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  I have been helping people buy and sell real estate for over 10 years in the Galveston & Harris County areas, and during that time I have had the opportunity to work with many local Heroes. Joining the Homes for Heroes program as an affiliate will not only help me further my dedication to servi...
 Joining Homes for Heroes has been such an inspiring experience! It’s really given me a whole new purpose in my business to be able to give back to those who do so much for our community. With 12 years of experience I offer a variety of options to my clients including down payment assistance and ...
  I became a Homes for Hero's affiliate for a very simple reason. My husband is a retired volunteer firefighter. I know first-hand what sacrifices are made in a family whose husband or wife is a first responder. The time that it takes away from a family means the entire family sacrifices. My chil...
  George has always loved helping people – that’s been the focus of his work over the past 14 years that he’s been a loan consultant in the mortgage business. And when he heard about this opportunity to help heroes save money, he jumped at the chance to become an affiliate with a national program...
  As the son of a military man, Homes for Heroes is a cause I believe in 100%. I'm an Envoy Mortgage Top Producer who has been in the mortgage industry for 12 years and is currently #1 in the country with Envoy.
  Being in the mortgage finance industry for 24 years, I have seen quite a bit of change. However, what has remained constant is the value of trusted relationships and professional service and knowledge. Having a Finance Degree from the University of Florida and 24 years of experience makes me u...
  The Homes for Heroes program designation is a way for Realtors and Mortgage Lenders to set themselves apart from the competition. We provide a proven successful and rewarding marketing niche. Our affiliates find tha tgiving back to those who do so much for us is not only the right thing to do –...
 My father, a volunteer Fire Chief for 30 years, and my mother, a school teacher, taught me the importance of giving back to the community you live in. Over the years I’ve volunteered what hours I could for local community civic clubs and organizations that helped others. When I was introduced to...
  I have a soft spot for those who serve and go to work in uniform. Homes for Heroes was the perfect opportunity for me to give back and show thanks to those who sacrifice. Home ownership is something we hold sacred and most heroes are too humble to accept gifts. This was the perfect opportunity ...

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