dallas restaurant: Nova - A Dallas Restauant: Hip and Yummy! - 10/10/10 03:49 PM
I am always up for trying new restaurants and a friend took me to Nova tonight.  What a great experience.
Located at 1417 Davis Street in the Kessler Park/Winnetka Heights area of Oak Cliff in Dallas, Nova is self described as a GastroPub and I think it’s a great description.  After a day looking at houses on the Oak Cliff Tour of Homes, we started out with cocktails.  JD, tending bar tonight, made my companion an incredible martini and I had a fantastic Bloody Mary as we enjoyed appetizers.  Our appetizers were the Tempura Soft Shell Crab and the Blow Torch … (3 comments)

dallas restaurant: Lumi: Where East meets South - 02/28/10 02:43 PM
Tonight I tried an interesting new restaurant, Lumi.  Located at 3407 McKinney Avenue in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas, Lumi is a restaurant with a split menu focus... Dumplings and Empanadas.
When my friend Danny suggested we try it out (he had a coupon) I was a bit skeptical about this seemingly schizophrenic East meets South menu combination.  I figured, at best, that one half of the menu choices would be good... the mystery was whether it was the Asian influenced dumplings that would score or perhaps the South American influenced empanadas that would be winners.
Well, I am excited to … (6 comments)

dallas restaurant: Maxim's Restaurant: A Dim Sum Delight! - 11/22/09 01:30 PM
When my cousins Abby and Jason lived here in Dallas, our weekend tradition was a Sunday morning visit to Maxim's Restaurant for Dim Sum and conversation.  Abby and Jason moved to New Hampshire in 2006, so my visits with them to Maxim's are less frequent, but I can always count on two things... my cousins will find their way back to Texas for the holidays and the Dim Sum at Maxims will always be just as good as the last time we were there together.
For those unfamiliar with Dim Sum, it is a style of Chinese cuisine that features smaller … (3 comments)

dallas restaurant: Friday Night Pizzas - New at Eatzi's! - 11/21/09 04:58 PM
In the past I have blogged about how much I enjoy the food (and convenience) of Eatzi's.  In my blog from March of this year [My Salad (and other food) Days at Eatzi's] I talked about how great their fresh salads are.  Well the folks at Eatzi's are no fools, they know if they tempt you with something sinful before you get to the salad station at the rear of the store they can probably entice me.  And that's exactly what they have done.
On Friday evenings only, between 4:00 and 9:00 Eatzi's is now offering 4 Hot prepared Pizzas ready … (7 comments)

dallas restaurant: Having Dinner with an Old Friend: Gloria's Restaurant - 10/18/09 02:47 PM
When I bought my first home 13 years ago, I lived in Oak Cliff.  Oak Cliff, at the time, did not offer a wide variety of restaurants, but one that stood out from the many Tex Mex restaurants was a Restaurant called Gloria's.
Located at 600 W. Davis Street, Gloria's was different than many other restaurants because of the freshness of the food, the black bean dip that was served with the chips and salsa, and the Salvadoran influence in the food.
Gloria's has always been a favorite of mine.  The menu has good diversity, not only featuring Tex Mex favorites … (4 comments)

dallas restaurant: Maple & Motor: A Bacon & Burger Bonanza! - 10/18/09 02:21 PM

Yesterday I finally had the chance to check out the Dallas burger joint that everyone has been buzzing about... Maple & Motor.  Let me just say that:
1. It was worth the wait.
2. I am kicking myself for not getting there sooner.
3. I will be going back.
4. YUM!
Maple & Motor is located at 4810 Maple Avenue, across the street from Dallas' Elliott's Hardware.  They have a rather simple menu that is done exceptionally well.  Burgers and Sandwiches(including Chicken, BLT's Grilled Cheese, Brisket and Fried Bologna) as well as Fries, Cheese Fries and Onion Rings.  I had a … (6 comments)

