alphabet soup: ActiveRain Is The Best Source For Referrals - 03/05/18 07:47 PM
Over the years, I have sent out many referrals and for the past decade, most of these agents have been found right here on ActiveRain.
After speaking to so many agents and really getting to know them, my comfort level is high as opposed to choosing an unknown agent just because they may have the right Alphabet Soup letters after their name.
Just yesterday, one of my clients told me they were leaving this weekend for a week in Florida. They found an area  and were going down to see some properties.
 Since it was in a community that an AR member lives and … (76 comments)

alphabet soup: Sign Up For This- Sign Up For That - 01/10/17 07:01 AM
  Send in your money and...
You will be the top producer if you buy this gadget!
You will be the best agent in the world if you buy this course!
You will be #1 head honcho if you hire this coach!
Sound familiar?
How many emails or calls do you get each week asking you to sign up for something that is going to make you more money or guarantee you leads?
How many are from organizations that you have already paid for  through membership. 
 Remember  the alphabet soup letters  behind your name?
Yesterday when talking with Kathy Streib about our very own AR University, we acknowledged just how much information … (12 comments)

alphabet soup: Who Needs All Those Letters? - 01/31/16 12:08 AM
Who Needs All Those Letters?
 Recently there was a  question asking if the designations after a real estate agent's name meant anything to the general public.
   Those designations are not for impressing the public. Most have no idea what they stand for.
I love learning in all kinds of forms. It could be reading blog posts, webinars, real estate articles, going to a class or meeting with other real estate professionals.
Every transaction, every closing, every inspection, every appraisal...all give me the opportunity to learn more about selling real estate.
When there is an opportunity to take a class that  gives CE credit and/or … (11 comments)

alphabet soup: Meet The Experts - 01/28/16 10:14 AM
Meet The Experts
Certified Negotiation Experts
The past two days were spent in a wonderful class led by Alan Dalton.  So glad I made the time to participate.
In more than 2 decades of Real Estate and alphabet soup behind my name, I can say this was the best and most useful course ever.
It was fun, practical and the eighteen of us gained a higher level of negotiation skills to better help our clients.
Now  I have one more designation to add to my long list...
Certified Negotiation Expert
Meet The Expert

alphabet soup: Do You Have Any Designations? - 03/19/13 12:45 PM
Do You Have Any Designations?
Do you have enough to make alphabet soup?
                                                             The alphabet soup after my name can be confusing but 
there are a couple of letters you do not see. They  refer to part of my life that influenced who I am today and how I work with my clients. Those letters are…R.N.                                                                                                    In a previous life I was a Registered Pediatric Head Nurse at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.     The skills I learned in my nursing career are at the core of who I am today. I learned to understand … (21 comments)

alphabet soup: Translators Needed! Contest the Rome Way! - 04/01/12 01:36 AM
  Translator Needed! Contest the Rome Way?  Chance to Win! Do You Speak 'RealtorEze'?                                            
How many of these terms do you know? How many have you used? How many more can you add? How many times have you stopped someone and said what does that mean? How do you think buyers and sellers feel when professionals use abbreviations? For the people who get the most answers or add the most new terms to this list will receive a copy of  Real Estate the Rome Way RETRW or a donation to a Charity of your choice COYC. The … (24 comments)

alphabet soup: Alphabet Soup – Those Letters After My Name…and the Two Letters You Don’t See - 07/08/06 01:45 PM
Alphabet Soup – Those Letters After My Name…and the Two Letters You Don’t See Margaret Rome Broker/Owner HomeRome Realty  Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome 410-530-2400                                                         When you read all those letters after a Realtor®’s name, do you have any idea what they mean? I certainly didn’t before I got into the business. But they are important because they can tell you a lot about the person’s training and proven ability. That alphabet soup after my name can be confusing, and we’ll get to sorting the letters in a moment.
But first, there are two letters you do not see that refer to … (28 comments)

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