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  Some of the people I love most in life are Heroes... but none that I know personally think of themselves as such. They have hearts that serve selflessly. They work with unmatched integrity. And they have attitudes that make me proud and humbled to know them. When I found out about this program ...
Homes for Heroes is helping those who serve save. Click here for the rest of the story
  Our goal at Aspire is simple: to exceed the expectations of our clients, our associates, and our partners. Our purpose is to lead our customers to the American dream of home ownership.  Amy Hendrickson & Hayley DeWeerd are passionate about working with our local heroes & being able to give back...
  I joined the ranks of the US Army as a military wife and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department as a Deputy's wife. I have experienced first-hand the sacrifices that our Heroes and their families make every day. Helping people to establish their homes is one of the most fulfilling opportunities I...
  I love real estate, but more importantly, I care about people. The decisions surrounding buying a home, investing in property or selling your house are emotional, complex and often “under the gun!”  As a Realtor, I see each client going through this process as an opportunity to be a part of som...
  I am a military wife who has gone through my husband leaving my son and I for boot camp and then training. Shortly after that came our daughter and the news of being deployed overseas for 11 months. I wanted to do something to help people like I was helped while he was gone. I wanted my chance ...
  My entire career has been grounded as a "military relocation specialist", having an Army/Air Force veteran husband, Navy veteran father, and Retired Air Force JAG father-in-law.  99% of my clients are military and sent to me by trusting referral because I walk the walk, and talk the talk, and e...
  "My name is Todd Schindler.  I am a Mortgage Banker for Pulaski Bank Home Lending, the #1 Residential Lender in Missouri. I focus on Residential Purchases and Residential Refinancing on primary properties and investment properties. I have over 6 years of Mortgage Lending experience in the St. L...

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