Choosing the right professional. Just because a person has an MD, CPA, ESQ or REALTOR® after their name does not make them the best professional for you. Remember in every university, medical school, law school, and real estate school there were 50% that finished in the bottom half.    When ...
While talking with a potential client today, he shared with me some of the recent upgrades made to his home. They were not just cosmetic...nope they included a brand new kitchen, new baths, new doors, and new carpets. His plan.. to have his home move-in ready, priced correctly, and finding the ri...
 In a couple of weeks, there should be a new listing on the market and I am looking forward to meeting the sellers. This single family home is in Baltimore County and the house and neighborhood could accommodate three separate apartments. There are two kitchens, three levels, and 3 full baths. Th...
  With FHA appraisals...the main concerns have to do with safety...cracks in sidewalks that could be a trip hazard, chipped or peeling paint, lack of handrails and broken windows. And of course blatant neglect with signs of water penetration, roof leaks, and obvious mold. These concerns can easil...
  Many years ago, I was a porcelain artist who custom-made pottery for special clients.   When they came to my studio, saw my work ...I was able to tell a lot about them by the comments they made on textures, shapes, and colors. Then a trip to the client's house to see what I thought would work. ...
It might seem a bit slow at this time in December but there are still buyers and sellers looking at real estate. How do I know?  Several calls today, letting me know they are looking for a home and also that they will be putting their property on the market after the New Year! Some need to sell p...
 My owner wrote a letter to the home she is selling. No other words needed.  ''Dear Beautiful House,You were built and created for my daughter, her family, and my grandchildren. You sit in the beautiful Long Green Valley where you can see nature in its fullest bloom thru all seasons.The acres of ...
The following came from the Consumer Protection Division of Maryland. This is good information to have and share with others. Know your rights and save your receipts. When buying for others...get a gift slip. Make sure you know the return policy. This should be posted in the store or printed on y...
 You can learn from a buyer when asking 'what don’t you like' about a property. Warning them ahead of time is a bit of the secret.The answers run the gamut from ‘nothing I love everything to the ''I hate the color of the kitchen cabinet pulls''. This is a time for listening and evaluating.  When ...
  Impromptu open house on a cold rainy December? Sunday Impromptu Open House 3-4 It's only for an hour!It is after my Sunday Live Radio Show where I can give it publicity.It's in the MLS.It's an efficient use of my time. Impromptu Open Houses Work For Me My steps for doing an impromptu open is us...

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