homerome: Start Worrying, Details To Follow - 05/15/22 08:31 AM
An early morning conversation with my AR friend Elyse Berman, PA inspired this post. She shared a joke: The telegram read:
'Start worrying; details to follow.'
And I was thinking about Communication the Rome Way!
 Knowing your buyers and sellers is the first step in how you communicate. Always ask upfront how and when they would like contact from you. Some only want a text, others are happy with an email, and others need a direct phone call.
Here are some of the responses and observations when I ask about staying in touch.
-Only contact me if you have an acceptable offer. In other words, you … (0 comments)

homerome: One House At A Time-The Rome Way - 05/14/22 06:12 PM
Lately, when seeing friends or former clients, they assume that I am way too busy. Everyone knows the market is hectic. Just read the paper or listen to the news.
But I am still working the same way I have for years. And that is one home at a time. I have a waiting list, and I take a new property when one sells. Since I service all listings, make my appointments, and show them, I don't need a large inventory. 
Having control of showings and my time is crucial. In the last couple of sales, I took two days to be available … (14 comments)

homerome: Moving Company Scam Beware - 05/12/22 07:10 PM
Moving tips
Always check the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Registered Moving Database when hiring a moving company. Check the number of complaints.
Interstate movers must be registered with the Federal government and have a U.S. DOT number Mover Database. 
Information you can review includes:
The location of the moving company's headquarters
Contact information
Registration status
Is the moving business a carrier, broker, freight, or forwarder?
Complaint information
Safety information
Check this link to find out about Brokers vs. Movers
Get several in-person estimates. Pay with a credit card. And if the company requires a deposit, it should never be more than a few hundred dollars.
Remind buyers and sellers to verify … (19 comments)

homerome: I'm In Matchmaker Mode - 05/11/22 10:19 AM
There was a call from a potential buyer who saw one of the homes on my website.
He was interested in this mid-century rancher and was having trouble finding this style.  He was not aware of any homes of this type in the Baltimore area.  Even though the property he called on was sold this past year, I offered to help find a similar one. 
Asking for his wish list, the following are the particulars we are looking for in either Baltimore or Howard County
-Three or more bedrooms
- A rancher at least 3000'
-One-two acre lot
-A two-car garage.
-Basement is optional
-Price range … (14 comments)

homerome: Are You Ready For The Stress? - 05/10/22 07:28 PM
How Do You Handle This Stress?
When others find out I am still in my first home, there is some surprise after more than 40 years.  My reasoning: I am not about to put myself through what you will be experiencing during this listing and selling process.
That is where my counseling sessions come in...starting at the beginning of a  listing...explaining the stress of selling.  As a former RN, stress can manifest many different emotions. Moving is one of the top stress producers, including death, illness, divorce, job loss, and other life-changing moments.
I go on to explain....If you get along well, you may experience … (19 comments)

homerome: It Is A Fast Market - 05/07/22 08:45 PM
It took one look to know this was the right place. My friend of more than fifty years (we worked at the hospital together) called about this FSBO in The Grey Rock Flats in Pikesville.
I called the seller (who I also have known for fifty years). She was our daughter's first babysitter, and she signed an agreement to sell.
The buyer signed by noon. And by the evening, they both signed, and quickly, we had a ratified contract.
This contract feels right to find a  gated community, desirable first-floor flat with an attached garage, no steps, … (12 comments)

homerome: View From The Vue - 05/06/22 09:54 PM
675 President Street
Baltimore, Md 21202
The VUE # 1905
I loved working with Michael and Alex, finding their beautiful first home, and settling today! You can "hear" Alex's smile under that mask holding the keys!
We got such a great deal on this 19th floor in this high rise in The Vue in Baltimore. We looked at different homes, including single, row homes, and other condos, but it was love at first sight when we entered this fabulous condo. My goodness, look at the views from the primary suite.
It has two bedrooms, two full baths, and an open floor plan, so bright with the … (19 comments)

homerome: Sledgehammer Negotiation - 05/05/22 07:57 AM
How do you work with someone who negotiates with a sledgehammer?
Sure, this kind of negotiator might get a few extra perks, but at the same time, they might be destroying the joy of buying and selling.
Negotiation is a win-win when everyone gets most of what they want.
It is not to beat the other person up so much that even minor requests are denied. 
I'm curious how you deal with a sledgehammer negotiator.
Thinking of buying or selling a home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: Don't Ask Me To Do It Again - 05/03/22 07:04 PM
Recently entered a post in May's Contest, answering 21 questions. The one that got noticed by a favorite client was # 18 about changing a dryer belt. I promised to share why!
Years ago, I had to call a plumber because there was no hot water entering my washing machine. The problem the plumber found; the hot and cold hoses switched. How would I have known? It only took a second to change. 
So the next day, when the dryer stopped, I was not going to call the recently belittling contractor. I somehow figured out it was a broken belt. I purchased a … (18 comments)

homerome: Getting To Know Me With Twenty-One Answers - 05/02/22 02:02 PM
Almost everything about me is in one of my  4,735  blogs. You can read my book, listen to Bob Stewart's interview,  listen to my weekly radio show or ask away, especially if it's all about real estate.   
 Most questions I have addressed in a previous post. I like this month's contest learning more about other members. Want to know something about me?
Go ahead and post it in the comments below or feel free to give me a call. 
Here is my number
And now, to answer the 21 questions:
1. What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?
RN, Head Nurse … (24 comments)

