customer service: Now This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store! - 09/13/10 05:12 PM
Now This is Customer Service in Baltimore's Sprint Store!

Recently read a post by Karen Bernetti  How Do YOU Build Client Loyalty?  that made me appreciate the customer service received this morning at a Sprint store.  I love my Palm Pre...Definitely Worth the Wait-Baltimore,Md. 
This morning I was at the Sprint Store when the doors opened. Why?  Because my charger was defective. It was getting hot to the touch and I noticed it was frayed. So busy that  I waited until it was no longer working. Even wrapped it with surgical tape thinking I could get a bit more … (15 comments)

customer service: Don't Do Anything You Don't Want To! - 06/26/08 11:59 AM
The other day I was talking with a older person whose family was trying to get her to move. I found myself saying emphatically: "Don't do anything you don't want to. But DO everything that you want to." And when I was done, it felt good and right.
I thought about how this simplifies my business and my life:
I don't want to work with clients who are unpleasant to me or others…so I don't. Life is too short for that kind of aggravation. I don't want to cut my commission (which would mean that I would have to cut … (16 comments)

customer service: What Real Estate is All About - 08/02/07 04:50 AM
Sometimes we forget what business we are in. It's easy to be caught up in listing and showing and negotiating and settling. But that's all just the mechanics of our business. Today I got a delightful reminder that we really do is make dreams come true.
A few months ago, I wrote about a house that was a "disastrous, dirty, cluttered, smelly, mess" and could only be sold after it was stripped bare – carpets, appliances, window treatments, everything had to go. The buyers didn't think they could ask for that, but the sellers were delighted to take their "stuff" with them, … (42 comments)

customer service: Special Treatment! - 05/29/07 07:35 AM
Anyone who knows me knows that I love the color brown. Maybe that's why chocolate is such a favorite of mine! I once owned a brown Porsche 944 that showed up in a blog about what's in a number?  I never thought I could feel the same way about another car. I drove that gem for 10 years until I totaled it. I loved that car.
Saturday after my morning workout, I got a call from TLH Lee that he had a problem with his car, had taken it to the dealer, and needed me to pick him up. Now everyone knows that … (62 comments)

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