baltimore homes for sale: This Is The Best Time To Sell - 04/09/19 07:35 PM
It's beginning to look like spring. Received the photo above from my best friend with the caption:
''Aren't the trees magnificent?''
These are the beautiful cherry blossoms right here in Baltimore.
It's not only the landscape that's looking like is also the real estate market.
Thinking about selling? 

baltimore homes for sale: How Do You Think I Found It? - 04/05/19 09:29 PM

A text  from a former client asking
“when can I see it?”
He was talking about a new listing that just hit the MLS late last night...make that early this morning.
Suggesting he check my blog for details and photos..his response :
'How do you think I found it?
I always read your blog.'
  So of course we have an appointment to see the property this week.
How special knowing  someone is reading my daily blog.
This is just one more way that buyers find my listings!
How did you find I?
I read your blog!

baltimore homes for sale: Time To Have A Heart To Heart Talk - 02/14/19 07:53 PM
Turning houses into well-loved homes
It is time to have a heart to heart talk.
 Now is the best time to sell your home.
 Buyers are out looking.
Get your home on the market before the Spring rush.
Need to know what to do to get your home ready?
Give me a call
Thinking of selling your home
Call Margaret Rome
Thinking of buying a home
Call Margaret Rome
Turning houses into well-loved homes.
Happy Valentine's Day

baltimore homes for sale: Just A Bit Of A Change - 01/15/19 06:59 PM
When marketing whether Internet, blogging, social media, print or my live radio show, I believe in transparency.  
When questioned about one of my properties whether, through email, a sign call, a text or a call into ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE on Sundays, the questions are answered completely.
Same in the MLS, information is given as to whether the condo has an elevator, is pet-friendly, monthly fees and how to easily make an appointment. 
This week in my advertising, there will be no prices...just a little bit of a change.
This has not been my style but will try it for a week or … (2 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Choosing The Expert - 12/24/18 02:40 PM
Choosing the right professional.
Just because a person has an MD, CPA, ESQ or REALTOR® after their name does not make them the best professional for you.
Remember in every university, medical school, law school, and real estate school there were 50% that finished in the bottom half. 
When choosing any professional, do your research, get referrals from people you trust and respect. The person advertising on a billboard, park bench, radio or back of a bus may be just fine but please do a bit more research. Check credentials, talk to their past clients, interview and make sure … (13 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: An Impromptu Open House In Baltimore - 12/15/18 11:41 AM
 Impromptu open house on a cold rainy December?
Sunday Impromptu Open House 3-4
It's only for an hour!
It is after my Sunday Live Radio Show where I can give it publicity.
It's in the MLS.
It's an efficient use of my time.
Impromptu Open Houses Work For Me
My steps for doing an impromptu open is usually used when I have a scheduled appointment on one of my listings. Sometimes I will do this kind of open if I have to meet a contractor or other tradesman at the property.  
Here are the simple steps to have a quick one-hour open house and make efficient use of time. This can be done at … (12 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Think Resale Value When Purchasing A Baltimore Home - 10/20/18 07:28 PM
When purchasing a Baltimore home and you want to make sure you have really good resale value..this is what to consider
-Brick center hall colonial 
-Established neighborhood
-Four bedrooms
-Master bedroom suite
-Walk-in closet
 -Landscaped acre 
-Side loading garage
-Family room with fireplace
-Spacious eat-in updated kitchen
-Deck off kitchen and family room
-Lower level with high ceilings and outside access
-Well maintained
-Easy access to our beltway
-High rated school systems
 This is a home that will always sell well in the Baltimore area.
Thinking about buying a Baltimore home?
Call Margaret Rome

baltimore homes for sale: Showy or Understated What Kind of House - 10/04/18 07:06 PM
Some want to show off. 
Some want subtlety.
There are many kinds of buyers and sellers.  A few years ago one of my clients was looking for an impressive, make a statement house. He wanted a property that could be seen by many, visible to the public and he wanted others to point and say "Joe lives in that house.''
The opposite is clients who prefer a quality house that just blends in with the neighborhood. 
 These traits may have nothing to do with a person's bank has to do with personality and values.
So important to know your clients. Are they looking for the … (12 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Marketing The Rome Way September's Contest - 09/01/18 07:00 PM
 It's the end of September and the last day for this month's challenge.  This contest is how to market the last part of the year including
The last quarter of the year has always been my favorite time to build inventory.
The best time to list a house is now...October and November.
There will be less inventory and fewer buyers...but the buyers who are out looking in the next couple of months will be serious buyers...not tire kickers or those out for decorating ideas from the spring and summer open houses.
These are buyers who have time off at the … (10 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Unique Homes For Sale In Baltimore - 08/31/18 03:25 AM
A few months ago there was a  Post by Buzz Mackintosh..'Multi-generational house plans are extremely popular in today's real estate market and the main reason is the rapid rate of retiring baby boomers." 
Grandparents move in to look after their grandchildren, older relative move in to be cared for to eliminate the expense of retirement communities or nursing homes or a young adult child returns home after college.
In a recent post about co-ownership  
I spoke about sharing a home with friends who may travel together but Buzz has brought the extended family into focus. He goes on to say. that  50 million are living this … (2 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Feedback After A Showing - 08/26/18 06:58 AM
 There was a post written by Gordon Crawford  about feedback 
Here was my response...
   " It's not the showing agent's responsibility to provide and help set the listed price. I do think it is common courtesy to acknowledge you were in the property and if there were any real the doors were left unlocked when you arrived or there was a leak and the basement has water or the dog attacked the buyer."
And  I thought of a few more that I might use...
-Thank you for allowing us to show this property. It is not the right home for this buyer but I will keep … (18 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Do Both Have To See The House On the First Visit. - 05/27/18 08:22 AM
 In a perfect situation both buyers would see the house at the same time, write a contract and go to settlement.
But it doesn't always happen that way. I have been taught that it is a waste of time...
 if buyers do not see the house together for the first time. 
Many times when working with busy professionals, it it is difficult to get their schedules lined up, along with the agents, to visit a property. 
Sometimes it is more efficient to have only one buyer see a home.
If they don't like..they rule it out..saving time. If they do like, they bring the other … (24 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Real Estate The Rome Way - 04/28/18 08:24 PM
Spring has finally hit the Baltimore area. The phones are ringing, the open houses are well attended and we are wonderfully busy.
At least that is the way it is at HomeRome Realty.
Sellers, thinking about putting their home on the market, are calling with questions, listing appointments are being scheduled and photographers are busy getting photos ready for these new listings.
Do you have questions?
Listen to ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE every Sunday 12-1pm
Is this the right time for you to make a move?
How much is your house worth?
If you are thinking of selling your home
Call Margaret Rome

