margaret rome: Let's Talk About Home Inspections - 01/21/23 02:23 PM
Sunday, January 22, I invited a guest Joe Brandli of Pillar To Post.  Joe will give suggestions, discuss, and answer questions about all aspects of the home inspection.
Since the inspection process is the most time-consuming activity that a Realtor® deals with, I am pleased to have a professional on the show. 
There are three ways to listen.
One on your radio dial  WCBM 680 AM
Two Internet or the
Three Use the app WCBM.
Noon Sunday
If you would like to ask a question or talk about home inspections, you can call 410-922-6680 or text me
What questions would you like answered?
Thinking of buying or selling … (8 comments)

margaret rome: Friggatriskaidekaphobia - 01/13/23 11:29 AM
Friggatriskaidekaphobia... What A Great Word! It is Friday the 13th! Do you know anyone who has friggatriskaidekaphobia?  
The definition of friggatriskaidekaphobia is a severe fear of Fridays that fall on the thirteenth.Here's an interesting fact:  Any month's 13th day will fall on a Friday if the month starts on a Sunday.
Some clients have asked not to settle on Friday the 13th, and others will not live on the 13th floor of an elevator building. Some high-rise buildings go from 12 to 14 and skip thirteen. (Do they think the 14th floor is not the 13th?) 
We make our luck...good or bad. If you wake up with … (33 comments)

margaret rome: View From The Vue - 05/06/22 09:54 PM
675 President Street
Baltimore, Md 21202
The VUE # 1905
I loved working with Michael and Alex, finding their beautiful first home, and settling today! You can "hear" Alex's smile under that mask holding the keys!
We got such a great deal on this 19th floor in this high rise in The Vue in Baltimore. We looked at different homes, including single, row homes, and other condos, but it was love at first sight when we entered this fabulous condo. My goodness, look at the views from the primary suite.
It has two bedrooms, two full baths, and an open floor plan, so bright with the … (19 comments)

margaret rome: Twenty Minutes Is Longer Than It Used To Be - 03/10/22 01:44 PM
By gosh, I think I've done it.
Below is my old blog signature, which  I wasn't even aware that it is not a signature, 
Then the lightbulb goes off when I read about this month's challenge hosted by Craig Daniels—and inspired by Eileen Burns. 
Here goes my attempt to create a signature using Craig's Video as a guide.
My goodness, this guy is a genius! Creating a simple tutorial takes much time and effort, but it seems almost impossible until you try it. It's like anything new, oh so easy once your know-how. And is a  building block one step at a time.
Think anything … (22 comments)

margaret rome: What Word Do We Use Now - 02/24/22 08:58 AM
In reading, writing, and talking about Real Estate, be cautious of specific words and phrases.
Making everyone feel welcome is the goal.
-Master, whether a bedroom, suite, or bath, suggest using 'owner' suite or 'primary' bedroom.
-Family, whether describing the house's occupants or a specific room.
-Walking distance, use nearby, around the corner, or .02 miles,
-Great schools are a no-no.
-Avoid proximity to an individual house of worship.
-No longer describe a backyard as a playground.
-More inappropriate words fisherman, man-cave, and she-shed.
-Safe neighborhood.
-His/hers closets become dual or shared closets.
-Suggest not using the term Grandma's house.
- Or the word perfect for anyone specific.
-No … (17 comments)

margaret rome: Saying Goodbye To Gary Sisson - 01/13/22 12:30 PM
We met for an early dinner just this past October 2001, and it was so good seeing both Gary and Lauren. They were in town for the Baltimore Boat Show. And we had a few precious hours to catch up. 
Gary was  Floyd Wickman Sweathog Master Trainer, guru, teacher, confidant, and above all, a dear friend. So happy he was able to attend daughter Olivia's wedding last month. 
Below photo MSA 1998 
Here are a few blogs that mention Gary
A RE referral Deal 2020
Mentioning Gary Sisson 2020 GBGA
A call from Gary 4 years ago
Gary Sisson A bit of paradise 13 years ago
Join me this … (16 comments)