dallas restaurant: Taverna: Authentic Italian Food Prepared Authentically! - 09/20/09 04:14 PM
One of the downsides of being on a diet is that my regular blog posts about my favorite local restaurants get sidelined.  Well, this week I cheated a bit and had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Taverna.
Taverna was created by local restaurateur Alberto Lombardi and has some of the most wonderful food in town.  It is always fresh, robust and excellently prepared and presented.  The food is not typical pizza/pasta/chicken fare.  It is a more traditional upscale Italian featuring seafood specialties, risottos (my favorite is the parmesan cheese and truffle oil risotto), excellent ,meat entrees including beef tenderloin … (4 comments)

dallas restaurant: Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill: A New Old Experience - 06/14/09 04:25 AM
This past week was my friend Lynne Gorman’s birthday.  As a birthday treat, several of us in my office decided to take Lynne out for lunch and she chose one of my long-time favorite places, Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill.
Ali Baba has been a Dallas institution for years, most of them spent at its original location on lower Greenville Avenue, just a block from my office.  About a year ago they moved to slightly larger and more upscale digs in the Lakewood shopping district at 1901 Abrams Road (and also opened additional locations in both Richardson and Irving).
The biggest … (3 comments)

dallas restaurant: Dodie's Seafood Cajun Diner: A Winning Recipe! - 06/07/09 04:30 PM

Did you ever eat at a little "hole in the wall" type of restaurant and fall in love with their food?  You kept going back for years and years and eventually when you are not paying attention, they become a chain?
Well that's what happened to me and my love affair with Dodie's Seafood Cajun Diner.
I was first introduced to Dodie's back in 1991 when I first moved to Dallas.  My cousin Abby and I used to go to their first location at 2129 Greenville Avenue, a few blocks away from Abby's house at the time, and chow down … (6 comments)

dallas restaurant: Lucky's Café: Mmmm... Breakfast! - 05/24/09 03:57 PM

When I was growing up in New Jersey, breakfasts at the Hibernia Diner were a regular part of the New Jersey experience.  Diners were seemingly everywhere in the state and the food was always good, hearty and the portions were huge.
I left New Jersey almost 30 years ago, and I miss the diners... the friendly wait staff that has been there forever and the food.  Lunches and dinners were a part of that experience, but for me, breakfast at the diner was special.
In Dallas there are a few "diner-esque" experiences.  Some capture more of the atmosphere, while others … (10 comments)

dallas restaurant: Plucked then Pucked: My Duck at Five Sixty! - 05/08/09 11:42 AM

As many know, I am a frustrated restaurant critic.  I write restaurant reviews for my blog posts at least once a week, but usually they are mid-priced restaurants… good food/reasonable prices.  Well, this week I got to experience something special.
This week I had dinner at Five Sixty.  For those unfamiliar with this restaurant, it is Wolfgang Puck’s new restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas.  (And for those unfamiliar with Reunion Tower, it is the tall tower with the “ball” at the top that you see in almost every picture of the Dallas skyline.)  The … (12 comments)

dallas restaurant: Celebration Restaurant… A Reason to Celebrate! - 05/02/09 04:48 AM

I have said that there are two types of restaurants in Dallas… the “Johnny Come Lately” type.  They come on the scene with some flash and fanfare and even if they are initially successful and have good food, within a year or two they are usually gone.  The other type are the Dallas restaurant “Classics”.  These are the places that have been here for many years. The locals all know it when you say the name and anyone you mention it to responds by saying something like, “Oooo! I haven’t been there in a while.  I love that place.  … (2 comments)

dallas restaurant: The Porch: Great Dallas Restaurant, or Rocking Chairs & Whittling? - 04/11/09 06:46 AM

I have nothing against rocking chairs or whittling, but this Porch is all about the food!  
The Porch, located at 2912 N. Henderson Avenue in Dallas is a great indoor/outdoor dining experience in the heart of the Knox/Henderson Dining and Retail distict.
Offering interesting variations on traditional American cuisine, The Porch creates a dining experience that combines a hip, fun and lively atmosphere with delicious foods that make you feel at home.  That, combined with the great outdoor patio facing Henderson Avenue could definitely have been the inspiration for the restaurant’s name.
Offering both lunch and dinner menus, … (3 comments)

dallas restaurant: My Salad (and other food) Days @ Eatzi’s - 03/07/09 11:38 AM

Well folks, here's my weekly dining out post.  Unfortunately, I am back on my diet.  Somehow all that eating out has made my clothes fit a bit tighter and I am determined to nip this in the bud before it gets out of hand, so this weeks dining out location has been limited to Eatzi’s located at 3500 Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas.
For those who have never been to Eatzi’s it is a market style extravaganza (with limited indoor and patio seating)!  They have everything from prepared foods (hot and cold) which are available as pre-made grab & go … (9 comments)

dallas restaurant: Café Brazil: Good Food + Good Caffeine = Happy Customers - 02/28/09 11:56 AM

