real estate: Is This A Good Time To Try Real Estate - 09/03/19 08:03 PM
A caller after my radio wanted to know
'Is this a good time to try real estate?'
He said he had a license about ten years ago and now, unemployed, he's thinking about getting back into the business. 
There were a couple of questions for him.
How did you do back in 2009?
He said he was doing it part-time, but he loved going into houses. 
My response:
If you have the passion, the fire in the belly and the drive to learn to work is always a good time to get into real estate!
Do you have some funds saved to live on for the first year?
You probably already know … (31 comments)

real estate: It's Not Over Until... - 01/29/17 05:21 PM
 You were expecting the lady to sing? Well not this time.
In real estate it's not over until we get to final closing and the check has cleared.
Getting from an offer to a ratified contract to consummation is where all the work happens. Yep, consummation is the word. It used to be closing or settlement but they all mean the same.
You must have a strong contract to start.
As a listing agent, find out as much as possible about the buyer's agent (how familiar are they with the area) and the buyer...not always easy.
Is financing in place and are they motivated? How long … (17 comments)

real estate: Real Estate Success is Like Ice Skating - 02/16/13 07:34 AM
 Real Estate Success is Like Ice Skating Lenn's post about getting into real estate,   should be mandatory reading for anyone thinking  about becoming an agent.  Dozens of people have gotten their license after purchasing their own home. It really did not look that difficult and they saw the big commission at final settlement. Of all those people who went on and got their real estate license, only one or two have survived the first year. It was not the easy money they thought it would be. It is like ice skating..the smoothness  on the ice reflects the level of skill. My … (44 comments)

real estate: Better Than A Paycheck! - 02/23/09 03:53 AM
I just got a nice paycheck. I mean, thank you note. More than a year ago I started working with these wonderful sellers, and we went through some challenging times together. But letters like this are what keep me going. And isn't that what real estate is all about?


real estate: "Successful Solo-But Not Alone with Today's Technology" - 09/17/06 03:01 AM
It's called "Successful Solo – But Not Alone with Today's Technology." In two pages and six photographs, in the current Maryland Real Estate Executive magazine, you can read about how I got into real estate and what keeps me going. I think it's a great article…even if it is about me!And don't forget to tune in today at 12:00 noon to WCBM for All About Real Estate – I'm hosting and have my friend and wordsmith, Peg Silloway, as a special guest. 
--Sell Your Home with Margaret Rome

real estate: Active Rain Hits 1000 agents! - 07/18/06 03:54 AM
WOW I just noticed that there are now 1000 real estate agents in Active Rain. This is a wonderful example of networking and bringing people together. I bet it will not take as long to get the next thousand agent signed up. This group is really working and I am enjoying the blogs. Thanks for everyone's input.

real estate: Patience Pays - 07/08/06 11:45 AM
Patience Pays If you listen to real estate "experts" or read the newspapers, you might believe that the real estate market is in bad shape. A few months ago, sellers had buyers bidding against each other to buy a home at more than list price. Now, sellers are hearing it's a different world, prices are falling, and that maybe this is not the best time to put a house on the market.First the headlines frightened buyers and now they are scaring sellers. And neither is true - it's still a good time to buy or sell! For example, let me tell … (1 comments)

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