margaret rome: Consider The Home Owner When Showing - 08/27/21 09:20 AM
How do you want your home shown? 
Just because there is a lockbox on the front door, there should be security measures in place.
A lockbox makes it easier for a buyer's agent to see the property almost anytime. And buyer's agents do love this convenience. And many times, this works out okay.
How and when a house is shown should be discussed at the time of the listing. 
All of the following are true.
-The more accessible the house is to show, the easier it is to sell.
-Always make your house ready at a moment's notice.
-They can't buy it if they can't see it.
-An … (10 comments)

margaret rome: I Have A Buyer For Pikesville Owings Mills - 08/02/21 07:01 PM
 Would you please help me find a Pikesville/Owings Mills Home?
I am looking for a small single-family home in Northwest Baltimore with only two must-haves!
It must be in immaculate move-in condition.
This busy buyer has no time and no inclination to do any work. We are ready to move and start living immediately.
It must have a garage!
One car is okay, but it must be attached.
This home does not sound like a tall order, but we need this property ASAP. 
The buyer is qualified and ready to move at a moment's notice.
Do you have this home to sell?
Do you know someone who does?
If you have this home, … (8 comments)

margaret rome: 3406 Roselawn Ave 21214 - 07/10/21 05:42 PM
3406 Roselawn Ave in Baltimore's zip code 21214.
This cute four-bedroom single-family home shows pride of ownership, with two bedrooms and a full bath on the first floor And two more bedrooms upstairs with good storage. There is plenty of room to relax in the bright sunroom with tile floors. A long concrete driveway makes it easy to go directly into the securely fenced backyard and the kitchen.  
Check out the bright, updated eat-in kitchen with 'bullnose'' counter edge, gas cooking, built-in microwave, stainless sink, tile floors, and a door to easy outdoor entertaining.
Backyard gatherings are a breeze with a propane … (13 comments)

margaret rome: 3406 Roselawn Avenue 21214 - 07/03/21 06:12 PM
Such a cute four-bedroom single-family home shows pride of ownership, with two bedrooms and a full bath on the first floor. There are two more bedrooms upstairs with good storage. There is plenty of room to relax in the bright sunroom with tile floors. A long concrete driveway makes it easy to go directly into the kitchen.  
Check out the bright, updated eat-in kitchen with 'bullnose'' counter edge, gas cooking, built-in microwave, stainless sink, tile floors, and a door to the fenced back yard.
Backyard entertaining is a breeze with a propane gas grill and a large covered patio.
Kid and pet … (9 comments)

margaret rome: Quiet I'm Thinking - 04/25/21 07:24 AM
My best ideas come when quiet. Besides my phone and computer, my home office is void of sound, music, or TV.
Ideas for me flow in silence. I can write quickly on my iPhone when waiting for an appt or before getting up like I’m doing right now.
  In my shower, I have a waterproof pad (see above) for jotting down a thought that otherwise may be forgotten.
  And all this surrounding silence allows me to create my advertising, marketing, blog, and ideas for my weekly radio show. 
Did you know that some of Beethoven’s work came after he became deaf?
Thanks,  Jasen Edwards.

margaret rome: Giant Mess Of Thankfulness 7304 Heinle Ave Is Sold ! - 04/22/21 09:24 PM
Today was such a smooth closing on another dream-come-true house.
Take a look at 7304 Heinle Ave.
The transaction was bumpy until the very end, including three dates of postponements. Today at settlement, all smiles, funds were in place, the title company was ready, and keys exchanged.
We had the best buyers and fabulous sellers who were willing and able to jump through every hurdle put in their path. 
There was a wonderful Realtor®, Jennifer Marsh...always on top of things, kind, friendly, and looking out for her buyers!
 Jen was on the right when the buyers received the key to their first home.
Imagine those smiles; they … (6 comments)

margaret rome: 2 - Why Do I Love You Margaret Rome - Baltimore Let me Count the Ways - 02/28/21 08:52 PM
Oh my goodness, Lynn, you made my day!  WOW...What an honor reading this beautiful tribute! 
Since 2006, when I first joined  ActiveRain, the interaction of the members, the support, the sharing, the learning, and the camaraderie of professionals have been essential to me personally and professionally. 
And I loved the walk down memory lane linking back to my older posts. 
  2 - Why Do I Love You?
  Let me Count the Ways!
  AR February Challenge

