qa: Post Inspired By Q & A - 03/23/20 05:47 PM
A question asked by Hella M. Rothwell, Broker/Realtor®
 " are you changing your marketing now that you cannot meet face to face with potential clients?"
And this was my response:
Still connecting with the phone, email, text, blog, and radio show.
My new ads state,
"Virtual tours at
Thanks, Hella, for making me think about this new addition that I just created and am using in my advertising.

qa: Welcoming A New Member - 08/08/19 09:52 AM
On Sunday, I got a call from a listener after my radio show. John told me about his daughter in law, her love of RE photography, and starting her new business in this country.
Of course, I am already working with professional photographers, but I  suggested that Sarah call me. We had a delightful conversation, and I found out that she already has a website and a couple of RE agents as clients.
So how could I help this young entrepreneur?
Light-bulb moment.
But of course.
Within a short time, Sarah signed up, introduced herself, and wrote the first … (8 comments)

qa: Because FREE Sells - 02/05/19 09:25 AM
This morning there was a question by Frank Rubi asking if we checked out a site for free coaching. 
Why would someone offer to coach for free?
This bright REALTOR ®, in his thirties, may just be the next coaching guru.
By offering his coaching for free, he gets in front of plenty of agents who need help. By answering questions in front of a camera, he continues to learn and develop skills.
A different way of marketing but he may be on to something.
How many successful agents write blogs, do radio shows, mentor other agents, share their marketing, niche, or are just plain willing … (25 comments)

qa: A Great Way To Use The Q & A - 12/04/18 08:00 PM
Do you know a specific product or system to eliminate second-hand smoke?
Since I needed a quick answer, I posted the question on the Q & A section of ActiveRain.
Looking for a specific product or system to eliminate second-hand smoke.
The smoke is coming from a neighbor's unit. And we don't have the right to stop someone from smoking in their home. 
In less than an hour, there were already ten responses and several suggestions.
What did I do with them? 
I emailed them to my client and will do a follow-up as more specific answers come in. 
If you have a  suggestion for eliminating smoke odor from a neighboring … (12 comments)

qa: Are You Afraid To Give Your Opinion? - 08/12/18 07:27 AM
This question was asked by my friend Praful Thakkar 
"How often do you suggest your buyers...back out after not-so-happy-results from the home inspection?"
Most of the answers's the buyer's decision...not up to me, I would never suggest a client to withdraw. 
My answer: 
""When working with a buyer, I suggest before the offer and after the inspection. Buyers are seeking our professional advice...are we afraid to give it?"...then I noticed the question was related to mold and added this.
"But...I also find that some investors love "mold!''  They can get a great price because others are so afraid to tackle the problem. Yes they do the remediation … (49 comments)

qa: What's Your Topic? - 04/16/17 07:31 AM
This question was recently asked on Q&A... by a new blogger Karen Jones Lewis
"I am co-host on a radio show talking real estate. What do you think is a good topic to discuss?" 
This is the same question we ask ourselves when we write a blog.  And it is the same question each week prior to my live radio show.
What do others want to talk about?
You really don't know until you jump in start sharing your ideas and see what kind of response you receive.
You can talk about a listing approach that was successful. You can talk about how a … (15 comments)

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