hurricane irene: Caution ....When the Traffic Lights Are Not Working...Treat Like a 4 Way Stop Sign!! - 08/29/11 03:24 PM
Caution ....When the Traffic Lights Are Not Working...Treat Like a 4 Way Stop Sign!! The Baltimore area along with the entire east coast has felt the effects of Hurricane Irene. We were fortunate  there was not more damage. Lots of trees and debris all over our city and most has been cleaned up. What we are finding is power outages...not only in homes, condos and business but in our traffic lights. There has been an increase in accidents at  intersections with non functioning traffic lights. Do you know the procedure when approaching a light that is out?            … (21 comments)

hurricane irene: The Morning After...Good Night Irene! - 08/28/11 05:43 PM
 The Morning After...Good Night Irene!It was a long Saturday following the reports of  Hurricane high the winds, how many inches of rain and the entire preparedness for the worst. I finally went to bed about be awakened at 5:30 AM with that booming sound alerting us that the power has just been lost. No problem...we have a backup gas generator.Waiting a few seconds I hear it trying to start, a few seconds more another try and then another few seconds...and I realize three strikes and you are out...out of power that is. A call to the company who tells … (20 comments)

hurricane irene: Good News..Winds From Irene Expected to be 85 MPH Not 100 ! - 08/27/11 04:41 AM
Good News.. Winds From Irene to be 85 MPH Not 100!                                               Just secured my porch furniture and removed the hanging bird feeders  when I heard the Good News..Winds From Irene Expected to be 85 Miles Per Hour Not a hundred! Our governor is calling it a 'monster storm". I am ready for more good news! ''The waiting game. As Hurricane Irene swirls our way, the East Coast prepares for a hard hit of heavy rain and whipping wind. Fortunately, Irene weakened slightly on Saturday and the winds are expected to be 85 miles an hour and not the 100 mile an hour winds....''

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