dallas: Speechless Sunday: Dallas, a Juxtaposition - 11/11/12 09:46 AM
Sometimes if you're distracted, you'll miss out on hidden beauty.  I was recently at the Dallas Arboretum for an exhibit by the renowned artist, Dale Chihuly.  The artwork, which was brilliantly displayed amongst the flora and fauna of the Dallas Arboretum, was truly a sight to behold, but as I turned away for a moment, I spotted this view of downtown Dallas across White Rock Lake.  It reminded me of how special Dallas is in its balance of urban and non-urban areas in such close proximity to one another.  Truly a special city and a special juxtaposition!


dallas: The Granada Theater: Looking Backwards, Looking Forward! - 12/26/10 03:53 PM

In a season filled with lights, some of the lights we see throughout the year still stand out as spectacular reminders of years past.  At a time of the year that is characterized by looking back and looking forward, it's nice to have such great reminders of simpler times, when artistry and originality were valued over consistency and uniformity, values we can hope to regain in the future... they make life so much more interesting, don't you think? 

dallas: Not so SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Life Just Outside Your Window! - 11/29/09 01:12 PM
It's amazing sometimes the exiting things that a view from 16 stories up can bring.
As I sat here this evening I heard loud thunder and walked to my balcony to investigate.  The view of Turtle Creek from my balcony this afternoon looked like this:

But tonight was the annual Light up Lee Park celebration.  I blogged about it last year [Light Up Lee Park] but this year it has been a cold, rainy and damp day, so I assumed the outdoor celebration had been canceled.  Well, I was wrong because here's what I saw when I pulled open the … (13 comments)

dallas: Fair Park Fourth: Celebrating Independence Day in Dallas! - 06/28/09 04:01 PM
In a year when many municipalities are being forced to cancel their fireworks celebrations for budgetary reasons, it's wonderful that Dallas' celebration will be better than ever!  Join us on Saturday, July 4, in Dallas, as Dr Pepper Snapple Group once again sponsors Fair Park Fourth, Dallas' Independence Day celebration. 
Beginning at 4:30 P.M. everyone can enjoy family style fun at the park including riding the Skyway Ride ($5/person) or the Swan Boats ($10/boat) and Free admission to many of Fair Park’s museums from 4:30 to 7:30 P.M.  At 7:00 P.M., start making your way to the recently renovated Cotton Bowl to enjoy a patriotic … (1 comments)

dallas: Easter Sunday in Dallas' Lee Park: A Day of Fun! - 04/04/09 12:10 PM

As a part of the 2009 Community Parks Concerts Series, The Dallas Symphony Orchestra will be performing their free Easter Concert in Lee Park.  The annual event is always a highlight of the day.
Located at 3333 Lee Parkway in Dallas, Lee Park is the site of many Easter Sunday activities.  Pack a picnic basket, bring a blanket or lawn chairs and come out on April 12, 2009 for a fun Easter Sunday afternoon.
In addition to the D.S.O. concert from 3:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. be sure to come out to the park beginning at 11:00 A.M. to catch (or … (5 comments)

dallas: Dallas' Newest Whole Foods Market Opens on Monday! - 02/28/09 07:04 AM
The Lakewood neighborhood will welcome the opening of Dallas' newest Whole Foods Market, located in the converted former Minyards grocery store at Abrams Road and Gaston Avenue.  
Whole Foods Market has been slowly expanding its presence in the Dallas/Fort Worth market and this new store will soon be joined by 3 others.  The new store, which features outside seating and a fountain, will add vibrancy and life to this site, which has been vacant for several years.
The new Abrams/Gaston store will replace the current smaller Whole Foods store located on lower Greenville Avenue, which opened in 1986 and which will … (6 comments)

dallas: Light Up Lee Park! - 11/30/08 01:23 PM
Last night was the annual Light Up Lee Park Celebration... and the Park was packed!
This is the annual lighting of the trees in Lee Park and has become a neighborhood celebration for residents and their families.  The festivities kicked off at 6:00 with music and gathering.