baltimore homes for sale: This Is What Happy Looks Like - 04/11/18 07:59 PM
Home inspection was completed today for my recent property that just went under contract.
What a pleasure working with another professional.
Her name is Lisa Gambino with Keller Williams.
Even though we only met, in person, for the first time today, I felt I knew Lisa for a long time.
Her people skills, her real estate knowledge, her rapport with her buyer and her efficiency...all  were outstanding.
  I loved how she  conversed with the home inspector and the buyer and included me on the few minor issues.
Of course I will get the full report along with photos...but it will be so much … (18 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Party House On The Beach - 03/09/18 06:50 PM
 5131 Breezy Point Road
Chesapeake Beach, Md.20732
MLS #10070568
                                                                                                                      Cocktails on the wrap around porch.   This Chesapeake Beach House (click for photos)    is a true party house. The entire home is set up for entertaining from the enclosed porches with bar, gourmet open … (4 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: It's Not All About Real Estate ..or Is It? - 03/04/18 08:16 AM
There was a surprise "going away' party, planned for weeks, this past Friday.
 It was for Grace, KC's best friend, sister and companion all rolled into one special person. 
She was going to Kenya, back home after 12 years in America, to see her mother, children, siblings grand children.
It was more bitter than sweet for KC...but it was the right thing to do. 
Loving someone means letting them go.
The party was scheduled for 5:30 but Friday's weather included high winds, downed trees, snow, power outages and the schools and government offices were all closed. It was far from ideal conditions.
But this party had to go on.

baltimore homes for sale: And You Are Telling Me. WHY? - 03/03/18 11:44 AM
Recently had a person, who knows I am in real estate, start a conversation.
It goes something like this.
We have been looking for a house and we are so ready to buy. Our agent does not find homes for us and does not call us.
We searched on-line and found a house that seemed like a good fit. We call our agent for a tour and find out
the house came on the market 10 days ago and is already under contract. It could have been the right home but we did not know about it. Why were we not called? 
Same conversation, same … (14 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Marketing The Rome Way...Past Present & Future - 02/19/18 06:44 PM
 Part 1
About ten years ago I left the big box company to start a REALTOR® auction company. At the time I was using the term "accelerated marketing" wanting to help guide auction sellers before, during and after. 
In that short year, I knew it was not for me but it was a fun intense year and I learned so much ...especially how to get to the seller's bottom line number.
I'm not calling this type of marketing a was more like taking a one year course and made me a better real estate agent and prepared me for being a solo broker...opening HomeRome … (47 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Showing In The Rain...Not Singing - 02/16/18 02:57 PM
In Baltimore we have all four seasons and sometimes in the same day.
Yesterday I was sitting on my front porch on a warm sunny day.
Today it was in the 60's but raining and tonight's temperature in the twenties with a forecast of snow tomorrow.
That's pretty much of a weather forecast for Baltimore.
We do not let our weather stop us from showing property year round. Some people do not want to go out looking in the rain.
If you are a buyer, it is important to see a house in the rain...not the ActiveRain but the liquid sunshine kind.
When I … (13 comments)

baltimore homes for sale: Thinking About Selling In Baltimore - 02/03/18 07:07 PM
Timing is everything.
If you have plans to sell your house this spring, now is the time to get it ready.
Much to do when the busiest time, for real estate, is right around the corner.
Time is needed to prepare.
We don’t live in a house the same as when we are selling.
Involve everyone...the entire family needs to be on-board.
Take a look around.
Where are repairs needed?  
Start on the outside where first impressions are made. Lawn maintenance people appreciate  work at this time of year. The weather is cold and there is little grass to cut. Check  for debris and branches.

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