homerome: Safety First - 04/30/22 11:32 AM
I recently had the opportunity to take and complete the CSI Certification course. The class was offered right here on ActiveRain and presented by Robert Siciliano.
In today's mail, I received the package containing this certificate below, a personal safety device, and booklets for buyers and sellers with tips on protecting your family and your property.
It is a wonderfully busy time in Real Estate, but I am so glad that I could fit in this six-hour course that should be mandatory, IMHO, for every real estate professional. 
For more information, check out www.protectnowllc.com.
When buying, selling, and showing properties, always be aware of … (12 comments)

homerome: You've Got Mail Hopefully - 04/27/22 07:32 PM
Change Of Address
One of the things to do when selling your home is to go to the post office and change your address. It is a free service. You can also do it online for a modest sum of $1.10.
  But be careful; there are some bogus sites set up that look very official, and you might think you are on the right one. These sites are charging up to forty dollars. Please be warned not to fall for these.
'Note: Warning: There are third-party websites that will charge you fees of $40.00 or more to submit your Change of Address. The … (20 comments)

homerome: It Didn't Take Long For This TOO LATE - 04/24/22 07:34 AM
6317 Park Heights Ave
The Elmont Unit #421
Baltimore, Md. 21215
It didn't take long to find the right buyer for this  4th-floor corner unit at The Elmont.
Click To See Photos of Unit #421
Two generous-sized bedrooms, two full baths, and two walk-in closets are so large that one is an at-home office.  Enjoy the space of over 1500 square feet and a sliding door to the covered balcony.
Eat-in kitchen with white cabinets, a pantry, and the convenience of a personal washer/dryer.
The corner location with extra windows brings in the sunshine.
Secure, convenient extra storage is on the same level.
Lush landscaping surrounds this elevator building in … (12 comments)

homerome: 3542 Buena Vista Ave In Hampden Is TOO LATE - 04/23/22 07:01 PM
3542 Buena Vista Ave
Baltimore, Md 21211
MLS MDBA2040592
We found the perfect buyer for this charming home in Hampden. Why perfect, because the new owner is another artist. 
Remember, this is a working studio. Located in the Hampden area of Baltimore, close to Roosevelt Park, this row house, according to tax records, was built in 1880.
 Check out the creativity of a working studio. Maybe I'm a bit partial since I was also a clay artist.
Click To See Photos
This home is a charmer with its whimsy pottery display, nine-foot ceilings, and stained glass adorning the windows.
The first-floor laundry room also doubles as her throwing and … (12 comments)

homerome: My Fortune Cookie Says - 04/23/22 10:11 AM
My fortune cookie read:
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot." 
Those cookie people may be following me around.
Recently was told ''you have to'' accept this offer because this property will never sell or it is too unique or priced too high. It went under contract the next day.
One agent commented on a public site saying a home was overpriced. These comments have come from buyers and other agents. Some have even gone so far as to send letters to the sellers trying to negotiate without their agent. Thank goodness I have such a good relationship with my … (16 comments)

homerome: What Is That Smell - 04/22/22 09:01 AM
This  post has nothing to do with Real Estate
Ahh, when I stepped outside my front door, there was a delightfully lovely fragrance. It was coming from this giant bush.
I have no idea what it is, but I took a pair of clippers, snipped a bunch, and put them in one of my ceramic pieces.   

And now that lovely scent is being enjoyed in front of me on my desk.
Does anyone know what this plant is? Maybe, Roy Kelley 
I told you this had nothing to do with Real Estate.
But if you are thinking of selling your home
Call Margaret Rome

homerome: Condo Upper Park Heights The Elmont For Sale - 04/19/22 09:45 PM
An elegant 4th-floor corner unit is available at the Elmont.
Click To See Photos of Unit #421
Two generous-sized bedrooms, two full baths, and two walk-in closets are so large that one is an at-home office.  Enjoy the space of over 1500 square feet and a sliding door to the covered balcony.
Eat-in kitchen with white cabinets and a pantry, and you can enjoy the convenience of your own personal washer/dryer.
Floor-to-ceiling windows bring in the sunshine.
Secure, convenient extra storage is on the same level.
Lush landscaping surrounds this elevator building in Upper Park Heights.
Secure, convenient, full-service building with a front … (6 comments)

homerome: To Move Or Not To Move - 04/18/22 12:43 PM
Deciding to move 
Working with classic clients and the mature population, the decision to sell is huge, and it needs to happen in stages. First, the question,
Where will the seller go?
There are choices to consider: assisted living, a retirement community, a move closer to children, a nearby condo, or even into the children's home. 
I recently met with a friend of one of my favorite sellers about a move.  We were just there to chat and get to know each other...no paperwork at this time. Her children are all in different states, and one daughter wants Mom nearby. How does one decide … (17 comments)

homerome: Should We Make A Home Gym - 04/16/22 08:22 PM
I love when the public asks for my opinion, and I have no problem giving it.
These are homeowners with a lovely property, a location, and the size they want for now. 
They use their living room as a workout room and ask the above question.
Should we put a gym in our house?
I had a few questions in return. How long are you planning to stay in this house? How much use would this room get?  Where would this gym be located? 
In today's market, a home gym is a real bonus. Many gyms have closed, or people are not returning.
The … (11 comments)

homerome: ActiveRain Active Rome April Challenge - 04/15/22 11:08 PM
This month, the ActiveRain challenge is to say in 350 words what this platform means to us. To most serious bloggers, we could fill a book.
My blogging began in 2006, posting most days, logging in every day, and speaking with an AR member daily.
I thought this challenge would be so easy. I could go back and pick out a bunch of blogs and take the collages from them. But many of the links no longer work, so I thought I would give you a list of what AR has meant and then a few posts to read.  
Thankful for ActiveRain … (17 comments)

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