At 7:00 there was a fireworks display across the street high above Turtle Creek!

As the fireworks concluded, the thousands of energy efficient LED lights on Arlington Hall and on the trunks of the trees in the park were lit up.

Then, for those not chilled enough, there was an … (8 comments)

dallas: It was a Slow News Day in Dallas! - 10/25/08 10:57 AM
Earlier this week I was reading a post by my friend Trey Thurmond in which he compared news headlines in urban areas with one from small towns.  They compared as you might suspect... the big city headlines were about crime and social issues while the small town ones were about things like church socials.  It made me a bit sad for some reason that we miss simple good news a lot of the time in cities.
So imagine my delight when on Thursday this week I picked up the Dallas Morning News and on the front page was a story under … (15 comments)

dallas: But really… they had good intentions… Dallas' Industrial Blvd. Update - 09/20/08 07:46 AM

One of this year's more interesting dramas for the city of Dallas has been the proposed renaming of Industrial Boulevard.  I first posted on this topic back in May with The re-naming of Industrial Boulevard in Dallas.  I then followed up when the current controversy arose in June with But really... they had good intentions: Re-naming Dallas' Industrial Boulevard.
Well this week, the City Plan Commission finally voted on a proposal to rename Industrial Boulevard as Riverfront Boulevard.  And the proposal was defeated by a vote of 11-3!  Media reports mention that a survey on renaming Industrial for Chavez played a … (3 comments)

dallas: Convention 2012… in Dallas? - 08/30/08 02:59 PM
I am thrilled!  I have been hooked on politics ever since 1984 when I was attending college in Washington, D.C. and worked for Gary Hart.  I may have switched my major from Political Science to Business, but the thrill of politics has stayed with me to this day.  So imagine my excitement to read today's Dallas Morning News and learn that the mayor and city council are considering a bid for one or both of the 2012 political conventions!
Not only would it bring a unique excitement and focus world attention on our city, but the economic impact would be substantial.  … (0 comments)

dallas: KABOOM! It’s nearly Independence Day in the DFW Metroplex - 06/28/08 07:21 AM

The Dallas area has many great Independence Day celebrations to choose from.  My 2 favorites are Kaboom Town in Addison and Dallas' Fair Park Fourth celebration (held at Dallas' Fair Park, site of the Cotton Bowl and Texas State Fair).  What's even nicer about these 2 events is that these events are FREE... and you can actually attend BOTH without missing anything since Addison' Kaboom Town takes place on the evening of July 3!
Kaboom Town (http://www.addisontexas.net/events/kaboomtown/) is an all evening celebration featuring live music performances, historic airplane flyovers and a fantastic fireworks display set to music.  It begins Thursday … (3 comments)

dallas: Keeping Your Cool about A/C and Electicity Costs - 06/19/08 05:23 PM
If you or someone you know are building a new home or replacing an older central A/C unit, one of the key items you need to look at on the replacement unit is the SEER number.SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Like gas mileage for a car, the higher the SEER number, the better.Good Morning Texas, a local Dallas morning TV show, reported that 19 SEER A/C units are the most efficient that are available today. The City of Dallas only requires 13 SEER currently, but replacing older units with a 19 SEER unit, proper sizing, checking ducts for leaks, insulating ducts, can reduce the … (7 comments)

dallas: But really... they had good intentions: Re-naming Dallas’ Industrial Boulevard - 06/11/08 06:52 PM
On May 26 I posted The re-naming of Industrial Boulevard in Dallas.  I wrote about the public poll/vote to rename Dallas' Industrial Boulevard as part of the Trinity River redevelopment project.  The public opinion poll offered choices of 4 names that featured descriptive aspects of the redevelopment and 2 names in honor of famous Dallasites.  Well, the question of the day around Dallas City Hall is "What if they threw an election and the people voted wrong?"
Over 20,000 votes were cast in the public poll which ran for a week.  Of the votes cast, more than 52% voted to rename … (7 comments)

