tlc: Move In Ready Means What - 01/02/21 06:22 PM
To help buyers find their perfect home, lots of questions need to be answered, and this term explained.
What does move-in ready mean?
Since it's the listing agent that describes the home in the description, there is no set standard of "MIR," and this term can be used rather loosely.
Here are some of the interpretations of the term Move-In Ready
-A home in pristine condition with new carpet, fresh paint, updated working appliances and systems, a recent roof, and almost like new.
-A home with the decor of a previous decade or two.
-A home that is outdated could be ready to move in.
-A home … (16 comments)

tlc: This Buyer Loves The House - 08/31/18 01:22 PM
There are times you find the absolute perfect home.
This is one! And below is what the buyer had to say.
''My wife and I were looking for a home for over two years and we couldn’t find one. We wanted four things that the house should have.
1. A rancher
2. A dead end street
3. Closer to a school where the kids go 
4. The right price.
When I spoke to Mrs. Rome about this, she simply used to tell me, wait, the house will one day come to you. Don’t rush! I use to think it was just a business … (0 comments)

tlc: How To Decide... - 12/29/16 06:49 PM
Today I went on an appointment to answer questions about putting a home on the market.
This property is in a very desirable neighborhood, good schools, well built, great lot but... it needs major updating.
Or TLC my translation is "tons of liquid cash."
My opinion was requested about these options. 
Do we put money into the house, rehab it, update  extensively and try to get the going price in the area?
 Do we market at a price that reflects the 'as is' condition and move it quickly?
Either way this home would sell. But I can only give my suggestions...I cannot make the decisions.
They will call when they are … (9 comments)

tlc: Sorry But I Cannot Help You Sell Your House - 09/01/15 12:26 PM
Sorry But I Cannot Help You Sell Your House
Prepared for a listing appointment by asking lots of questions, doing all the comps,  checking out the neighborhood and driving by ahead of the scheduled time.
The house was in need of  major TLC.
My definition of TLC  = Tons Liquid Cash.
From out phone interview, I knew the seller's bottom line.
 Since I had made the appointment, I went to the door and knocked.
 The seller asked if I wanted to come in.
My reply: "No thanks, I just wanted to tell you that I am not going to be the one helping you sell your house."
Sorry But I Cannot Help … (27 comments)

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