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It's clear no matter what state or city you live where there is high demand for real estate you will find a buoyant rental market. But the way landlords let real estate is changing and in London, it reflects the change that coming to us all.I concentrate here on the capital of the UK London and i...
You did it. You have your real estate license in hand and are ready to make your first sale. Before venturing out blind, it's important to have a marketing strategy in place and work towards achieving the ultimate goal of name recognition. Stellar WebsiteAlmost everyone in business has a website....
I explain about extreme house selling and how I have used the technique, in my article, you will learn about property porn, a man who dressed up as parrot! and how thinking differently can help you stand out from the crowdOver a decade ago I helped sell a home by using extreme house selling my st...
It’s common knowledge that the tertiary education sector was resoundly opposed to Brexit, fearing that it would make the UK a less attractive destination for both students and academics from the EU. While this position is understandable, it overlooked the fact that the UK’s universities have glob...
Every part of life as a realtor can be seen as a small project to complete, regardless of the position you are in. When flipping a house, for example, you have to make sure that every step – from actually buying the house to remodeling it and getting it ready for sale - is completed correctly and...
There’s more to keeping your home safe than just a monitored home security system, although that’s a great starting place. However, there are quite a few simple little extra tricks and things you could do to keep your home safe. If you have a home security system installed, you might be lulled in...
Relocating a house is a really strenuous thing to get done. It requires a lot of effort and hard work to shift from one place to another. A person might have to shift to different locations due to various reasons, be it, job or family. It is not easy to pack and move everything in the house and r...
Vacant rental properties are of no use to landlords. In fact, they’re more of a liability. An unoccupied home or apartment essentially means there’s no money coming in to help cover the costs of owning the property. So, when one tenant moves out (or a new rental property is acquired), landlords a...
Being a real estate business owner is exciting, and in the beginning, you'll be spending many, many hours a day at work trying to get your business on its feet. Though you want to succeed, you have to make sure that you don't throw yourself into business owner burnout, which is a very real thing....
The internet is about more than just cat videos. It has also given rise to an increase in confidence in DIY-ism. Gone are the days where a leaky tap means an immediate call to the plumber; instead, it’s a quick Google search by homeowners looking to save time and money. The home security industry...

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