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  The UK has got a new website from the government that provides detailed crime figures for each neighbourhood in England and Wales. Millions of homebuyers in England and Wales will be able to see what crimes have been committed in areas of interest with the launch of a new online police crime m...
  When you move house you will have a lot of different things to sort out and move of ten one of the supposedly simplest tasks moving your broadband can often turn into a bit of a nightmare. The problem is that many companies do not seem to have a great deal of options for you and no clear way t...
  The property market has changed a lot over the years. With so few buyers around, it's not as easy to sell a house as it used to be and the margins may well be lots tighter. There are many new and innovative ways to sell your property now and the first thing before you embark on the actual selli...
The sad disaster that has fallen on the Queensland area of Australia makes us all reflect on where we live. How close are you to a river that could burst its banks? Would you buy a home with water views? According to Realtors in Brisbane Australia it seems that luxury waterfront properties may o...
   Savvy overseas property investors all know that finding emerging markets with great potential is becoming harder and harder so its great to bring you this new destination for international investment. The destination is little known and many may not have even heard its name the place is Vanuat...
The overseas property industry is hanging on to see what happens to the EURO the European currency said to help Europeans trade with the US. It was also hailed to make puchases by other Europeans a lot easier as they were not vulnerable to currency fluctuations during a house sale for example. S...
I run two very busy property websites in the UK both are aimed at people buying and selling property. The first is an international real estate portal where the majority of the house buyers are from the UK & Europe. The other real estate website concentrates on private property sales and is main...
Despite a UK wide housing market decline where buyers cannot get mortgages and sellers struggle to sell it seems some types of property in London are immune. Central London high end real estate is still in fine buoyant mood driven by wealthy overseas buyers that see property in London as one of ...
Working as an overseas real estate requires plenty of trips abroad and like most people I like to keep connected with the office and my family. Using mobile internet services whilst I am away has become increasingly important. Whilst having access to mobile internet abroad, whether it is via a l...
  It seems despite the global slowdown and falls in the UK housing market the Brits are still very much in love with buying real estate abroad. Proof of this the success of overseas property exhibition A place in The Sun Live which is now running twice per year. A Place in the Sun Live, the UK's...

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