What do you see when you look at
the woman in the photographs above?
Let's start with what is important to her - … (25 comments)

margaret rome: Don't Become Listless - 02/01/21 08:07 PM
A few years ago, I wrote Old REALTORS® never die; they become listless.
Just saw some comments about being listless in this solid seller's market. That is not where we want to be if we want to stay in Real Estate.
Maybe it's time to go after those unique properties that don't "usually" sell quickly, and you may not have to be listless for long.
Or use your 'too late" and " sold"  listings.
Or advertise for the buyers you do have.
Don't become listless!
Thinking of selling your home
Call Margaret Rome

margaret rome: No More Reading - 01/20/21 10:50 PM
While recently showing property, I noticed a  glass candle holder sitting on a coaster.  But only three words were visible..."no more reading."
So, of course, I had to see the rest and moved the glass.
Smiling, I knew this needed to be shared with Chris Ann Cleland. 
Unusual for me to miss an opportunity to show off one of my special homes and but I needed to maintain the owners' privacy.
Not sure that this will bring more buyers to my listing or what it has to do with Real Estate, but I thought it was so apropos for this ActiveRain Group.
Not everything is about … (21 comments)

margaret rome: Too Much Information - 01/19/21 07:58 PM

'In An Appointment'...
Enough Said!
We all schedule and set up appointments for the numerous tasks a busy Realtor® manages daily. We put our important dates in first, many written in and personal functions, settlements, vacations, well maybe not right now. Then everything else fits around your "big rocks." 
It is not necessary to let the world know what is going on in your life. 
Do we really NEED to know why you are not available?
Some time ago these recent examples were given by real estate professionals.
           1- I am in the chair getting my hair done.
2-I am prepping for … (44 comments)

margaret rome: Zoom Tuesday - 01/18/21 09:35 PM

We have a great group of AR members, and this month's challenge is to share our enthusiasm with the masses.
From our first Zoom, which started with Marie Story back in May 2020, we have continued to have superb speakers every week!
If CE credit were not required, these Zoom meetings would definitely suffice to learn and keep up to date with our industry. So many knowledgeable people are participating every week.
Personally, I have missed only one Tuesday Zoom and one I attended while being on a  home inspection...mask and all.
Because success doesn't come from what you occasionally do but … (24 comments)

margaret rome: Best Realtor® For Your Old House - 01/12/21 07:35 PM
  Choosing the best realtor for your old house  By: Shannon Lee , Contributing Writer
In: Old Houses         Anyone who has gone through buying or selling a historic property has probably discovered the truth: A good realtor is hard to find. Finding a realtor who truly understands historic homes and has the expertise to guide a homeowner through the buying and selling process is vitally important, because as we all know, old houses are an entirely different beast. They require special attention during inspections, have their own unique charms and quirks and come with very specific maintenance concerns.
I've been through many … (8 comments)

margaret rome: Your Brand Is You - 01/12/21 06:45 PM
Reading this post by Bliz reminded me of the big box brokerage I was with for 18 yrs.
They did everything to promote the company brand. They advertised your open house at no charge and gave you license plate holders with the company logo.
The brokers led us to believe it was the company brand that people were seeking. 
Here was my listing presentation way back then; it consisted of these three questions 
-Are you 100% you want to sell
-Are you 100% you want to use me
-Do you have any questions about my company 
Affirmative answers on all three were my criteria for getting a … (31 comments)

margaret rome: What's This For? - 01/06/21 09:19 PM
Today, I found this "grandma" house that is filled with love and memories. Built by the original owner with a couple of additions and a few delightful surprises. I will be sharing more once the professional photos are taken. The picture below I snapped and wanted to know who knows what this is for.
Looking forward to showing you more of this unique property.
For more information on this home
Call Margaret Rome

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