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Buying and selling real estate abroad offers several benefits to both homeowners and investors. If you’re looking to diversify your holdings or grow your rental company, international real estate could be the way to go.Still, the process of investing in overseas real estate can be tricky. For thi...
 I look at the Spanish property market which has always been one of the most popular places for Europeans to buy a second home beating France into second place in Europe.The Spanish housing market has seen huge ups and downs and has been a source of frustration for buyers especially from the UK w...
Selling Your Home - Dont Fall Down If you own a home, chances are the time will come when you will be ready to sell it. Naturally, you'll want to sell it as quickly as possible and for the best price. That can be easier said than done, though. Homeowners can make several mistakes during the cour...
We all know that as an agent your reputation is everything and for your business in today's Internet generation ignoring what people say about you will only lead to one thing : Going out of business! How many Realtors or businesses that sell real estate for a living under take regular research on...
  If you’re a true ski purist then France is one of only a handful of destinations that you consider for your skiing. France prides its self in being the premier ski destination with people coming from all over the globe for their Ski France holiday.  The Alp and Pyrenees have hundreds of ski re...
Looking for ways to make your move easier on yourself and on the environment? Save yourself and Mother Earth from piles of packing peanuts, rolls of bubble wrap, bags of trash, and gobs of filthy newsprint with these five tips for an eco-friendly move. Whether your getting moving quotes or plann...
Moving  Simplified Moving is a big undertaking but with a little planning it doesn't have to be painful. Look at it as an adventure! For a smooth move there are a few steps that, when followed, will make your move easier. Choosing a good moving company is also a big help. Some will pack and load...
    Across all the celebrity real estate blogs is the news that Friends star Jennifer Aniston is selling her luxury  Beverley Hills home for a cool $42 million. She has done well it appears as the house was originally bought for 13.5 million a great profit by any ones standards. The house has bee...
Floating Condos: The Latest Residential Investment Opportunity If you’re looking to invest in a holiday home, but are nervous about committing to one vacation destination, why not consider purchasing a floating condo? Cruise ship condo suites are a unique residential investment opportunity. The ...
A quick guide to moving furniture How difficult can it be to move? Certainly not that bad. Simply strap the mattress to your carrier; your pillows go in the basket in the front; soap and toothpaste go in your shoulder bag. Make sure the tires are inflated, and that the brakes work properly. Ok, s...

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