margaret rome: Safely Sell Your Home - 07/07/20 08:17 PM
Were you thinking about selling your home?
Do you want to see your home listed like this?
Each week there are a few changes like this one with two new listings.
It is an excellent time to be in real estate, and I have the privilege and opportunity to help buyers and sellers with their move. 

margaret rome: Baltimore Real Estate Amid The Pandemic - 05/27/20 06:59 PM
 Watch and listen. 
 There were three panelists for the Upside on May 26, 2020.
Check out the virtual show and discussion of
Baltimore Real Estate Amid The Pandemic. 
Jason Perlow, Jason Rubenstein, and Margaret Rome discuss buying and selling homes in Baltimore.
Baltimore Real Estate 
 To Safely Sell Your Home
Call Margaret Rome

margaret rome: Master Sales Academy Is June 1st - 05/22/20 09:20 PM
Monday, June 1st, I plan to be immersed in a day of learning sharing and caring. This year's MSA will be virtual, and I cannot wait to see and hear and connect with all of my Floyd Wickman friends. 
Have you taken a Floyd Wickman course?
Do you remember Sweathogs?
Have you been to a Master Sales Academy?
Have you heard Mike and Mary? 
Pictured above in 1998
Margaret Rome, Mike Pallin, Jennie Cook, Bob Daniels, Floyd Wickman, Mary Pallin, Lee Rome, Gary Sisson, Nelson Zide 
MSA HAS GONE VIRTUAL!June 1, 2020Master Sales Academy 2020 will be a 100% virtual, one-day,
real estate training event.
Click … (7 comments)

margaret rome: Mark Your Calendar For Next Month - 04/19/20 07:36 AM
Now is the time to be making plans! 
My calendar is starting to fill up for May and July. What about June?
I'm booking May for the first Tuesday or the second Thursday. And if the date needs to move, we just go to the next month...first Tuesday or second Thursday.
Easy to make plans this way. Go ahead and fill that calendar...but always have a backup plan.
And if you have questions about buying or selling a home
Call Margaret Rome

margaret rome: A Thank You Can Lead To Paycheck - 04/17/20 07:26 PM
  Whenever I receive a note from one of my wonderful buyers or sellers, I like to share, just like I did yesterday.
 It makes you realize that appreciation goes both ways.
This is a concept I like to share with newer agents. My Lee used to refer to these thankyou notes as my kind of paycheck. I have found that once those notes of appreciation start coming in, the actual paycheck, in the form of referrals, is not far behind.
If you are always looking to do what is right for your clients, always looking out for their best interest, always doing just what … (10 comments)

margaret rome: Thank You Fran - 03/29/20 08:03 AM
FREE Real Estate Covid-19 PSA Videos
Frances Flynn Thorsen 
Thank you, Fran, for sharing your video so that REALTORS can keep informed and help the public.
Take a look at Fran's videos, which she is offering to the real estate community.
So proud of my industry and want to say that even one person can make a difference.
Who do you know that is making a difference at this time?
Free videos from Fran

margaret rome: Kindness, Safety And Common Courtesy - 03/25/20 09:32 PM
I am proud of the many hard-working real estate professionals.
Kindness and common courtesy go a long way.
Here is just one example of a showing today. It was a new listing, and when I called to make the appointment, the property was already under contract, but the agent had just found out that the buyer lost their job and would not be able to proceed—good news for my buyer who had already lost one house.
The sellers had just moved out, and a cleaning crew scheduled for this afternoon. There was a Sentri-Lock on the front door. My buyer wanted to see … (19 comments)

margaret rome: I'm Available - 03/17/20 06:08 PM
With all that is going on at this time, there is still plenty we can do without being in crowds, movies, restaurants, gyms, etc.
A bit of inconvenience, but as Realtors® and real estate professionals, now's the time to stay in touch with your buyers, your sellers, your friends, and your family.
Let them know you are available.  
Buyers can research homes, check out the market, find new listings, speak to a lender, and get everything ready for when the right property does show up.
Sellers can talk to their Realtor® for advice on getting their home ready to go on the … (16 comments)

margaret rome: Get By Giving Award - 03/14/20 09:21 AM
Recently was on a conference call with Floyd Wickman's team and many of the past recipients of the Get By Giving Award.
Afterward, I was reminiscing.
In 1998 I'd been lucky enough to have taken Sweat Hogs, met Gary Sisson, Mike, Mary, and of course, Floyd Wickman! 
Lee and I had invited Mike Pallin to dinner the evening before the Master Sales Academy in Atlantic City. Mike was a bit on edge, which I attributed to the stress of the MSA. I felt guilty taking him away from his responsibilities, knowing he had a huge day ahead. It wasn't until later that I … (6 comments)

margaret rome: BRAIN sPARK 2020 - 03/09/20 08:52 PM
Sunday, March 8th, BRAIN sPARK, formerly known as BrainThrust, was held at Baltimore's  THE  PARK SCHOOL. This event, started in 1973, was conceived by Netsie Lieberman. 
Yesterday there were fifty sessions and sixty-six presenters.
All this took place between the hours of 4 and 8 pm, with a beautifully organized dinner after the first of three sessions.
No way to sum up this fabulous accomplishment other than show you some photos. 
 Click below (turn down the volume)
With so many choices it was not easy to pick these three sessions
The Wild World of "Story Hunting"
Emma Starer Gross-Epic Magazine
From Park School to the Federal Bench...In Heels
The Honorable Amy … (12 comments)

