lender: Say Hello To This Week's New HFH Affiliates! - 08/19/16 12:45 AM

Allie McGinnis Dedicated to helping the Heroes in the Tri-Cities, WA community! As a dependent within a 4 generation military family (Navy, Army, Marine, National Guard and Air Force) it is a special honor to offer extensive executive relocation and new construction experience to each and every person who qualifies for this amazing program.  My clients often become friends and I care deeply that the information and guidance I give throughout the process of relocating is useful and of value. Being able to give back through the Homes for Heroes program offers the perfect opportunity for me to honor the Heroes … (0 comments)

lender: WELCOME JERRY CALNIN - LENDER - DE PERE, WI - 06/30/16 12:37 AM

Ever since I started in the mortgage business, I've been active in working with Veterans. I'm proud to offer the best terms and service I can to them and their families. Homes for Heroes is another benefit that I can offer to veterans, and other heroes that proudly serve our communities. I'm humbled and grateful to be able to participate. It’s a pleasure to give back to those that have given so much to us. 

lender: WELCOME LANCE J SWEET - LENDER - ANCHORAGE, AK - 06/29/16 01:28 AM

I would add to it that the reason I joined Homes for Heroes is because our heroes should be rewarded for their tireless efforts and if I can help them achieve their dreams of homeownership by offering a discounted method to get them there I am privileged to do so.  My father is a retired military veteran serving our country for 22 years and I appreciate everything that the military provides and the ongoing service that law enforcement, firefighters, teachers and healthcare workers selfishly offer. Thank you so much.

lender: Welcome Anders Johnson - Lender - Woodbury, MN - 02/18/16 05:42 AM

Hello! My name is Anders Johnson and I am honored to be a preferred lender in the Homes for Heroes program!
So why am I part of this exceptional program? My mom has been a HS teacher for 46 years and since I was a child, I have seen firsthand her steadfast dedication to her job in preparing young adults for the real world, and she still does today. She is a role model for me and because I know there are countless others in other hero professions, who go above and beyond on a daily basis, it is important to me … (0 comments)

lender: WELCOME PAUL GALLEGOS - LENDER - TRACY, CA - 02/04/16 05:16 AM

Paul has over 13 years of Mortgage Lending experience, and prides himself on his ability to provide his clients with the best customer service possible. Paul is well versed in all Lending Mortgage Products and guidelines; this is how he is able to help most people get a Mortgage even if they have some challenging issues. Paul also has a great operations team that he works with, his average time to close a loan is only TWO WEEKS. He is licensed in the States of AZ, CA, and NM; and has WA, ID and NV. Paul is a member of the … (1 comments)


I am a Florida native and have lived in North Central Florida for my entire life with the exception of the 8 years that I spent in the Marine Corps.  I am married and we have 5-year-old twins, a boy and a girl named Reagan and Liberty.  I have been a mortgage lender for over 15 years and love helping my clients through the home loan process.  When I am not working I enjoy watching the Gators play as I am an avid University of Florida football fan.  I am excited to be a part of this great program and look … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Joe McCaslin - Lender - Carmel, IN - 05/14/15 06:23 AM

As a seasoned mortgage professional, I have consistently met and exceeded my customer’s
expectations. I recently joined Homes for Heroes as an opportunity to give back to the men and women who serve our country. Homes for Heroes is a company that affiliates with real estate providers offering substantial rebates and discounts to those who serve our nation and its communities every day. My mission is to give back to family members, friends and clients who have served, or are currently serving our country and its communities in different capacities. Our heroes are military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officers, healthcare workers, first … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Christina Daniels - Lender - Olympia, WA - 12/03/14 05:52 AM
 Christina has a strong passion to the mortgage industry since she first started in 2001, shortly after earning her Bachelors in Business. With a strong devotion to product knowledge and process, she has seen high success in helping her clients successfully through the lending process to closing. A lot of this success is attributed to the commitment in up front education and proper expectations for the client. This coupled with a strong value to community has made Christina a solid partner to bring education, coaching and mortgage services to a variety of clients. The passion to help support those who help … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Doug Moran , Lender , Atlanta, GA - 10/14/14 07:02 AM
 As a former member of the United States Navy and a Hero, I understand the tremendous sacrifice which this community makes to ensure we are healthy, safe, and secure.  When the opportunity to partner with Homes for Heroes was presented to me, I jumped at the chance to assist the HERO community with achieving the dream of homeownership.  I am honored to be able to give back through offering rebates and discounts, during what is quite possibly, one of the largest purchases our Heroes will ever make.  My goal is to be a trusted advisor in the Homes for Heroes program, … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Bruce Griffey - Lender - Sebring, FL - 09/25/14 12:30 PM
I was raised in a military town and saw firsthand the many challenges our Military families face daily. Whether it was Peacetime or Wartime, challenges and changes were constant for these families. I have many friends and family members who are active duty military, veterans, fire fighters, teachers, peace officers and medical professionals. There is not a day goes by that one of these Heroes doesn't touch my life (I'm not talking about speeding tickets). Because of our Heroes and the Grace of God, we have the freedom to be and do just about anything we want. I have been blessed … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Julie Smith - Lender - TX - 07/31/14 03:03 AM

