baltimore real estate: Marketing Continues - 04/07/20 07:08 PM
Now is the perfect time to contact buyers and sellers.
So much can be done virtually, via text, email, and the old fashioned phone. Remember  'dialing' a number and speaking to an actual person.
It is my job to remind the public that I am a REALTOR®
It is NOT their job to remember.
Thinking about buying and selling a home?
Call and talk with Margaret Rome

baltimore real estate: Not To Worry...We've Got This Covered - 03/22/20 12:35 PM
So many questions right now.
Staying in touch with buyers and sellers and finding there are
So many what-ifs.
What if we can't close on that date?
What if there is a cancellation of my flight and we need to stay in our house longer?
What if I'm not able to travel to sign documents?
What if there is a quarantine?
What if the title company closes?
What if a needed government department shuts down and we need to delay settlement?
The Maryland REALTORS® has this covered with the following
Take a look.
If you have questions about this form or anything related to buying or … (12 comments)

baltimore real estate: Before Real Estate - 10/02/19 09:11 PM
An ActiveRain Challenge for October 2019 - 'In My Past Life I…'
 is hosted by Jeff Dowler, CRS 
In researching just what to write about,  this post came up written by another AR member Erika Rae Albert, Austin Real Estate Expert 
Real estate was not my first career.
 Receiving my nursing diploma
The first started many years ago when my goal was to be a nurse. And I filled that goal, became a Pediatric RN, and then a head nurse.
Loved it.
Nursing prepared me for life. And it was probably the best at teaching me how to sell. 
If you can convince a patient, especially a child, to take a yucky tasting … (23 comments)

baltimore real estate: Advertising Checklist In Maryland - 12/08/18 02:01 PM
Advertising Real Estate In Maryland
In Maryland we have a Real Estate Commission checklist which is printed below.
Does your state have similar rules? How closely are they followed? How are they checked?
The reason for this is to protect the make sure the agent and broker can easily be contacted. And to makes sure the information is accurate. The advertising is submitted by the broker to make sure of compliance prior to release.
There are 10 points on the checklist. Take a look.
Do you have questions about Real Estate Advertising?
Do you have questions about buying or selling a home?

You can always
Call Margaret … (9 comments)

baltimore real estate: Why Didn't It Close? - 12/21/17 03:41 PM
It is not pleasant when a transaction fails to close.
Thank goodness this does not happen often.
In real estate there are many reasons that settlement may not happen.
Here are a few...
=Condo and association issues
=Home inspection
=Natural disaster-earthquake, hurricane
=Personal crisis -illness, death, divorce
=Title issues
=Code violations
=Buyer and seller remorse
=Change in employment or transfer
=Analysis Paralysis 
As  professionals, we need to manage the contingency dates and the inspections. We need to stay in close contact with our buyers, sellers, co-op agent, contractors, appraisers, title company, lender and anyone else involved. As professionals, we need to recognize when the deal is no longer viable and say NEXT and... if possible, get the house back on the market.
Questions about … (6 comments)

baltimore real estate: Does Blogging Work? - 09/18/17 06:47 PM
When asked if blogging works.
I replied with a few questions.
Does one print ad sell a house?  Does one postcard sell a house? Does one For Sale sign sell a house? Does placing the property in the MLS sell it? Does one impromptu open house do the trick? Does one radio show sell a house? Does burying a St. Joseph statue sell a home? Does one nosy neighbor sell a house? Does one blog post sell a listing?  Does networking with others sell a house?  
It's a combination of the above, creativity, experience and a hard work.
There are many other things that blogging has done.
I have … (46 comments)

baltimore real estate: Full Service The Rome Way - 09/01/17 04:35 PM
Here is my definition of "Full Service" The Rome way.
 Part I of Tony & Suzanne Marriott's September Challenge
To start with, I limit the amount of listings that I choose to take, including those under contract. I have had one of my busiest times with multiple recent closings so that new listings had to be on hold.
They are on my waiting list.
With all my recent closings...inventory is low with quite a few properties going active in the next month. I am taking a bit of a breather right now.
This is how I am able to make each of my clients feel they are the only ones I'm … (9 comments)

