md: A Place For Print Media....9913 Middle Mill Drive- Owings Mills, MD -21117 -Weston Condo- Print Media - 10/18/11 12:55 PM
My newest listing is always my favorite property and this Weston Condominium located at 9913 Middle Mill Rd.  is no exception! Below is the print media advertisement that will start running this Friday in hopes of bringing the right buyer. Even though statistics show that 90% of buyers start their search on the internet...I find there is still a place for print media. You can see why by a few of my posts....  
                                                    xxxxxxxxxx … (11 comments)

md: A Year Round Vacation in Westminster, MD 3738 Bixler Church Rd. 21158 - 05/14/10 09:35 AM

I always think of 3738 Bixler Church Road as a place for a year round vacation in Westminster, MD. This cantilevered contemporary on 28 acres is one of my favorite listings. With 5,000 square feet of sun-drenched space, this unusual home is definitely not a "cloneonial." Picture multiple balconies, two fireplaces, wood floors, and way too many windows to count.

Set in lush woods, the change from season to season is wonderful. My earlier photos were in the magnificent snow, and on a showing yesterday I was amazed at how green the land had grown in such a short time.
That window … (14 comments)

md: 311 Cherry Hill Rd Reisterstown, MD. 21136 Single Family Home For Sale - 05/12/10 04:31 PM

md: 3615 Blair Rd. Randallstown, MD. 21133 4 Bedroom Brick Rancher-Assisted Living Potential! - 05/04/10 08:33 AM

md: Books and Blue Sky in Baltimore, MD - 09/28/09 03:31 PM
I watched the hourly weather the night before, and the forecast was rain all the way through 1:00 p.m., then sunshine and only a 10% chance of precipitation. Would the book signing, we had scheduled from 2:00 to 3:00 last Friday, be soggy or bright?
The day turned out to be one of those absolutely glorious gems, cool but sunny, no longer summer, but not quite fall either. A perfect day, and well deserved after last year's "Liquid Sunshine."  The planned book signing of  Real Estate the Rome Way  was scheduled for an hour at 2:00.  That hour turned into four, did not leave … (17 comments)

md: With a Little Help from His Friends – An Ironman Lesson - 09/06/09 12:54 PM
Several mornings a week I go to Lifebridge Health Center and  workout-at-the-gym   This is where my trainer, John Vargo, helps me focus on Physical Training. John's clearly a fitness fan, and here's more proof: he recently competed in an Ironman marathon in Louisville, KY, and shared some photos.
What struck me about this was that while John was doing the running and riding his bicycle, he had a team supporting him. Dana Gaither, his girl friend, was there to hold up signs, run beside him for a while, and help him celebrate at the end. Besides Dana, other friends cheered him on and served … (23 comments)

md: 7111 Park Heights Ave Park Towers East # 806-Baltimore,Md Condominium - 06/29/09 05:56 AM


md: 45 Farmhouse Court- Annen Woods- Pikesville-Baltimore, Maryland 21208 - 06/20/09 04:15 PM

md: Special Connections in Baltimore,Md…From Internet to Inter-Personal ...And More! - 06/18/09 03:26 AM

There was a wonderful out town buyer who found me through the Internet, all the way from the British Virgin Islands! She has been looking for several months for a home, a condo in Baltimore, Maryland, for her 18-year-old daughter who will be attending the University of Baltimore. She loved one of my condos at 6210 Park Heights and wanted to put in an offer sight unseen. Nope, I could not do that - sometimes photos look better than the real thing.
So a couple of Fridays ago she flew in.... we spent hours getting to know each other, the condo unit she … (18 comments)

md: Palm Pre...Definitely Worth the Wait-Baltimore,Md. - 06/12/09 09:18 AM
Palm Pre...Definitely Worth the Wait in Baltimore,Md.
Any one who knows me knows that I am a Palm person, starting way back with the Palm V. Loved learning how to use that first PDA. I have moved up to the Palm 700P but knew my time was limited, hoping that my trusty Treo could hold up until the Palm Pre arrived. It did!
I was standing in line at the Sprint store that Saturday morning before 7:30AM with Dick Betts; the only difference was that he was in Florida and I was in Maryland. This little bit of distance did not stop … (21 comments)

md: Ice on the June -Baltimore, Maryland - 06/11/09 12:08 PM
It was late on Tuesday after a wonderfully long day, one of those very hot and humid Baltimore days. I had an appointment to show my listing at 3408 Terrapin Rd, parked my car in the driveway and went to open the house. You know - open the shades, turn on all the lights - all that typical stuff we agents do to ready a home for visitors. Suddenly I heard the wind kick up and watched as the sky turned that threatening dark that means a serious storm is brewing. I ran back out to the driveway to move my … (16 comments)

md: An Exciting Day in Class-Baltimore,Maryland - 06/10/09 02:08 PM
It wasn't the subject matter. It wasn't even the results of the quiz. As usual, what made the day exciting was the people. An Exciting Day in Class-Baltimore,Maryland
A few days ago I wrote about Anna in my broker class, and how she's a great fan of the Kindle, Amazon's e-book reader. Well yesterday she had it with her and was showing us all how it works. It is so thin, so neat!
But it got better. She pulled up the cover of my book, showed how to turn the pages, and how to put the curser before a … (17 comments)

md: Tweeting or Blogging or Meeting Face-to-Face? Baltimore,Maryland - 06/04/09 01:43 PM
Tweeting or Blogging or Meeting Face-to-Face? Baltimore,Maryland
In the last week I've spent a lunch meeting learning about Twitter, I've been online for hours reading and communicating, and I've visited the annual publishing show in New York to find that most of the buzz was about the growth in ebooks and the influence of the Kindle on the world of books. Everywhere you go, people are texting and tweeting and blogging, often all sitting together and not actually talking to each other! Is this the future?
I don't believe so. Personal connections still make a difference whether you're talking about real … (68 comments)

md: Margaret Rome Live Radio Sunday 12noon-- All ABOUT REAL ESTATE - 09/20/08 03:48 PM


md: 10209 Connecticut Avenue , Kensington, Maryland 20895 - 04/04/08 06:42 AM

md: Treo, Treo, Everywhere! - 12/04/07 08:26 AM
It was a Treo-full day at GBBR. And when it was over, every agent who attended the SmartPhone Smart User seminar had a new bag of tips and tricks for using the indispensable tool of our trade. 
The guru of mobile devices, Dick Betts, led the seminar that focused on Windows and Palm-based Treos. He also talked about the Blackberry and iPhone, but there was no question that for real estate, the Treo rules. With this one device, you have a phone, calendar, calculator, computer, camera, email, iPod, and more, all in the palm of your hand.
Most of the class … (64 comments)

md: AR Members Invited to Listen In Sunday 12noon All ABOUT REAL ESTATE - 12/01/07 02:40 PM

md: 802 Frog Mortar Road, Revolea Beach, Baltimore,Md 21220 - 08/26/07 05:16 AM

md: 8923 Griffin Way, Pikesville, Maryland 21208 - 08/07/07 03:05 PM
Infomation about Pikesville  He Never Slept Here in 21208, Maryland  
Please call 410-530-2400 to schedule your private tour.

md: 10518 Marriottsville Road, Randallstown, Maryland, 21133 - 05/30/07 11:03 PM


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