When I first heard about the Homes for Heroes program, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. After doing more research, I absolutely fell in love with this program! What a great way to be able to honor our local heroes. Being able to assist those who contribute so much to our society at such important levels is the least I can do. The women and men who serve such valued job roles as firefighters, peace/police officers, teachers, paramedics, healthcare providers, active military and veterans are truly the heroes of our community and I am thrilled to do whatever I can to as it … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Kevin Villines - Lender - TX - 07/28/14 04:07 AM

Hello. My name is Kevin Villines. When I was first told about the Homes for Heroes program, immediately wanted to be a part of it. Assisting those who contribute to society at such essential levels is a reward in and of itself. As someone who serves in an indispensable capacity such as being a firefighter, peace/police officer, teacher, EMT or healthcare provider, you truly are a hero of your community and I am excited to do whatever I can to help you in obtaining the financing for your home. I have been in this industry for many years and this is one of the best programs I’ve … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Linda Cottle - Lender - TX - 07/28/14 03:56 AM

When I first heard of Homes for Heroes I couldn’t wait to get involved.  I have always felt like our military, police, fire fighters, teachers and health care providers hold some of our nation’s most important positions, but are severely undervalued.  I have family and friends in the education arena, and the time spent teaching our children is not reflected in their salaries.   I have been in the mortgage industry for over 11 years and have ample Veteran loan experience, as well as experience with other government loan and down payment assistance programs.  The best part about my job is helping our active military, veterans,and … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Jeff Jones - Lender - SC - 07/25/14 12:36 AM

Having been in the financial services industry for over 20 years, I have a passion for helping my customers achieve their financial goals. Homes for Heroes is a great way for me to thank the professionals who make sure that my community, state, and nation, are the best place in the world for me and my family!I look forward to the opportunity to thank those who help others by partnering with them and the Homes for Heroes program.

lender: Welcome Kathy Lawler - Lender - MN - 07/15/14 12:59 AM
It is an honor to be affiliated with Homes for Heroes to show my appreciation and gratitude to all of the men and women who so selflessly defend, protect, serve and enrich our lives daily. Including my son-in-law, who is currently serving in the US Navy oversea. Just to say thank you would never be enough. As a Mortgage Broker since 1996, I have been guiding clients through the credit and Home Financing process, by giving excellent service and my friendship during a sometimes complicated process. Creating lifelong relationships is what you should be expected. I am excited to help my hometown Heroes in … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Larry Longcore - Lender - Michigan - 06/12/14 07:24 AM

I am a mortgage industry veteran with experience in all aspects of mortgage originations and operations. My passion is helping people obtain the American Dream of homeownership. I’ve been a part of thousands of residential mortgage transactions over my career and counting! My father was a teacher for 30 years so when I first heard of the Homes for Heroes program, I knew that I had to be a part of bringing it to my local community. I’ve seen first-hand the value our heroes create on a daily basis, often going unrecognized and under-appreciated for their efforts day-in and day-out. Homes for … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Benjamin Smith - Lender - Hampton, VA - 06/09/14 06:44 AM
As a seasoned mortgage professional for 10 years I am proud to be associated with Homes forHeroes! As a former United States Air Force Airman, I've always sought to continue to serve the Hero Community I was so proud to be a part of years ago. Raised in the Denver Colorado area, and a 20 year resident in the Hampton Roads area of Southeast Virginia, I bring a unique background and perspective to business and client services. I pride myself on my ability to communicate and present options to my clients so they can make the very best choice for themselves. Mortgages are in very tough … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Dustin Hall, Lender - Phoenix, AZ - 12/31/13 03:36 AM
 I have been in the mortgage industry for 7 years. I originally moved out to AZ to attend ASU for the Professional Golf Management program, graduating with a bachelors in business with a concentration in professional golf management and a minor in finance. I was previously employed by GMAC where I was a loan originator and also held the title of Responsible Individual for the state of AZ. Originally from northwestern PA I grew up on a thoroughbred horse stables and learned the true meaning of respect and responsibilities in day to day life. I come from a long list of … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Adam Bove, Lender – Cincinnati, OH - 10/22/13 08:53 AM
When I was introduced to Homes for Heroes, it was an instant match.  I always go out of my way to give back to those that give so much for our children, our communities, and our country.  I was unable to serve, but helping those who have is the next best thing for me and it is an honor to do so.
I have been in the Mortgage Industry since 2001 and have had a career that has gone from LO, to Manager, to upper Management.  Throughout this journey, I saw a need for treating people and their situations with … (0 comments)

lender: Welcome Kyra Moore, Waterstone Team, Lender - Urbandale, IA - 09/06/13 06:48 AM
The Waterstone Mortgage professionals created their team in January of 2013 with an amazing amount of purpose.  Each member of their team believes that their paths were brought together to help you accomplish the American Dream; which in their world… is to buy a home or leverage the equity in your existing home to accomplish your financial goals and dreams.  The beauty of this foursome is that they have all been serving in similar and yet unique capacities in the financial sector for the past 15 years.  Their lives intertwined to bring the best of the best to the mortgage industry!  Therefore, they could serve only the best…their future … (0 comments)

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