facebook: Facebook Fridays - Like Them...Please - 04/20/12 05:27 AM
Facebook Fridays - Like Them...Please

Good afternoon.  About 3 days ago I decided to write this post called Like Me...Please.  Why?  Well, because for weeks now, I had been staring at my Facebook Fan/Business Page with 97 likes on it and it was getting a tad annoying.  I have constantly heard that one must have 100 Likes on their FB Page to get their own unique URL and although I still don't really know what that means for me and for my business, I figured since it had been mentioned soooo many times, that there must be something to it.  So, on April … (28 comments)

facebook: Facebook Tip to Keep Your Page Clean - 11/19/11 04:19 AM

Facebook Tip to Keep Your Page Clean
I just saw a this morning's Featured Post about Facebook.  I dont' want to get into the controversy of whether people like Facebook or not.  For some it works, and for some...well, they might not like it.  The bottom line is that Facebook is the number one spot for spam attacks.  When I saw my daughter's FB page last night I almost passed out.  There were some decidedly horrible things posted...things a young girl (like me), my daughter shouldn't lay eyes on.  When I asked her about it, she told me "everybody is getting this stuff", "there's … (35 comments)

facebook: This Active Rain Stuff is Starting to Work Me Thinks - 11/06/11 01:34 AM
This Active Rain Stuff is Starting to Work Me Thinks People are Starting to Find Me and Active Rain has got to be the Reason
In the past week, I have received two phone calls.  The first one was for a newly arrived Soldier looking for a rental and another was from a Soldier looking to purchase a home in the distant future.  As is customary, I asked both how they found me.   The first Soldier found me by typing in the area he wanted to live in and my website popped up which is very cool.  Now why do I think that Active Rain had … (33 comments)

facebook: Random Sunday Thoughts from Brenda Mullen - 10/02/11 12:16 PM
Random Sunday Thoughts from Brenda Mullen 
I have always wanted to do a post like this, so I thought today would be a perfect day to do this, mainly because I don't truly have anything else to write and it would be a shame not to post something, anything at all. One thought that I have had continually is why I can't seem to get the clingwrap thing down.  I just can't ever get it to stick to what it's supposed to, but I can certainly get it to stick to itself quite well.  I figure I am now in my 40s and … (10 comments)

facebook: I "Like" Your Post...I Really Do...But I Didn't "Like it Like That - 09/30/11 01:38 AM
I "Like" Your Post...I Really Do...But I Didn't "Like" it Like That.

What am I talking about in my title?  Well, has anyone noticed that when you go to read some posts, by just reading it, you have automatically "Liked" it on Facebook or am I the  only one?  Additionally, this doesn't happen to every post I click on...weird.  Maybe I have my stuff set on auto but when I see a large number of "Likes" I have to wonder...

I am not sure what's going on and don't get me wrong, the majority of posts that I am reading, I really … (15 comments)

facebook: Who is Responsible for Your Privacy - 09/08/10 03:02 PM
Who is Responsible for Your Privacy?
I just completed watching a very interesting video on Social Media Portals and who should be legally responsible should something end up on one of these portals that may or may not be career ending or at the very least, a bit unflattering.
With the advent of the Internet and the explosion of these Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space and others, the likelihood of your privacy being violated is tremendous. 
In today's world, we must now be even more diligent to ensure that we act in a certain decorum and make sure … (4 comments)

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