contests: Farming The Rome Way - 06/21/18 04:04 PM
Buyers make a list of what they want in a their new home... number of bedrooms, style, location, price range and special features. I talk about the needs of this buyer and announce what they are looking for on my weekly radio program.  The listening audience can to be on the look out if their home might be a match or if they know of another property...maybe a neighbor, friend or relative.
I use print media and have a link
on my website
Take a look at this flyer
These flyers are given to the buyers to keep in their cars. When they see a home they  like, … (22 comments)

contests: Cleaning Up ...June's Challenge - 06/18/18 08:21 PM
A Different Kind Of Decluttering
This month’s challenge Spring Cleaning- June 2018 ActiveRain Challenge hosted by Debe Maxwell, CRS  has us refreshing 10 older blog posts. Many need to be cleaned up. Most of mine entail fixing broken links.
This is real easy to say but quite a task to undertake. 
Fixing these links, as I find them, is not nearly as efficient as going through them one at a time. listing, my selling and my closing of properties just gets in the way of my blogging.
When going back to  my posts, starting in 2006,
  I'm discovering  lots of broken links.
Now I bet I can kill two … (6 comments)

contests: Catch Them Doing Something Right - 05/02/18 08:03 PM
How can we make the Real Estate business better?
How can we highlight and show appreciation for the best of the best.
It so easy to say something negative or point out flaws about MLS remarks, bad photos, inaccurate information, mistakes, poor communication and the list goes on.
How can we help the other professional?
Nothing better than being complimented by one of your peers.
Just think of the impact we could have by noticing when another agent or vendor or stager or lender or title attorney or inspector.. does a good job or goes out of their way to make a transaction pleasant … (36 comments)

contests: Reaching Out By Not Reaching Out The Rome Way - 03/22/18 08:47 PM
I was delighted to see that Kathy Streib hosted and coordinated 
The reaching out contest for March.
Now this contest took some pressure off of me...knowing that so many of you would be calling members the entire month.
It is wonderful when other caring and sharing ActiveRainers are reaching out and sharing their wisdom, humor and knowledge with other brilliant people... right on this AR platform.
I have always called a member everyday and I have written a daily blog for many years.
I am in the middle of a little blogging break but will be back shortly. 
I still sign in every day and get to … (13 comments)

contests: ActiveRain Is The Best Source For Referrals - 03/05/18 07:47 PM
Over the years, I have sent out many referrals and for the past decade, most of these agents have been found right here on ActiveRain.
After speaking to so many agents and really getting to know them, my comfort level is high as opposed to choosing an unknown agent just because they may have the right Alphabet Soup letters after their name.
Just yesterday, one of my clients told me they were leaving this weekend for a week in Florida. They found an area  and were going down to see some properties.
 Since it was in a community that an AR member lives and … (76 comments)

contests: Marketing The Rome Way...Past Present & Future - 02/19/18 06:44 PM
 Part 1
About ten years ago I left the big box company to start a REALTOR® auction company. At the time I was using the term "accelerated marketing" wanting to help guide auction sellers before, during and after. 
In that short year, I knew it was not for me but it was a fun intense year and I learned so much ...especially how to get to the seller's bottom line number.
I'm not calling this type of marketing a was more like taking a one year course and made me a better real estate agent and prepared me for being a solo broker...opening HomeRome … (47 comments)

contests: End Of January Contests - 01/31/18 07:47 PM
Where did this month go?
Seems like a week ago and we were saying Happy New Year to everyone.
Hope all that wanted to were able to finish these three contests.
Many people challenged themselves this month and I got to know some new members as well as more of the seasoned members. It was fun learning through reading blogs, exchanging comments and some old fashioned phone  calls.
Please take a moment to give a high five and a thank you to Debbie Reynolds and Lynn Friedman... those two  have taken time and energy away from their own business to host the January contests. 
Looking forward … (12 comments)

contests: Another Reason To Pick Up That Phone - 12/28/17 06:05 PM
Making a habit of calling a member every day since I started on ActiveRain has taught me so much. Today when speaking with Kathy Streib , we both had "a light-bulb" moment.. We were talking about upcoming contests and Kathy wants to encourage more people to pick up that phone and reach out to a member who may need some encouragement.
They may need a nudge if they have been missing for a while.
With the recent and shocking passing of our friend Lou Ludwig, this hit home even more. By the time we realized he had not posted for a was too late.
I … (50 comments)

contests: Are You Looking For More Points? - 12/25/17 06:36 PM
Here is a wonderful way to earn some beloved points...over 6000 if you follow the rules and...
you may even learn some good stuff here on ActiveRain.
So many times we get lost at the end of December and are not sure how to move into the New Year. 
Here's an idea of how to get ready for 2018 with Lynn's contest
Love that she is again sponsoring this contest and giving a heads up to all the members... but especially those who are trying to reach that half a million point goal in the new year.
Are you looking for more points?
Go … (11 comments)

contests: Full Service The Rome Way - 09/01/17 04:35 PM
Here is my definition of "Full Service" The Rome way.
 Part I of Tony & Suzanne Marriott's September Challenge
To start with, I limit the amount of listings that I choose to take, including those under contract. I have had one of my busiest times with multiple recent closings so that new listings had to be on hold.
They are on my waiting list.
With all my recent closings...inventory is low with quite a few properties going active in the next month. I am taking a bit of a breather right now.
This is how I am able to make each of my clients feel they are the only ones I'm … (9 comments)

