heroes: Dec. 16: Welcome Our New Homes for Heroes® Affiliates! - 12/16/16 08:15 AM
We are excited to introduce the newest members of our Homes for Heroes affiliate team!
Erik Papke 
With more than 15 years of experience in mortgage lending, including five years as a broker/owner and 11 years as a licensed real estate broker, I bring the perfect blend of experience to accompany you on the path to homeownership. But, expertly serving my clients wasn't enough. I wanted to do more.
Enter Homes for Heroes. Being an affiliate allows me the opportunity to give back to the people who give of themselves every day of their lives. You are the unsung heroes... Military members (active, reserve … (0 comments)

heroes: HFH Affiliate Kris Crane: "Providing ‘Homes for Heroes’ comes from the heart" - 08/08/16 01:51 AM
Thanks to Homes for Heroes Affiliate Kris Crane, founder of Crane Financial Group, her Hero clients Rebecca and George Pina wouldn't be able to call themselves homeowners. Check out this amazing piece featured on WhidbeyNewsTimes.com about Crane and how she helps every day heroes, daily!

heroes: Welcome Fred Dambach, Realtor Affiliate - John Arquette Properties - Syracuse, NY - 04/10/13 01:16 AM
  “I am very proud to be affiliated with Home for Heroes and feel honored to serve and give back, whether on a local or national level.  Our heroes deserve my best!”
Having served in Vietnam and the Gulf War, and coming from an extensive military influence on both sides of the family, I am comfortable relating to other military heroes.  Military personnel, teachers, firefighters, peace officers, and healthcare workers are heroes in our everyday life.
Our heroes have served the community well.  Now it is time to get them into a home that will serve them well. 

heroes: Homes For Heroes Helps stimulate economy in Texas Town - 10/28/09 05:32 AM
check it out

Attention all Homes for Heroes affiliates!
Attention all Homes for Heroes affiliates!

For you Homes for Heroes affiliates in the Twin Cities area pay attention. There is some serious coinage being thrown around by Minneapolis and St. Paul first time home buyers. A federal program called Take Credit is providing $8 million in federal tax credits. First time home buyers need to purchase a home in Minneapolis or St. Paul before December 1 in order to get an $8,000 tax deduction. According to the article only 130 first time buyers will be able to take advantage of this program. To … (0 comments)

heroes: Knotek knows his tech. - 04/02/09 11:01 AM
Since Homes for Heroes started doing Bio’s on our affiliates, we have asked the affiliate to provide some background information for us. With that info we would put together a post and put it out there. Reading this affiliates bio, there was not much more we needed to do. In his own words, Homes for Heroes, would like to introduce you to Mikal Knotek.
In 2006, the economy was beginning to unravel. The mortgage industry was the stone that broke the camels back with fraud and poor lending practices acting as the heaviest weight. I saw misinformed loan officers through out … (2 comments)

heroes: Car keys are illegal? Warm cars not allowed. - 01/17/09 03:14 AM
When ever I deal with government I always learn something.  Whether updating license tabs or renewing my drivers license  I come away with another tidbit of information that I did not have before and usually regretting that I did not that information before hand.  Things like, if you start your car in the city of Minneapolis and let it idle for more than 3 minutes it is a $400 fine.  Yes you got it right.  If it is 20 below zero and your car is parked out on the street and you go out and start it to let the engine … (0 comments)

heroes: 400 Lbs., Tetris and Flame outs! - 01/16/09 07:21 AM
The big news of the day is the successful water ditching by US Air pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger. To think he dead sticked (no power) that plane in so perfectly as to not even break off a wing is truly amazing. My hats off to his skill, demeanor and cast iron B**ls. The aircraft was an Airbus A320. What is the significance of that you ask? It is a fly by wire aircraft, meaning that there is no cables connecting the pilots control stick to control surfaces. On older aircraft when you pulled the joy stick to go up you would … (2 comments)

heroes: My wife will love me, how to cure the common cold. - 01/16/09 05:28 AM
Sorry for being gone so long.  A whole week.  More stories for the blog.  But I am back. Homes for Heroes decided I needed to take a lesson on word reduction.  They noticed the more I blogged the longer the articles got.  If I did not stop I would be at small paperback level in another month or so.  So I will try and keep the motto of WUA (Word Users Anonymous) in the back of my mind between our meetings.  “Brevity is the soul of wit.”  I know I just made that story up, but it is something I am … (1 comments)

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