margaret rome: What Do You Have To Offer? - 02/11/20 08:29 AM
There was a question asking how to approach an agent to get their business.
My first reaction is to find someone you would like to work with and see what you can do for them.
A title company was asking the question and here were a few of my suggestions:
-Put yourself in a position to meet new agents through teaching a class, networking, WCR, Realtor® fairs, and conventions.  Figure out what you have to offer?
-For new agents (and some who may need a refresher)  offer to hold a mock settlement. Go over the closing papers, explain line by line, and give … (50 comments)

margaret rome: Luxury Rental In Hunt Valley - 02/06/20 05:47 PM
Here is a unique situation- a 7000 square foot home on 4.6 acres for sale at
25 Highfield Ct 21030
And the owners are willing to rent two separate living areas in the house.
The lease could be a short term up to a year until the sale is complete. We are talking about furnished living space 2000’ with kitchen, and weekly maid service.
Enjoy private entrance, extended decks, and wooded grounds that have direct access to Loch Raven Reservoir. One of the spaces could have the use of an attached garage.
The location is ideal in the gated community of Overlook in Hunt Valley.
Above is one … (12 comments)

margaret rome: Sticks And Bricks - 02/05/20 06:51 AM
  'It's about closure.' received this comment from James Dray 
"Morning, Margaret. Any home that we have owned is (for me), just a roof over my head. I work on where I'll be when I take my last breath. That will be my forever home. "
And my response:
" I have sellers say the same thing but are surprised by their reaction. You, my friend, have just inspired my next post."
Many years ago, I suggested that my sellers take some time to say goodbye to their house.  It was his first home for about a number of years he had recently gotten married.
Later in the week, I … (22 comments)

margaret rome: Letter To My House: 25 Highfield Court - 01/10/20 07:53 PM
Selling homes is not about sticks and bricks and taking another listing and making another sale.
  Clients, that I choose to work with, are special and unique and many times their home is just as special and unique like 
25 Highfield Court in the gated community Overlook
Please take some time to read this letter written by the owner,
Thomas C. Morrow, as he describes their special home.
"Dear 25 Highfield Court-
In this letter, I hope to express my love and appreciation you have given Virginia and me over the last 15 years.
In each season you have managed to show off the many facets of your personality.  Your warmth during … (31 comments)

margaret rome: It Was My Treat Lorrie Semler - 01/06/20 03:15 PM
It all happens with just a phone call.
What a treat when I got home this evening!
It was a blog about a conversation.
So glad Lorrie answered and was not disappointed...she thought I might be a robocall.
We have been following each other, on ActiveRain, for more than a dozen years, and it was fun finding out that The University of Maryland was Lorrie's Alma Mater.
And you might be interested in hearing about her business. Lorrie conducts estate sales and then has the opportunity to list the house and sell both the real estate and the contents. I think that's brilliant!
Lorrie's comment prompted this call 
''What a … (24 comments)

margaret rome: If It Works Do More Of It - 01/01/20 05:36 PM
In this month's contest
What changes did you make last year or the year before that a contest hosted by Endre Barath, Jr. and will encourage us all to look at what was successful in the past two years. He is not asking for what we plan to do or to make New Year's resolutions.
Most of those are already broken by the first couple of days in the new year.
That old saying "if it's not broke, don't fix it" means continuing the tried and true.
If it works, do more of it!
The things that have worked for me remain the same, and they … (59 comments)

margaret rome: I Love This Kind Of Email - 12/24/19 10:39 AM
During the middle of the night, actually 1:34 AM, I received the following email:
"I bought my townhouse from you in Owings Mills in 1993. Then, when I moved to Mississippi, you sold it for me in 2010. I retired 3 years ago from my job in Mississippi, so I think it's time for me to come home.
My oldest, lives in Manchester and my youngest, will soon be looking in Reisterstown/ Westminster (I'll send her your way). I'd prefer something close to both of my girls, but not in the boondocks. Owings Mills/Reisterstown/ Pikesville/ maybe Carroll County. Here's my wish list: … (12 comments)

margaret rome: Expensive Homes In Baltimore - 12/18/19 08:35 PM
Baltimore Sun Lists Most Expensive Homes 
Presented by Margaret Rome
25 Highfield Ct. 
 Hunt Valley 21230
Overlooking the perfect setting of woods, stream and Loch Raven Reservoir on 4.6 private acres
More information on Highfield Ct
Take A Look At The Photos
For more information and to schedule a tour of this home
Call Margaret Rome

margaret rome: It's Not Always About The Money - 12/09/19 05:17 PM
What do sellers want?
Sellers always want top dollar for their house.
That is not always the case!
Just like houses come in different sizes, styles, and uniqueness, so do sellers. It is most important to find out just what the seller wants and needs.
Here are a few examples.
-The seller retiring, because of illness.  It was in July. He gave me his bottom line, he wanted it listed much lower than the comps, a fast settlement so he could be fishing in upstate New York this same summer. 
-The sellers who have lived, for over 50 years on 34 acres,  in a home built in 1812 and meticulously maintained.  These … (65 comments)

margaret rome: Would the Warm Puppy Work In Real Estate? - 11/29/19 05:30 PM
Would the 'warm puppy technique' work in real estate?  If you've never heard of this, let me explain. Think of the child in the pet store who wants a dog. An astute salesperson would see that the parents are trying to make a decision and suggest they take the puppy home for the weekend.
If it doesn't work out, bring the furbaby back on Monday. We know that in most cases, this is impossible, they have bonded, and they have bought the pooch.
We have seen this used with jewelry, art, rugs, and cars. 
The chances are pretty good that if they … (62 comments)

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