contest: Take A Look At January's Challenge - 01/02/20 04:54 PM
There's a new January contest hosted by Endre Barath, Jr.
In this month's challenge, it is suggested we write about:
What changes did we make in the last year or the year before that worked?  This contest encourages us all to look at what was successful in the past two years. It is not asking for what we plan to do or to make New Year's resolutions.
Most of those are already broken by the first couple of days in the new year.
If you are interested in writing a blog to support Endre's challenge, please go to his original post and enter it there. 
Here's The Link … (19 comments)

contest: If It Works Do More Of It - 01/01/20 05:36 PM
In this month's contest
What changes did you make last year or the year before that a contest hosted by Endre Barath, Jr. and will encourage us all to look at what was successful in the past two years. He is not asking for what we plan to do or to make New Year's resolutions.
Most of those are already broken by the first couple of days in the new year.
That old saying "if it's not broke, don't fix it" means continuing the tried and true.
If it works, do more of it!
The things that have worked for me remain the same, and they … (59 comments)

contest: The Challenge Of Selling An Indoor Outhouse - 12/09/19 05:35 PM
Some years ago, I took a listing that was very much "an indoor outhouse."   In addition to stray animals, they had stray people. It was a referral from a friend, and they needed my help! Stuff was piled high, and you could not walk through the rooms. Think about a hoarder. Dirty would have been a compliment, and these were bright, educated people with professional degrees. Go figure.
Now, this was a real challenge. How do I sell this dirty, messy, cluttered house?
To start, I told them to paint the dining room. It was packed floor to ceiling, and the table was piled … (46 comments)

contest: What Is Weltanchauung ...A Big Word - 01/07/19 10:02 AM
It would not be a January contest without talking about this big word.
And before writing about Weltanschauung for the Lynn B. Friedman January contest, it is necessary to define this big word.
"The guiding principles and philosophy of an organization. It is a German word made up of Welt "world" + Anschauung "outlook''.
And this how to pronounce Weltanschauung,  
The very first principle is important to the way we work and live.
It is the spirit of the members.
There is a vast amount of knowledge learned from the ActiveRain members who are so willing to share when they find out something new.
 Members call to ask for and to give help.
 Giving to others … (3 comments)

contest: Thankful For Thankful Contests - 11/01/17 08:01 PM
Do you know about ActiveRain Contests?
If you click at the bottom of the screen, you will find  a column that reads 'Explore ActiveRain'' and the next to the last entry is the "Contests" section.  Click it.
There are two special AR members that are hosting the November challenges and both posts have been featured. You can tell by the little gold stars.
 Both contests can be entered by all members.
It would be so special if everyone takes a few minutes to take part and enter early. 
By not  waiting until the end of the month... your ideas could help others.
The subject is simple and November is the perfect time to pay it … (11 comments)

contest: Summer Colors In Baltimore - 08/15/17 04:47 PM
There is an August challenge hosted by Belinda Spillman   "Summer is a very special time for many.  For those of us who live in states with 4 defined seasons, the sight of beautiful blooms and crops is a huge treat.  Fall and winter comes way too early....and everything turns brown again until the first leaves of Spring.'
If it were spring in Baltimore, I could easily share the azaleas, black-eyed Susans, tulips and cherry blossoms.
Right now, in August, the lawns, shrubs and trees are thick, lush and very green.
I have looked at my yard and my listings and all I see is green. Very few flowers with … (12 comments)

contest: I'm Pretty Good At This Balance Thing - 05/01/17 10:51 AM
At this stage, I have the balance that most are looking for.
After losing My Lee three years ago, I have been able to devote my time to real estate, exclusively, working with clients and properties I choose. 
One of the ways of taking the stress out of my life is having more business than I can handle. With my pipe line full, it easy for me to select who I want to work with and always on my terms. It is easy for me to turn down a listing or a buyer if the fit does not seem perfect. 
 I make time for my daughter … (25 comments)

contest: Spring Cleaning The Rome Way - 03/15/17 05:59 AM
There is a  March challenge hosted by Debbie Laity, that is a wonderful way to improve the quality of our blogs.
 But for those of us who have been blogging for over ten years, this task seems overwhelming.
I decided to do the blog post cleaning The Rome Way.
Going back to my earlier posts, from 2006 to make  needed corrections, is not something I could see myself doing.
It would be time consuming and unproductive no matter how much this needs to be done. I would have to hire someone full time just for the changes. 
Instead I will continue to use my previous blogs by adding relevant … (8 comments)

contest: Name Brands...The Rome Way - 03/14/17 06:22 PM
There is a contest this month hosted by Ron and Alexandra and here are the rules. 
'Name three brands outside of the real estate realm that you trust. Then, write a paragraph for each explaining why you trust them. Be sure to include at least one photo you have taken. Finally, share what you have learned about yourself and your values by focusing on these brands and examining why they are important in your life (and your real estate practice). ' 
There are lots of name brands that I could write about including, but not limited to, Lexus special treatment, Apple, Amazon  and my whole house generator. … (15 comments)

contest: I Do Love Real Estate - 02/03/17 06:52 PM
Real Estate was not my first career or even my second but I do love it!
The year was 1990 and I was enjoying a wonderful life and my career as a ceramic artist. There was the accident in which I was rear ended while driving and had neck and back issues. They all said I needed surgery. Since no one would or could guarantee the use of my hands...I refused. They advised me not to lift more than five pounds.
Wait a minute! You are kidding me!
My box of clay weighed 50 more ceramics for awhile.
During this time I get a … (12 comments)

