radio 680 am: Three Goals... The Rome Way - 01/10/18 08:57 PM
The January contest is to pick three goals to pursue this year that are important me.
1. Specializing in unique properties
2. My daily blogging
3. My live radio show.
Commitment to unique homes. 
I plan to go out to see a lot of these homes...the more unusual the better. I want to see these properties even if I'm not ready to list them. I want to see them if they are not planning to sell.
Just recently  met  home owners with a fabulous home... not ready to sell. However they reminded me that almost "everything is for sale at the right price."
Unique homes appeal to … (25 comments)

radio 680 am: Outta The Radio Box - 08/02/16 12:45 AM
 Out of the radio box comes my best tactic for following up with a seller lead.
When a potential seller contacts me, I spend time answering their questions and engage in conversation to see what their motivation for selling and find out  the features and selling points.
 I continue to  check out the accuracy on the tax data website.
 I sum up the information, repeating it back to them and tell them I will be talking about their property on Sunday's radio program
I may even schedule the listing appointment.
 And then I tell them to listen!
 I do … (13 comments)

radio 680 am: My goal Is Not To Get New Business - 09/16/15 11:21 PM
My Goal Is Not To Get New Business
Every day I get multiple phone calls and emails on how to get new business, how to get my website to rank higher in search engines, and how to get more leads. 
 Here's an example. 
"My company can  solve your problem. ( I didn't know I had a problem). "We are an official ISO "...blah blah..."Certified, with years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization. We have the expertise to send hundreds, of customers to your website.."
Here's the problem:
Hundreds of customers to my website do not get my homes sold.
Hundreds … (56 comments)

radio 680 am: Mom's Day Brunch - 05/13/15 07:27 AM
Mom's Day Brunch
It was a delightful Mother's Day. My Daughter Erica, son Chet and wife Kathy wanted to take me out for brunch. It was wonderful being together.
How to fit that in with a 12 noon radio show?
How to fit this get together in with a 12 noon radio show?
Easy when the brunch  is connected to the same building as my radio show.
Never thought of this place but it was perfect. They had a table for the four of us and a bounty of food to choose from and no time limit.  If you blow the photo up a bit … (10 comments)

radio 680 am: AR Members Invited to Listen In Sunday 12noon All ABOUT REAL ESTATE - 12/01/07 02:40 PM

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