contests: Crystal Ball...The Rome Way - 01/30/17 08:25 PM
It is already the last day of January and here I am a bit late for the Crystal Ball Prediction for the year.
How many of us are looking into that crystal ball for the contest sponsored by Praful Thakkar?
  The only future that I can possibly predict is the one in which I control. 
So to predict what will happen, I plan to use my very own crystal ball.
As the broker and owner of  HomeRome Realty... most of what I am already doing will continue... looking for the most unusual and unique homes in the Baltimore area for very special buyers.
 These individuals are not looking for cookie … (9 comments)

contests: Ringing and Singing - 01/05/17 03:50 PM
There is another  Debbie Reynolds contest, one that is repeated each year
The first part of this contest is to call an ActiveRain member that you have never talked with before. That, right there, could be a challenge since I speak to at least one ActiveRain member every day.
Who haven't I called?
Vickie Teel
In reading a post written by Vickie Teel I noticed these words in her back to basics post "...getting over my fear of picking up the phone and just doing it."
That, to me, was the perfect reason to call. I left Vickie a message which she promptly returned.
What I found … (18 comments)

contests: Changing Directions The Rome Way - 12/01/16 06:28 AM
It was 2008, I had just left a big box company after 18 years to start an auction company.
It was a bright  idea.
I had seen sellers give their homes over to auction, paid for advertising up front, gotten no results and  were back on the market with that same company "stigmatized" with a property that did not sell.
I had recently sold a very unusual property with an auction company.
I negotiated  to remain the  listing agent, was part of the advertising, open house, hand holding the seller and it was a huge success!
So I had this idea to go further. Have an auction company … (51 comments)

contests: How To Find Homes The Rome Way - 11/07/16 08:27 AM
You know me as a listing agent and Broker Owner of HomeRome Realty but I also have buyers for specific homes.These buyers come from direct referrals and past clients. Maybe I have sold their home or they have friends or family that want to work with me.  They may come from my weekly radio show.
When I have specific buyers I will use blogging, my radio show and I might run an ad such as the one below.
 On my weekly radio show, I will describe the needed property and say something like: '' I have buyers...ready willing and able to purchase right now!If you … (8 comments)

contests: All About Baltimore - 07/31/16 07:10 AM
Baltimore's weather:
 We are having a heat wave along with HHH also known as humid, hot and hazy.
It takes special stamina to show properties right now.
This is the temperature reading  when I entered my car this past week.
Yesterday we had severe weather...torrential downpours and heavy flooding. Driving home last night, after having dinner with a friend, took almost 45 minutes and it was only 5 miles away.
Many roads were flooded and I had to keep turning around...seeking higher ground. So wonderful to get into my garage and safely into my house. Many others had their cars floating away, homes and businesses … (7 comments)

contests: Staying Ahead By Marketing The Rome Way 1-2-3 - 08/07/15 12:58 PM
Staying Ahead By Marketing
 The Rome Way 1-2-3
1- My blog
2- My print advertising
3-My live radio show
 It's all about the clients.
My plan is to write blogs that will engage clients,  focus my radio show on clients and  gear all my advertising to clients...present and future.
This is how  to keep my clients at the center of attention.
Continue to write my daily blog for my clients.
Educate the public with my radio show and focus my listings.
Turn on the radio
In the ad above there is a lot of information including  my listings, my name, my phone number, my tag line, my designations, my email, my website, my radio show, my logo and … (18 comments)

contests: I Did The Ringing But Not The Singing! - 01/31/15 08:49 AM
I Did The Ringing But Not The Singing!
Our own real Debbie Reynolds   had a great contest for January.
 The contest encouraged members to call each other and then write about the conversation.
It's Only A Phone Call!

 The contest was called Ringing and Singing in the Rain.
 Personally I do a lot  of ringing but that's  not new. I have spoken to a member every day since 2006. At least once each day, and frequently more, I connect with a Rainer as part of my routine.
I started out full speed  with Debbie's contest and called a member … (21 comments)

contests: My Goodness It's Only A Phone Call A Day - 01/05/15 10:17 PM
My goodness It's Only A Phone Call A Day
It started back in 2006.  Talking to members was the perfect connection while   spending time in hospitals in Baltimore, New York or Boston.
It became a habit...talking to at least one AR member a day.
There is no rhyme or reason how I decide who to call. Sometimes it is an interesting blog topic. Sometimes it is a comment that is meaningful or maybe a different point of view.  Sometimes it is to ask or answer a question. Sometimes I see a member who disagrees with a certain concept. Sometimes  to congratulate or recognize … (82 comments)

contests: Business Plan The Rome Way - 01/22/14 01:08 PM
Business Plan The Rome Way
Continue to do business the Rome Way.
My love for real estate is evident in the way I continue do business..answering the phone, finding creative ways to get a TOO LATE sign on my listings, hosting a weekly radio show, taking care of myself and limiting my listings to 15.

 Continue to do business the Rome Way.
Continue to limit my listings to 15.  Continue to put Too Late Signs on my listings. Continue to walk 365 miles in 365 days. Continue to answer … (11 comments)

contests: My Me Agreement Is To Continue - 12/30/13 12:31 PM
My Me Agreement Is To continue.
Better late than never...My  'Me Agreement' for our Business' an ActiveRain Contest.
Yes it is late, like the 11th hour, and the only contest left to participate in this month.
My ME Agreement Is To Continue.

Continue to do business the Rome Way.  Continue to limit my listings to fifteen.
Continue to answer my phone. Continue to learn  new technology. Continue to make my own appointments. Continue to stay in contact with my sellers. Continue to do what I say I will do. Continue to find the right buyers for my listings. … (11 comments)

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