speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday: Dallas, a Juxtaposition - 11/11/12 09:46 AM
Sometimes if you're distracted, you'll miss out on hidden beauty.  I was recently at the Dallas Arboretum for an exhibit by the renowned artist, Dale Chihuly.  The artwork, which was brilliantly displayed amongst the flora and fauna of the Dallas Arboretum, was truly a sight to behold, but as I turned away for a moment, I spotted this view of downtown Dallas across White Rock Lake.  It reminded me of how special Dallas is in its balance of urban and non-urban areas in such close proximity to one another.  Truly a special city and a special juxtaposition!


speechless sunday: The Last Chocolate Santa - 01/23/11 12:21 PM

Well folks, I finished the last chocolate Santa of Christmas 2010 today.  It's 2011 and the uncertainties and hesitations of 2010's real estate market are behind us.  January 2011 has been busier than many REALTORS were predicting and properties that had been slow to sell for many months are going under contract.  Agents are even complaining that in certain areas that there is not enough inventory.  By the time that the chocolate Santas of 2011 come around many people will be celebrating their first Christmas in a new home.  Will you be one of them?  If you would like to … (20 comments)

speechless sunday: Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky. Stormy Weather. - 01/09/11 01:52 PM

Sometimes the end result is not what you expect.  This photo was taken from my balcony overlooking Turtle Creek (with The Claridge in the background) at around 12:30 this afternoon.  There was no accumulation on the ground and by 4:30 it was actually sunny and the surface of the streets was dry!  But it was sure pretty to watch the snow falling while it lasted!


speechless sunday: The Granada Theater: Looking Backwards, Looking Forward! - 12/26/10 03:53 PM

In a season filled with lights, some of the lights we see throughout the year still stand out as spectacular reminders of years past.  At a time of the year that is characterized by looking back and looking forward, it's nice to have such great reminders of simpler times, when artistry and originality were valued over consistency and uniformity, values we can hope to regain in the future... they make life so much more interesting, don't you think? 

speechless sunday: It's Raining Joy and Merriment - 12/19/10 10:39 AM

Because we need a little Christmas, right this very minute... We need a little Christmas now!
We look forward to helping you with your Dallas Real Estate needs in 2011.
Happy Holidays from Steve Shatsky and Prudential Texas Properties!
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Looking for a REALTOR® who can help you with the home buying or selling experience with classic style, personal service, innovation and unparalleled professionalism?  If you are in the … (17 comments)

speechless sunday: Embrace Change! - 12/12/10 03:56 PM

There's a great deli a block away from my newest project (a topic for an upcoming blog post).  When I was in there today, this cup and sign were sitting right next to the cash register.  Yes, the employees wanted tips... and when they make their point so cleverly and originally how can I help but contribute.  But don't take my tip as an indication that I fear change.  That's one of the reasons I love my real estate career... for someone who views change as an opportunity to grow, I can't think of a more … (63 comments)

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Chicago in Dallas? - 11/07/10 11:29 AM
Although they are over 800 miles apart, some things from Chicago find their way south to Texas.  The hot dog below being one example.  Being a former New Yorker, I typically eat my Sabrett or Hebrew National hot dog with mustard and saurkraut.  I had never had a Chicago-style Vienna Beef hot dog before, but spotted a place that sells them in Dallas in the course of my travels to open houses one Sunday.  I still like my NY-style dogs, but this one was very good too!  I'll be going back for another!


speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Cotton Candy Sky - 10/24/10 03:05 PM
One of the things I love the most about Texas is the sky.  Crisp blues, linen white fluffy clouds and brilliant sunsets are occasionally joined by skies like these... I see them and can't help but think of cotton candy.  Maybe it's because last week was the end of the State Fair of Texas... or maybe it's the simplicity and peacefulness of a pink sky!!

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Looking … (8 comments)

speechless sunday: Speechless Sunday: The Finish Line - 10/10/10 04:14 PM
One of the things I enjoy about living in my Condo on Turtle Creek is the view I have from my balcony of the spillway for the creek and Lee Park.  On Sundays when there is an event in the park, I can sit on mu balcony with my coffee and laptop and watch the event preparations.  Today was LifeWalk Dallas, a 5K walk benefiting AIDS Arms, a local non-profit providing services to HIV+ individuals and those living with AIDS.  Here's the view of the finish line for the walk.  I tried to spot the walkers who I sponsored... maybe next year I … (9 comments)

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: bye, son! - 09/19/10 04:16 PM
I have a weakness for puns.  I prefer the clever ones (such as this one) but really any pun will amuse me to some degree.
This summer, on a trip to Michigan, I stayed at a Hampton Inn.  Hampton Inns have a really neat corporate program that identifies, publicizes and even helps save endangered landmarks across the country.  They publicize them on their website and also in their hotels.  This sign was on the inside of the elevator door and publicizes the World's Largest Buffalo that stands over the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, ND.  The 60 ton Buffalo was restored … (6 comments)

speechless sunday: Big Yellow Taxi: Choose Your Words and Images Carefully - 09/12/10 04:33 PM
Sometimes the words we choose can paint a picture for the people who are listening to us.  When I recently saw the vehicle in the photo parked in my office garage I knew it would be a photo blogging post for me at some point. 