baltimore real estate: Level Of Tolerance How's Yours? - 08/21/17 09:49 AM
After reading Patricia Feager's post yesterday, it puts into perspective just how much each of us do to get a property to closing.
And we do this making our clients feel like they are the only one we are working with.
We handle professional duties, follow up with agents, inspectors, contractors, title attorneys, lenders, clients and even family members of our clients. We do this while in meetings, on the phone, on appointments, emailing, texting, watching the eclipse and while working on several transactions.
Many agents have assistants, partners and even entire teams to help.  But we all know that sometimes we are the only one that can deal … (51 comments)

baltimore real estate: Summer Colors In Baltimore - 08/15/17 04:47 PM
There is an August challenge hosted by Belinda Spillman   "Summer is a very special time for many.  For those of us who live in states with 4 defined seasons, the sight of beautiful blooms and crops is a huge treat.  Fall and winter comes way too early....and everything turns brown again until the first leaves of Spring.'
If it were spring in Baltimore, I could easily share the azaleas, black-eyed Susans, tulips and cherry blossoms.
Right now, in August, the lawns, shrubs and trees are thick, lush and very green.
I have looked at my yard and my listings and all I see is green. Very few flowers with … (12 comments)

baltimore real estate: Marketing The Rome Way - 08/01/17 06:50 PM
Take a look at this week's marketing.
Inventory is low...most of my listings are under contract and the others are still in the process of getting ready for photography.
Buyers are looking for property. So I am helping them find homes.
By dedicating  a large part, of the above ad, for this qualified group, hope to find some new homes to sell.
 I'm taking care of the details of homes  closing in August, this is not the time to slow down.
To have year round inventory takes consistency.
What are you doing to ensure a full pipeline?

baltimore real estate: Re-purpose That Space - No More Big TV - 07/09/17 08:24 PM
What do you do with that great mammoth space where the old big screen TV was in a prominent position?
First get rid of the TV and all the wiring for the speakers and other devices. Then find a custom cabinet-maker to make shelves that go with the rest of the room.
Add some special lighting.
Then the fun begins...take things you  really love and make a display. It's your special home,
it could be photos or it could be the ceramic art you made in the life before real estate.
How would you re-purpose this space?

baltimore real estate: Baltimore Real Estate Another Wonderful Day! - 06/11/17 07:50 PM
Ten years ago in 2007, I was the buyer's agent on a very unique home. The buyers were a delightful family and I remember the listing agent was one of my favorites ... a pleasure to work with.
This weekend I received a call from this family and we caught up a bit. The kids, not surprisingly, are  both 10 years longer youngsters.
They wanted to see another special home, same neighborhood, again very unique, and in walking distant from their current home.
They are looking to right size and this other house fits their family's needs right now. The … (7 comments)

baltimore real estate: There Is Room For A Solo Broker - 05/25/17 01:24 PM
 There is a lot of talk  in the industry today about “teams” and how dominant they are in this market.
Will the sole practitioner move into the background?
But I think there is room for a solo broker and weekly radio host.
Here is my way
The  Rome Way.
• Communicating with clients and making all appointments. 
• Outsourcing tasks that take  time away from interacting with  clients. 
• Choosing to work with clients I like and respect.
• Having a full pipeline with a waiting list for new clients.
•  Keeping a daily real estate journal also known as blogging.
There Is Room For A Solo Broker.