dallas: The re-naming of Industrial Boulevard in Dallas - 05/26/08 07:51 AM
In conjunction with the Trinity River Project in Dallas comes a move by the city council's Trinity River committee  to upgrade the image of the area involved by renaming its main thoroughfare from the accurately descriptive Industrial Boulevard to something a bit more reflective or aspirational in nature... and YOU get to vote.
The 6 finalist names are:
•· Eddie Bernice Johnson Parkway
•· César Chávez Boulevard
•· Riverfront Boulevard
•· Trinity Lakes Boulevard
•· Trinityview Boulevard
•· Waterfront Boulevard
Industrial Boulevard by whichever name is chosen will continue to be a main route in the revitalized Trinity River area of Dallas and since the city is … (8 comments)

dallas: I walked to Starbucks! - 05/03/08 08:54 AM
Yes, I did it... I walked to Starbucks this morning... and I will admit I felt like a bit of a freak doing it.
A couple of years ago I sold my house and moved to a condo in the Uptown/Turtle Creek section of Dallas.  I was tired of the responsibilities that a house brought with it and longed for a less personally responsible lifestyle like I had when I lived in my co-op in New York City a few years prior.  I missed the urbanism (which does not exist in Dallas) and decide that Uptown was close enough and that I would see … (15 comments)

dallas: The Power of ONE - 03/05/08 04:03 AM
Have you ever approached elections that take place on a busy day with the attitude that your vote is just one in millions and make no difference in the larger scheme of things, so rather than be rushed to pick up the kids or faced with having to reschedule a showing so that you can vote you'll just skip voting this time?  I am an avid political junkie and even I will admit that there have been times that I felt that way.
Well, I won't go into who I supported in yesterday's Texas Primacaucus, but I would like to share … (3 comments)

dallas: What goes up must come down - 01/16/08 01:57 PM
An article in today's newspaper confirms what many local Realtors have long been preaching... that Dallas area home prices are least likely of any nationally to see a decrease in home value.  Why is this?  Simple actually, because Dallas never saw the double digit home value increases that many other large cities saw in the first part of the decade, we are now not seeing the decreases that many other areas are experiencing.
For several years I was quite jealous of my Dad.  He's a Broker in South Florida and has been for nearly 30 years.  I have heard him talk about … (4 comments)

dallas: Creating Business Drama… where none exists. - 01/16/08 09:12 AM
I recently attended a talk by a university professor on how to avoid miscommunications and misunderstandings.  He went through many suggestions and examples on how to accomplish this, but one suggestion he made stood out among the rest to me: "Focus on what people say, not how they say it."
There have been times that I have been certain, based on how a message was delivered or on a poor choice of words, that someone's intent was malicious, rude, insulting or unprofessional, only to find out that it was none of those things, but just a perceived "tone of voice" or aggressive … (5 comments)

dallas: 80 Days - Not bad! - 01/12/08 07:36 AM
I recently heard on the news that the average time it takes to sell a house in Dallas is 80 days and that the median price of homes has actually risen (very very slightly).  Compared to many other markets in the report, Dallas was near the low end of the DOM scale, only Denver was lower.  These are positive signs of the strength of the Dallas real estate market!  I hope that buyers and sellers take this news to heart the same way that they seem to take the doom and gloom national news so seriously.  Based on the market activity I have seen since the holidays I … (4 comments)

dallas: Dallas area Foreclosure Outlook Dreary - 12/14/07 11:32 AM
Several stories in various media outlets today have reported frightening foreclosure statistics for the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  Hopefully anyone who may be impacted and who qualifies for a Short Sale is exploring that option.  Some of the regional numbers reported indicated an expected 30% year-over-year increase in the forecast for January.
According to some of the stories, Denton and Tarrant Counties are expected to see increases while for Dallas and Collin Counties the rates are expected to be even or even slightly lower.  In addition to Dallas County, I have also worked listings in both Denton and Tarrant counties this year and based on what I experienced personally, these numbers are … (3 comments)

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