home sellers: Does the 2018 Tax Reform Affect Buyers or Sellers in Tehachapi? - 01/12/18 11:19 AM
What's the 2018 Tax Law Mean for Real Estate in Tehachapi?NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) is projecting a 1-3% growth in home values in 2018 but says that in areas with higher housing costs there could actually be a decline in value.  Why is that?
The new tax law limits the state (and local) income tax and property tax deductions to $10,000 total.  That will definitely have a big impact in higher property value areas.  For example, a property valued at about $800,000 could expect to pay about $10,000 in property taxes leaving no "room" for a state and local income tax deduction.
There … (0 comments)

home sellers: Best Way to Choose a Real Estate Agent? - 10/15/17 10:58 AM
What's the Best Way to Choose Your Real Estate Agent?
Choosing the best real estate agent to help you in the purchase or sale of your home can be a daunting task.  Most agents are spending thousands of dollars advertising to attract your attention.  In many cases, all that gets for you is someone that needs to churn out as many transactions as possible in order to cover the cost of all that advertising.
So what about online reviews on an agent's website, Yelp, Google or other similar platforms?  That can be a good choice, but think about how useful, or not, those … (1 comments)

home sellers: Where are Your Buyers? - 10/13/17 10:43 AM
Your House Is Ready to Show, Where are the Buyers?
You've done all the right things: taken care of deferred maintenance, spruced up the paint, super cleaned and decluttered.  Advertising is in place, agents have visited to preview, but you haven't had any showings.  What's the problem?
Ideally, every seller hopes that they will have the house ready to sell and immediately get a call for a showing that then turns into the new owner of the home in 45 days.  One and done!  What could be better?  That's the ideal, but it is quite rarely the reality.
If your house is ready to … (0 comments)

home sellers: Is an Open House a Good Idea? - 10/07/17 01:11 PM
Should You Have an Open House?
Is an open house a good idea when it comes to getting your house sold?  Truthfully, the answer is usually not.  Here's why....
NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) statistics show that only about 1% of the time does a buyer for a property appear as the result of having viewed it at an Open House.  Certainly, we could easily make the argument that having that 1% chance alone is enough to justify having an Open House but there are plenty of reasons why it's not a great idea.
Holding a public Open House means that you are letting … (2 comments)

home sellers: Is Your House Show Ready? - 10/06/17 04:40 PM
You've done the initial decluttering and you've touched up the paint, repaired the obvious deferred maintenance and your house is on the market and ready for showings.  That's an exciting feeling because now you know all your hard work will pay off!  You believe that now agents will want to schedule showings for their clients and multiple offers will be yours to sort through.
Before we get quite there, let's review best practices to be ready for a showing.  First and foremost, you really need to keep the house sparkling clean and always ready.  If you work away from home, then you … (2 comments)

home sellers: Is Your House "Showing Ready?" - 10/05/17 07:33 AM
What Does "Showing Ready" Really Mean?
I have already written about starting the decluttering process in order to get your home ready to sell.  Once you've gotten rid of the stuff you didn't want to move, it's time to take a super critical look at what deferred maintenance or other conditions detract from your home showing at its best.
Let's start with the easy things, also known as the Elephant Approach.  You've all heard the quote, "How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!" That's the same way you get your house showing ready.  One step at a time!
Wall Painting If … (4 comments)

home sellers: When Are Home Energy Improvements Not in Your Best Interest? - 04/17/17 08:52 AM
When are home energy improvements not in your best interest?  When they cost more than they are worth and potentially keep you from being able to afford to stay in your home or sell it.
Yes, it is true that you can create an obligation that is greater than the value of your house.  Key facts are that these energy efficent improvements are being sold by several different financing entities but they are all repaid by an additional assessment on your property taxes.  
The PACE program has to be approved by a local government authority and many of those that have previously … (0 comments)

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