contest: Best Way To Get New Listings The Rome way - 06/06/16 12:43 PM
After more than 25 years in real estate, unique listings are what I love to sell and market. Lately on my weekly radio show, I share those properties that I enjoy. They are the ones other agents have not been able to sell, or their only solution is reduce the price. I am not talking about cookie cutter houses and cloneonials where the comps speak for the market place.
Nope I am talking about the home that was on the railroad tracks, the contemporary home right on the beltway, the home that was originally a church with a cemetery in back, … (10 comments)

contest: A Lesson Learned - 06/01/16 02:33 AM
 The real Debbie Reynolds is hosting a contest called: A Lesson Learned.
Here is one of many  of those lessons learned early in my career.  
While recently lending my ear to a very hurt and unhappy agent about a situation regarding a "toxic" colleague, I was reminded of a time when I was wrongly accused.                   That was an awful feeling before I learned I Don't Do Upset!    
 In the first few months of real estate my integrity was challenged, by a 'kindness impaired'  colleague.  My reaction was tears.  
Wrongfully accused and ready to give up, I was going to quit because of this person.  Do you know how embarrassing it is … (48 comments)

contest: Winning Over Naysayers The Rome Way - 02/16/16 10:39 AM
 Winning Over Naysayers The Rome Way
 Check out the ActiveRain Contest. 
Just today I had an agent tell me I "better" take his offer because this property will"never" sell at the listing price. His " non written offer'' was  an email for a low price and a rent to own. I suggested he put in a formal offer if he wanted it presented.
When someone says it can't be done...please get out of my way.
This reminded me of examples others said I could or should not do. 
Here are a few:
You can't drive a two door car and be a success in real estate.
You can't have a waiting list for sellers.
Print advertising … (13 comments)

contest: Wallpaper Is Making A Come Back...Not Necesarily On Walls - 11/02/15 08:14 AM
Wallpaper is making a comeback...
Not Necessarily On Walls
Wallpaper is making a comeback.
But this time on our electronic devices.
A few weeks ago I attended the Annual GBBR Realtor® Fair and one of the booths had a dart contest. They summoned me over to try my hand and I said to myself: "no problem, I can do that."
I threw the dart one time and it landed BULLSEYE . 
Here is the photo to prove it.
I now have this photo on my iPhone as a reminder.
I was asked to try something new... which I did with confidence and without  hesitation.
After all what did I … (20 comments)

contest: Gratitude To Benefit Work And Personal Life The Rome Way - 10/31/14 02:42 PM
 Gratitude To Benefit Work And Personal Life
The Rome Way
Gratitude is appreciating what we have and being thankful. It does not mean that everything in your life is perfect. Just because we appear happy, doesn't mean everything is okay. Gratitude is an emotion expressing appreciation for  what we have rather than what we want or what we have lost.

Appreciation comes in the form of  a note or a blog written by a new member  
or even   when we feel the need to thank someone special in our life.
This year I lost  my best friend, lover and soul mate...the  most … (29 comments)

contest: Help Me Welcome Another New Member - 10/24/14 08:05 AM
Help Me Welcome Another New Member
So I do believe in breaking bread with clients- present, past and future.
Take time to check out Erica's contest and you will see  this one is right up my real estate alley.
 A call from a previous seller, suggested I meet with a friend who is a very talented photographer and maybe I could introduce him to the world of real estate.
Being a spur of the moment planner...I made the call and suggested we meet in an hour at Starbucks. It happened to be convenient to his photo shoot.

We had … (20 comments)

contest: My Tag Line Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome - 09/02/14 08:07 AM
My Tag Line 
Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
   You know how it goes. You are at a networking event or business association meeting and it's time when everyone gets to introduce themselves. The leader says, "Give us your name, company, and a little about what you do…but please keep it short!"  
Around the room, people get up....some drone on and on, others barely whisper their name and  still others stammer through an almost inaudible description.  
When my turn comes, I say it in three seconds flat and sit down … (41 comments)

contest: A Good Thing About Blogging - 02/27/14 03:46 AM
 A good thing about blogging. 
Last week, I wrote about a wonderful new restaurant called Pappas. We met some delightful people at the next table.  I took pictures and included them in the post.

The manager from the restaurant commented on my post. Our delightful server commented on my post. And today Susan Rose, one of the people from the next table, commented on my post.
How did she find me? Well I gave her one of my cards when she heard me talking about my home for sale at 2700 E. Northern Parkway. 
Connections … (14 comments)

contest: Weltan What? Weltanschauung. - 01/16/14 07:40 AM
 Weltan What? Weltanschauung!
 Reflecting on the Weltanschauung of ActiveRain. 
 Before I could write about Weltanschauung, it was necessary to find out what that great big word means. It looks like a real big bad word but it is not. 
 Weltanschauung: the guiding  principles and philosophy of an organization. It is a German word made up of Welt "world" + Anschauung "outlook''.
  The very  first principle is important to the way we work and live. It is the spirit of the members.
There is a vast amount of knowledge learned from the ActiveRain members who are so willing to … (18 comments)

contest: A Sign Is No Big Deal Or Is It? - 12/06/13 04:17 AM
A Sign Is No Big Deal Or Is It?

This happened quite a few years ago. A call came in from a seller who had been trying to sell side by side properties for over a year. They had no offers and were not even aware of showings.
These were very nice people but I did not know them and they were not referred. Since the homes were vacant, I asked TLH to go along on the listing appointment. After doing my short presentation, they signed on with me pretty much at the same price … (52 comments)

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