Have Have you ever wanted to own you own business. Now is the opportunity. Valley View Lavender Farm is a well established farm in Buhl. It offers 5 acres, a great home, 3000 lavender plants for harvesting. Listed by Silver Sage Realty, Inc. Home sits on the front of property. 3 Bed, 2.5 bath, 29...
March 13, 2010, 11 A.M. 19th Annual St. Patrick's Day Run/Walk   Malad Gorge State Park  Hagerman Chamber of Commerce puts on the event every year. This is a fun event. Would love to see you all there. Here is more information. The 21th Annual St. Patrick's Day Fun Run will be at the Malad Gorge...
December 13th  Buhl Chamber of Commerce will be holding it's annual  Night Light Christmas. This years theme is "Christmas Around the World. It will be a full day and evening event. During the day the business will have in store specials and drawings. Ribbon cuttings for Rio Hondo's at noon and B...
I have a red Centro phone, which I really like. It does everything I need and the size is perfect. I am now phoneless though. Today I got up and my phone went crazy. It kept trying to hot sync to my computer, over and over, would not let me make or take a call. Has this happened to anyone else. S...
Why is it that when you least can afford the time and money that the household appliances decide to break?  It is very cold and windy today and at the last minute my 17 year old son decides to wash his work clothes. With no time to spare he puts them in the washer and it won't spin the water out....
I decided to take my son's homeschool class in Keyboarding with him. Boy, I thought I was good at typing. Let me tell you to do it correctly with all the correct fingers is harder than I ever imagined. The letters are easy but the numbers and all the symbols are very hard to do correctly and be t...
We are seeing business pick up in our office, more offers this week then we have seen in the last few months.  We own an antique store too, for the last few months nobody was even coming in the door. This week we have had several people a day. Not all are spending alot, but they are looking and s...
Today I went to the Senior Center for lunch. We have a citizen's commitee formed to find new ways to help fund the money needed for a water project in Buhl. The city had been mandated to clean the aresenic out of our water. This project will cost every household $27.00 more on the water bill. Bri...
It's the middle of October and we are having a beautiful snowy weekend. The trees are white and roofs are covered. Last week it was warm and the roses were blooming. What a difference a few days can make. Not to fear though it will be back in the 60's by the end of the week. Just a short cold front.
Our market even affects the kids. Thank goodness it is not this bad in our area yet. We are still stable but alot slower, longer days on the market. Praying the bailout and the election will help people feel better about buying and selling. I am staying positive and working harder. I will survive.

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