baltimore real estate: CRS Tip Of The Week Thanks To Margaret Rome - 05/23/17 04:36 AM
Early this morning, actually late last night,
I received an email from Susan Swartz at CRS..
''CRS Tip of the Week: Thanks to Margaret Rome who provided this great tip:- (Susan Swartz)May 22, 2017 12:08 PM   Understanding the Downsizing Trend  
The first step to attracting and serving downsizers is understanding why clients downsize in the first place. The number one reason people downsize is because their home no longer suits the life they want to live. For that reason, I call it rightsizing instead of downsizing. It’s not about what homeowners give up: square footage. Rather, it’s about what … (9 comments)

baltimore real estate: Too Late To Ask For Advice - 05/17/17 12:26 PM
A comment by Nina Hollander on yesterday's post Strengths and Weakness made me think of this situation quite a few years ago.
A neighbor called and asked my advice about selling her house.  She did not want to sell but a relative thought it was a good get rid of the large house and rent an apartment.
I found out she owed nothing on the house, loved the house and was living there for the cost of the taxes, maintenance and utilities...much less than renting.
She was relieved that I did not ask her for the listing.. I left without a listing and felt good.  My neighbor  called … (7 comments)

baltimore real estate: I Need Some Sleep - 05/16/17 07:54 PM
My main strength is my nurturing nature to help clients do what is right for them.
I have talked sellers out of selling their homes and I have talked buyers out of purchasing what I thought was not the right home.
I have encouraged buyers to rent rather than buy.
I have convinced potential sellers to stay in their present condo rather than go to assisted living.
  Just recently I helped long time friends who 'thought ' they wanted to sell their home and move to a condo.
I took the time to show them numerous places, ran an ad for a particular development and … (11 comments)

baltimore real estate: The World Did Not Come To An End - 05/15/17 09:23 PM
How busy? Too busy to blog!
And the world did not come to an end.
It doesn't happen often that I miss writing a daily blog. But I didn't write one yesterday. 
Occasionally , I allow real estate to interfere with my ActiveRain time.
( I did make time to speak with a member.)
Spent my blogging time making appointments last night for an out of town buyer.   
I am a listing agent but this was a personal referral and favor for an ActiveRain member. 
And it takes time to narrow down the showings, the areas, the likes and dislikes for someone you've never met. 
It was worth it. We showed 7 … (12 comments)

baltimore real estate: Share Your SCAM Examples Let's Get The Word Out - 05/11/17 04:34 PM
Yesterday I wrote a post about a "scam letter" that  two of my sellers  received in the mail.  
It sounds like Baltimore is not the only area that has innocent sellers thinking that someone is ready to buy their home.
Many of you have seen this in your market place. Thought this would be a good topic for my Sunday radio show.
There are phone scams asking for money to pay for your deed.
There are calls saying they have the buyers.
What are you seeing in your area?
Would you be willing to share your examples with me and I will mention you on the … (15 comments)

baltimore real estate: Why Wouldn't Your Friends Use You - 05/05/17 05:30 PM
Recent posts  have been written about working with friends and relatives. Many say this is not a good idea but I have some concerns about the reasons.
IF, and that is a big if, you are the best agent, why wouldn't your true friends want to hire you?  And why wouldn't you want to work with them?
Many friends, colleagues and relatives have used me to list and sell.
 And I have also made decisions NOT to work with certain friends, former colleagues and relatives.
Knowing personality traits, it would not be possible to meet expectations.
It is a business decision no different than interviewing sellers.
Do I really  want the listing?
My commitment to confidentiality is … (50 comments)

baltimore real estate: Another Smooth Baltimore Condo Closing - 04/27/17 06:11 PM
7 Slade Condo #307
Pikesville, Md. 21208
Today was a smooth settlement for Suburban Oaks. We found the lucky buyer and we had a seller very pleased that everything happened with speed and efficiency.
It is such a pleasure when everyone works together, including the buyer, seller both agents and SAGE title company.
The buyer below has the keys, the  seller has the check and hugs all the way around made for a smooth closing.
 Above is Patti Spiegel (with L&F) the buyer, the seller and Margaret Rome
Two bedroom ..two bath condominium on the third floor of the luxurious Seven Slade, also known as Suburban Oaks.  This spacious condo  is conveniently located in … (11 comments)

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