home staging tips: Identify and Address Price Eroding Issues - 07/16/14 11:32 PM
Hire a home stager to identify and address price eroding issues
Whether you are a home stager or a real estate agent, you have probably encountered a seller who is reluctant to make necessary repairs which ultimately become price eroding issues.
You've heard the excuses:
"I'm selling the property "as-is." "I've already put enough money into the property" "I'll let the next owner deal with that." "I'll use that as a bargaining chip." A good home stager doesn't just rearrange the furniture, clear away the clutter and fluff the pillows. He or she identifies price eroding issues such as repairs or obligations that the … (7 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Tip: How to Disguise an Unpleasant View - 06/24/14 02:39 AM
You'd never know it, but the view outside the window of this peaceful looking bedroom is anything but serene. This bedroom was once a garage that faces a very busy road, and the cars parked in the driveway are so close to the window they look like they're ready to crash into the house.
I was called upon to stage this vacant home that was flipped, and decided that installing curtain rods, curtains, and conventional shades or blinds would eat up too much of the staging budget.
The seller, a real estate investor in Syracuse, NY, agreed. As she was running out to pick … (6 comments)

home staging tips: Staging a Home in Camillus, NY Part 3: The Family Room - 05/09/13 05:39 AM
Staging a Home in Camillus, NY Part 3: The Family Room
This lovely property in Camillus, NY was completely staged top to bottom before it was listed. In Part 1 and Part 2 I showed off the master bedroom and kitchen before and after photos respectively, and shared the details of what was done to prepare it for sale. In Staging a Home in Camillus, NY Part 3: The Family Room, I will show what was done to help make buyers feel home and fall in love with this beautiful home in Camillus.
The Family Room
The family room is where the seller's family … (13 comments)

home staging tips: A Syracuse Home Stager's Top 10 Quick Fixes to Freshen Up Your Home - 03/22/13 04:45 AM
A Syracuse Home Stager's Top 10 Quick Fixes to Freshen Up Your Home
It doesn't take much to freshen up your home with any of these quick fixes. These small changes may seem insignificant, but they make a surprisingly big difference in the look and feel of a home.
1. Change your house numbers House numbers take a beating from the sun, wind, rain, and all kinds of weather. Styles change too. Changing the house numbers is a quick fix that will make visitors take notice.
2. Change the outlet and light switch covers. You probably don't even notice your … (6 comments)

home staging tips: Syracuse Home Stager's Quick Demo: A China Hutch's Transformation - 03/16/13 08:45 AM
Syracuse Home Stager's Quick Demo: A China Hutch's Transformation China Hutches Get Crowded China hutches offer a great opportunity for home stagers to do a quick demonstration, or "mini staging". The fact is that most homeowners who have a china hutch tend to crowd everything they own into it. All their finest, most precious china, crystal, silver, and other knick-knacks are displayed on just a few small shelves. Each time they acquire something, it gets crammed in with whatever else is in there. Subsequently, most china hutches are overloaded and cluttered.
Strike A Balance While layering pieces adds interest and texture, … (1 comments)

home staging tips: Window Treatments Q&A: Syracuse Home Stager's Tips - 03/06/13 04:00 AM
Window Treatments Q&A: Syracuse Home Stager's TipsWhen you are selling your home you are likely to be thinking about ways to spruce it up before you put it on the market. You might be considering things like new paint or new flooring. One area that many home sellers overlook, however, is the home's window treatments.
What Type of Curtains Work Best When Selling My Home?Buyers prefer homes that are light and bright, and sellers should be aware that curtains have a big effect on those qualities. Make sure that the window coverings do not block light from entering the room. Plain white … (2 comments)

home staging tips: Home Staging Do-It-Yourselfers are My Largest Competition in Syracuse - 01/04/13 01:56 AM
Home Staging Do-It-Yourselfers are my Largest Competition in Syracuse Do-It-Yourselfers Do-it-yourselfers are my home staging company's largest competition in Syracuse and the suburbs. DIY-ers are the home sellers who believe they can objectively evaluate their emotionally connected home and prepare it for the buying public. This mindset is almost always met with underachievement of objectives.
DIY-ers have a "good eye" or have a friend who has a knack for decorating and is going to help them out. Many DIY-ers have searched articles on the internet or read newspaper articles about staging, and, armed with a "top ten" list of staging dos … (13 comments)

home staging tips: Depersonalize When Staging to Sell in Syracuse, But Don't Overdo It - 12/06/12 04:14 AM
Depersonalize When Staging to Sell in Syracuse, But Don't Overdo It Family Portraits and Photos It is widely accepted that one of the first things a seller should do when staging a home to sell is depersonalize. Home sellers in Syracuse who are staging their home to sell are always advised to remove all their family portraits while the house is on the market so that buyers can picture themselves living in the home, and not be distracted by family photos everywhere.
Any home staging pro will tell you that depersonalization is a key element when staging to sell in Syracuse … (6 comments)

home staging tips: 4 Ways To Make Rooms Appear Larger - 11/21/12 04:15 AM
Make Rooms Appear Larger By Following These Tips: 1. Clear Away Clutter Okay, so you probably thought of that on your own. It is true that rooms appear larger when they are clutter-free. Now that you've accepted that there's no getting around the fact that an uncluttered room appears larger, it's time to do something about it. Grab some boxes and get packing. Use smaller boxes for heavy things like books so you can lift the box when it's full. If you can't decide whether something should stay or go, then take a photo and see what it looks like in … (38 comments)

home staging tips: Three Quick Tips For Hiding Electrical Cords - 11/02/12 11:04 PM
Hide Those Ugly Wires How many times have you taken MLS photos, then noticed an electrical cord, cable, or other wire in the picture that you didn't see through the lens? It happens to realtors and home stagers alike. What can you do to make sure messy cords don't spoil the look of a beautiful room?
Here are three ways to hide those unsightly wires:
 Secure cords from lamps and electronics to the legs and backs of furniture with ties, tape, or adhesive velcro.  Use decorative cord covers made of fabric, but be careful that they don't look "messy".  Hide a … (7 comments)

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