As I was posting the photo just a short while ago, I was talking on the phone with a friend and he heard me typing and asked what I was doing.  When I explained the post and the title “Big Yellow Taxi” his first reaction was “Oh, I love Joni Mitchell, but what does she … (11 comments)

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: It's Not a Prius... - 08/29/10 07:33 AM
... but it is a classic!

Sometimes it takes a look back at where you have come from to determine where you are and if the journey has led you to a better place.  Clearly there have been such tremendous advancements in technology, safety, energy efficiency, and even power... but when I see a sight like this one, I have to stop and wonder if the price we have paid is in the area of style.  Similarly, as we conduct our business in a world of efficiency and technological enablement, has the price we have paid been the personal relationship … (9 comments)

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Land Shark - 08/22/10 08:06 AM
I spotted this classic 1959 Cadillac at a recent classic car show I attended (more pics to follow) and just couldn't help but marvel at the curves, the lines, the chrome and especially these tail fins.  As this car departed the show and I watched it drive away with those fins looking like those of two sharks, I couldn't help but think of the old Saturday Night Live "Land Shark" sketch.  Some things truly are classic and timeless!


speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: What's missing here? - 08/15/10 06:56 AM
I attended a classic car show yesterday that included a few classic convertibles.  In the 102 degree heat, even the idea of a convertible seemed like it would feel like a ride in a broiler.  This point was confirmed when I looked at the dashboard.  Notice anything missing here?

I love classic cars and especially convertibles... but I also live in Texas and wouldn't be caught dead on a hot August day without my air conditioning!


speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Hot is Hot! - 08/01/10 03:47 PM
Well, it was a scorcher here in Dallas today.  As I was driving to visit Open Houses this afternoon the temperature on my car's thermometer was 109 degrees!  Thankfully, by 6:30 tonight it had cooled down to a more tolerable 103 degrees.  
Everyone was running around today saying "at least it is a dry heat".  To that I say "HOT IS HOT" and anything over 100 degrees is hot!


speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: The Culture of Air Travel - 07/18/10 04:03 PM
On my recent trip with buyers through Dallas' new Downtown Arts District, I found this surprise waiting for us at the Meyerson Symphony Center:

That guy is T.J. Luv, the official Southwest Airlines Mascot/Ambassador.  He shows up around Dallas with some degree of regularity.  I guess Southwest Airlines was sponsoring an event there. 
I hope Southwest Airlines doesn't squeeze their actual planes into the gates this tightly... but you never know, they run quite an efficient airline!

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Fattening Brilliance - 06/27/10 03:50 PM
OK friends... Check out what I found on the shelf at the Supermarket:
OK, so everyone loves Mayo and everyone loves Bacon, so what could be bad except for the fact that it is totally fattening???
You know I had to buy some.  I will let you know if it's worth the calories!

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speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: 100 Degrees in Dallas - 06/20/10 04:57 PM

It was 100 degrees here in Dallas today.  Suddenly, this photo taken just 3 months ago from my balcony is looking more attractive than it did at the time!
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Looking for a REALTOR® who can help you navigate the home buying or selling experience so that your home buying or selling experience is as refreshing as snow on a 100 degree day in the hot Texas … (29 comments)

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Flower Power on Turtle Creek in Dallas - 06/13/10 04:34 PM
Dallas Highrise Condo buyers look at many factors when choosing a building that matches their personalities and standards.  In the discussions about which buildings to consider, one of the topics that frequently comes up is building landscaping and overwhelmingly, buildings that feature dense use of seasonal color always score highly!
Since many condo buyers are downsizing from single family homes they don't want to give up the feeling that a seasonally landscaped curb appeal provides. 
Many Turtle Creek and Dallas Highrise Condos have large lawns and landscaping along Turtle Creek Boulevard.  Some buildings, such as the Renaissance on Turtle Creek even have water features … (6 comments)

speechless sunday: SPEECHLESS SUNDAY: Ashes to Ashes - 05/30/10 04:58 PM
I spotted this jar on the counter at a favorite local restaurant.  Dallas restaurants do not allow smoking... and I noticed a few of the waitstaff missing on this visit.  Kind of makes me wonder... hmmm....

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Looking for a REALTOR® who can help you navigate the home buying or selling experience so you don't feel like their ashes belong in this jar?  If you are in the … (18 comments)

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