needs at least a 7' x 7' space  with  7' high ceiling.  You cannot finish  a room with lower ceilings and call it a kid's bedroom. You cannot call … (7 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Join Us Sunday June 25th... Radio And Open House - 06/24/17 07:12 PM

This special home will be featured on Sunday's Radio show and the seller will be in the studio talking  with Margaret Rome about their custom two story contemporary. 
click to see
Lots of photos 
Join us at the OPEN HOUSE from 2:30-3:30
Sunday June 25th
3422 Old Walnut Ave
Owings Mills 21117
Garrison Forest to Walnut Ave to 3422 OLD WALNUT AVE
Look for the white fence...only 3 houses on this street.

all about real estate with margaret rome: How I Choose A Client - 05/07/17 06:00 PM
This is what I'm looking for...honesty, integrity and follow through.
I go out and preview many more properties that I actually take on.
Love seeing the most interesting, one-of-a-kind unique houses from extremely modern, to historic, to outside the box customs, to contemporary, to waterfront and everything in between.
Sometimes there is a  home I fall in love with and sometimes I fall in love with the owners and just want to work with them.
They are 100% sure they want to sell and 100% sure they want to hire me.
Recently one of my  former clients referred me to her dear friends. My pipeline was … (8 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: A Perfect Radio Caller Today - 03/12/17 07:19 PM
Today on my radio show, ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE, I had a perfect call in guest...the owner of my favorite property.
It was wonderful hearing about his passion of the perfect home which he and his bride have been in since 1961.  They first saw this property in the snow and before touring the house, stood on the wrap around porch, looking at the views and stated "this is our home." 
Now we are looking for that special  buyer who will have the same kind of appreciation. 
1560 Blue Mount Road
Monkton, Md. 21111
MLS # BC8511066
You can take a tour by clicking below.
Go ahead … (4 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: Would You Like To Be On The Radio - 03/06/17 09:28 AM
Yesterday, I had a guest on ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE, my weekly live radio show. This guest is a former client, friend and neighbor.
The discussion was regarding a new installation of a gas heating system in the  home he recently purchased.
Permits were pulled (but only after the work was almost completed ) and Baltimore City would NOT pass the inspection because of code safety issues and an improper installation. The licensed contractor basically said the code was not good and the customer could "go fight city hal! " He also said the home owner was responsible for knowing the code.
 My … (11 comments)

all about real estate with margaret rome: A Radio Show and A Snip The Rome Way - 02/09/17 03:56 PM
There is a contest, sponsored by ActiveRain, asking us to share 2 tools or systems we really love. We cannot choose our smart phones and are asked to dig deeper and pick an app, tech tool, system or program that enhances the way we do business.
I have chosen to write about a very simple tech tool that I use daily and to tell you more about my live radio show which I have been doing for three years, how I started and how much it has helped me enjoy the business and share this wonderful life of real estate.  
They both make … (16 comments)

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