bethesda md: What's in your closet? Bethesda, MD or Washington D.C. it matters. - 08/07/13 09:46 PM
What Closets Tell Buyers    Buyers make assumptions on the condition of a property by how organized/cluttered closets and storage areas are. Below are closet ideas that help sell a home.  Master Bedroom Closets -The closets in the master bedroom often tell a story of the homeowners' lifestyle.  If one closet is empty, it can signal a possible divorce.  If necessary, borrow clothes from a friend so there are clothes in every closet. Bedroom closets that are cluttered and unorganized can send the message that there isn't enough storage.  Take time to put away clothes that are out of season and weed out … (4 comments)

bethesda md: Is your property "Market Ready"? - 08/15/10 11:04 PM
Paul Walker from Potomac, read my recent blog on what to do to increase your chance of selling your home fast and for more money. He summed it up in a phrase...."Make your home Market Ready". Remember as an agent you have so much to take of. I have been reading the blogs. This is why it's important to get help from someone who is ASP trained to help. A home stager knows exactly what to do starting with condition and finishing up with accessories.

bethesda md: The answer to selling your home in Potomac Md or anywhere has always been there. - 08/14/10 03:30 AM
 I had an epiphany yesterday. If you want to sell your listings just follow these three steps.
1. Get to know a reputable Home Stager. One with an ASP designation usually takes the guesswork out.
2. Have them go with you to evaluate each property.
3. Insist that your clients follow the Home Stager's advice.
If there is problem with cost, help your client out at closing.   All my properties have sold extremely quickly. I work in the Washington D.C. area in Bethesda, Potomac and Rockville and even though our market may be better than in other parts of the country, … (2 comments)

bethesda md: Make your House Sellable in Bethesda Md or Anywhere - 01/13/10 04:34 AM
 We must make our houses become items for sale, we have to be able to look at them objectively.  We have to forget that the doll collection on display in the living room was passed down three generations and realize that it and the big obtrusive statue in the main hallway that you so graciously let your husband place there is probably not the best way to present your home to potential buyers.  We all have our doll collections and statues.  It's not easy to let them go sometimes.  One of the jobs of Homestaging by Vivian LLC is to help you do this.

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