reblog: December Challenge: Your Craziest Transaction - 12/01/19 09:24 PM
Enter the December Challenge!
What a fun contest! Many transactions are strange, challenging, and crazy! I am so looking forward to the creativity of the AR members and the craziest entries.
The challenge will be picking just one insane story. Please take time to enter this contest hosted by Anna Banana Kruchten CRB, GRI, WLS  and Carol Williams 
Real Estate stories are so much better than most of us could ever make up!  
December is a busy month. The sooner you start, the sooner we can enjoy your story!

"Truth is stranger than fiction."
Here we are in December again.  Are you ready for another fun ActiveRain Challenge? … (44 comments)

reblog: I Thought of Margaret Rome - 01/08/19 07:02 PM
        How could I not re-blog this post from Michael Jacobs?
With the
January Kudos Contest,
hosted by yours truly, the humor and love of ActiveRain are evident with so many wonderful entries. Of course, this one is my favorite and I have been smiling all day.  Please take time to read and comment on Michael's original post.
I Thought Of Margaret Rome
While I Was Taking My Shower This Morning
Nothing salacious mind you. 
It happens. 
It happens quite frequently too. 
And not only with Margaret Rome, Baltimore Maryland either. 
Absolutely nothing creepy about it. Really. 
You see … (9 comments)

reblog: Make Someone's Day...Reblog - 09/04/18 05:39 PM
Go ahead and makes someones day. Do a reblog. Find a member you enjoy reading. Find a blog that is entertaining or is a great idea for your real estate.
Now just take that person's post, click on the reblog feature and share it with the other members.  Write a few lines about why you like the article and go ahead and post it.
We cannot read every post so when seeing a is another way of sharing really good content with other members.
Many times I would have completely missed really good information.  It is a great way to share with … (12 comments)

reblog: A True Story: The Power of a Blog Comment on Activerain - 01/30/18 05:36 PM
This is the post  where it began.
 Emily made a comment, I made a phone call and  then it all came together.
Please take some time and read Emily's post below.
ActiveRain is once again fun.
A comment turned into a  conversation and the power of a connection was discovered.
 Here is a true story about how my comment on a blog turned into a radio interview. I'm sitting in front my laptop screen in my home tuned into the Activerain web site browsing for a blog to read. It is January 28th 2018 at 4:28 am MST. Sipping my 2nd cup of coffee, this blog … (15 comments)

reblog: 7 Top Things You Need to Do After the Closing - 12/29/17 06:08 PM
Take a minute to read Debbie's article below. These are all such good, practical suggestions to have done after closing and before you move into your new home.
Sure hope everyone is following these simple seven things that can ensure the health and safety of your new home.
And if you are in Clarksville, Tenn.
Call Debbie!
7 Must-Do's you may not have thought about after the Closing
Now that you have closed on your new home you don't want to forget these important steps. I know, moving and getting settled is on your minds but these things will creep up on you.
Spray … (11 comments)

reblog: Nice Way To End A Busy Sunday - 01/22/17 05:39 PM
 Do you want to know how to make someone feel really good?
Say a few kind words about that person and reblog one of their blog posts. This just happened to me... thanks to Michael Jacobs.  
Here is the reblog.
Anyone who follows Mr. Jacobs knows that he does not usually reblog. 
I tried to give him six points in return...could not because he disabled comments. 
So I left him the following message 
'This reblog and your words both are a pleasure...especially after a wonderfully busy Sunday doing the radio show, returning calls and a couple of showings... all on this foggy winter evening. Thank … (13 comments)

reblog: Margaret Rome’s Famous Phone Calls, and my Lucky Day - 10/21/13 09:52 AM
What a wonderful way to start the day. Members like Bob make my daily  phone calls such a pleasure and inspire me to continue.   It was fun speaking with Bob and enjoyed our conversation. Hope you are already following Bob. He consistently reblogs many members each week.
I did have to explain to his wife who I was...just one of those people who live inside of his computer.
Thank you Bob for the lovely tribute!

Margaret Rome’s Famous Phone Calls, and my Lucky Day.
For any of you who are not familiar with Margaret, she is a dynamic superwoman from Baltimore … (19 comments)

reblog: In the Spirit of Giving....Let's Give Each Other a Prosperous 2013 Idea ! - 11/27/12 09:42 AM
Sally and David have the right attitude for sharing with others. What good ideas do you have that will make your 2013 a success? Please go over to The Hanson's and share one in the comments. Looking forward to hearing from all the generous members.

  Active Rain is a community unlike any other....where you can, laugh, cry...make new introduced to new entertained....get business ...give business !
    I don't think this has to be either a contest or have an award of points. Just a prosperous idea....a piece of your marketing plan that you either are … (0 comments)

reblog: This is a REBLOG by Carra Riley - 02/27/11 05:27 AM
This is a REBLOG written by Carra Riley! Please comment on Carra's post! Glocal #6 Lesson Of The Omelets part 2 of 2 Glocal #6 Lesson of the Omelets Part 2 of 2
Part 1 of 2 #5 Glocal Lesson Of The Omelets
For the rest of the story….not having a camera available for the “photo op” at the omelet bar in Nassau led me to re-create the situation at a later date to have digital images for the “glocal” moment. While staying in the rain forest on the Amazon above Manaus, Brazil … (4 comments)

reblog: Carolyn Tann Starr...You Missed the Bixler Church Open House - 02/07/11 01:53 PM
  This is the best post ever about my very special listing at 3736 Bixler Church Rd in Westminster. This entire article was written by Carolyn Tann-Starr who made the Open House on Sunday such a treat.While I was showing the property to prospective buyers, C Tann was photographing the house and the natural beauty of the 28 acres. Please read and comment on Carolyn's post.   
Half my gear is packed. I'm happy to be procrastinating... I am waiting to Skype with the wee people before I go back to New York City. Mikey is waiting for them to get off the school … (5 comments)

reblog: Lucky to have a fellow Rainer as a guest speaker for our GRI class.... - 10/21/10 12:02 PM
Last Tuesday, I posted The Privilege of Speaking at the Greater Baltimore Board of REALTORS (GBBR) was mine today!   
I ended by talking about ActiveRain member Stanley Barsch who won a copy of my book Real Estate the Rome Way. Stanley kept his promise to blog about the class. He posted this today.
  Lucky to have a fellow Rainer as a guest speaker for our GRI class....  
As you see below, he starts  his post..
."The best thing about GRI training, is hearing from the veterans!...On Tuesday, we had the pleasure of having Margaret Rome, a … (6 comments)

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