friendship: Thankful For Saturday Night Dates - 11/10/18 07:09 PM
Thankful for a beautiful friendship and how it continues via phone messages and by meeting each week.  
Maybe it's just a bouquet of flowers without a special occasion. 
Maybe it's the way we stay in touch with daily texting, sending funny or serious messages even though we are both busy.
Maybe it's the crazy photos, jokes or inspirational messages we manage to find and share with each other. Out texting is hysterical and would make a crazy sitcom someday. Too bad none of it can be shared publicly.
It's definitely a friendship to be treasured, nurtured and appreciated. 
And each and every Saturday night, we go out and we talk … (11 comments)

friendship: Evening With Friends - 09/25/18 08:12 PM
For more than 30 years this group has gotten together every month.
We started in NAWBO ...
National Association of Women's Business Owners
This is a group that helped each other become successful business owners.
We all accomplished that goal. 
Even though we no longer attend the business meetings ...we do meet monthly for dinner, lively conversation and terrific friendships.
 Click below to watch video:
Tonight was one of these special dinners... friends enjoying great company, laughter, stories, travels, memories and staying in touch with each other. And we also get to share birthdays...Happy Birthday, Tommie.
Thank You, Lisa, for hosting another lovely evening.
Love having these fantastic women in my life.

friendship: A Call From Gary Sisson - 01/27/18 09:07 PM
On Saturday morning I received a wonderful text from a long time friend.
We haven't talked for a while but as soon as I saw his number, I dialed.
He started off by saying...
You have been on my mind a lot lately and I hope you are doing well!
I think of you on Sunday mornings  and wondering if you are still doing the radio show. He asked how my business was and if I still had a waiting list and if I was still getting my full commission.
Lauren, Gary & Olivia
You see his beautiful wife, Lauren, is  managing a brokerage in Pa. and … (11 comments)

friendship: Friendship Shared At Liberatore's In Timonium - 06/20/16 01:27 PM
Every month a dozen plus girlfriends get together for dinner. We have known each other for over thirty years.  
 And each month the host picks a favorite restaurant or entertains at  home.
Anybody want to guess what I do?
Tonight was at Liberatore's in Timonium where we had excellent  food and superb service.
Below are a few photos of our delicious meals.
Twelve of us talked, laughed, shared what's been happening for the past 30 or so days,  had a wonderful meal including appetizers, wine and a celebration of Brenda and Alexis' recent birthdays.
What a joy getting together with these special women just to share...  friendship!

friendship: Three Crazy Chicks In Baltimore - 02/27/16 10:20 PM
Three Crazy Chicks In Baltimore 
Each week we three Crazy Chicks get together enjoying  a different  Baltimore restaurant.  
Our most recent eateries Ruth Chris's, Joey Chiu's and Christopher Daniels have had the pleasure of our company.
We like dining at these  special places but what we really love is the gourmet friendship and delicious conversation.
We are so busy chatting that I no longer photograph the food.
Take a look at a few
'Baltimore restaurants by HomeRome'
If you are out and about you just might see  
Three Crazy Chicks  In Baltimore 

friendship: The Greatest Gift - 12/15/14 12:52 PM
 The Greatest Gift
of life is friendship! 

This saying never rang more true than this year. The support of so many friends and colleagues along with family and clients has been overwhelming.
The  way to repay this gift is to stay in touch with others who may need me.  
 The Greatest Gift of life is friendship!


friendship: This is my favorite gift from a Best Friend. - 12/29/11 02:26 PM
                                  This is my favorite gift from a Best Friend.   What is my favorite gift? It is the one that arrived in the mail yesterday.  
A very special book with twenty photos that chronicles a friendship over the past couple of decades. The front was done in my very special color..chocolate brown, and the opening photo was of Peg and me taken a few years ago.  Slowly flipping through the book, good times and memories flooded in. Within moments I was on the … (20 comments)

friendship: All Because Two People Fell In Love - 01/13/09 09:37 AM

When you celebrate a special day with close friends, you don't want it to end. So I'm adding this follow-up to enjoy the 50th anniversary party of Anne and Milo Hruby all over again.

From the luscious dinner to the warmth and good wishes of everyone there, it was a magical time.
  Anne is still glowing!

Lee and I are grateful to have found such good friends, and wish them many, many more happy years.
                                                                     Take a look at
 There's Gold in "Them Thar" Years! Happy … (26 comments)

friendship: A response to an ActiveRain invitation! - 07/20/06 12:50 AM
We are doing others a favor by sending out invitations. Here is just a part of a response that I received: 
"Thank you so much for this dynamic opportunity! I will get signed up on Friday. I so appreciate your friendship and years of wisdom.... a privilege to even know you, and I am ......encouraged when I talk to you. I think you are the dynamic deserving realtor of the century.. ... Please don't ever hesitate to let us know if we can do anything to help you in any way either professional or personal..."
Joe … (2 comments)

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