I am not a fan of restaurants that become popular and start opening multiple locations... it just usually seems to be the beginning of the end for a "good thing".  That was my fear years ago when Café Brazil started opening new locations.  Perhaps they are the exception that proves the rule because years later, they are still around, their quality is intact and they still make me happy!
Café Brazil is up to 10 locations around Dallas now.  They offer a hybrid sort of product... it's part coffee house (some locations even have live music) and part restaurant (offering … (9 comments)

dallas restaurant: Roti Grill: Indian Food Fast, Not Indian Fast Food! - 02/21/09 03:32 AM

I like food with bold favors.  Food that is fresh and tasty.  Thai food is one of my favorites and so is Indian food.  (I am also a big fan of Greek and Italian).  Recently I had dinner at Roti Grill.  Located at 4438 McKinney Avenue in Dallas, Roti Grill is what I would call a hybrid restaurant.  You order your food at a counter, it is prepared in the open-style kitchen and then delivered to your table.  But don’t get the wrong idea.  Yes, you get your own soft drinks, but this is not the McDonald’s of Indian … (2 comments)

dallas restaurant: Ginger Thai - Good Thai Food and Reasonable Prices make for a Winning Combination - 02/14/09 02:07 PM

It's Saturday, so it ‘s time for my weekly Dallas area restaurant review.  Tonight, I will be writing about Ginger Thai, located at 6434 E. Mockingbird Lane (@ Abrams).
When it comes to Thai food, I am a creature of habit.  I have a couple of area Thai restaurants that I enjoy a lot, so I don't stray very often.  Last night I strayed!
My friend suggested we go to Ginger Thai and I am glad she was persistent... it was that good.
We started out with an order of steamed dumplings.  They were great.  Well cooked and nicely flavored, … (2 comments)

dallas restaurant: Royal Thai... Yummy and Fit for a King! - 12/20/08 11:32 AM

Each Saturday, I have been writing about a recent dining experience and lastely I have been dining at a few "old favorite" places.  Last night it was Royal Thai, located at 5500 Greenville Avenue in Dallas.
I am a huge fan of Thai cuisine and Royal Thai is definitely a favorite here in Dallas.  I had dinner with my friend Suzanne last night and we had a great meal there.  We began our meal by splitting an appetizer of Tulip Dumplings.  I love these dumplings because, first of all, they atre delicious, but also because they use a thin noodle … (7 comments)

dallas restaurant: Cremona Bistro: New digs for a Dallas Favorite! - 12/13/08 01:57 PM
On June 4th of this year, a 3 alarm fire destroyed the original location for the Cremona Bistro, near the Katy Trail, in Dallas' Uptown neighborhood.  Since 1977, a long time tradition for Dallasites who love traditional Italian food, Cremona was an institution.  When news of the fire got around, many wondered if they would rebuild or just pack it in.  Well, the good news is they did neither... the reopened in a new location, 2704 Worthington Street in Dallas, across from the Quadrangle.
The good news is that the new location places the restaurant in a more trafficked location and … (2 comments)

dallas restaurant: Fireside Pies: Because man does not live by bread alone! - 12/06/08 03:56 PM

They say that man (and woman) does not live by bread alone.  That's probably why Fireside Pies exists.  Because man wants toppings on his bread, and also perhaps a salad to start off with.  And, maybe some sangria to wash it all down with!
Last night, my friend Suzanne (another REALTOR®) and I went for dinner at the Fireside Pies located at 2820 N. Henderson Avenue in Dallas.  This local pizza restaurant now has several locations in the DFW area and let me just say that their pizza is not "traditional" but their pies are definitely some of my favorites.

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