MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! From HOME STYLE AND STAGING Wishing everyone a Blessed Holiday Season. May your New Year bring good health, good friends and family !!!   One of the many trees done by Home Style and Staging this year. Now to take them all down !! Good Cheer...
SHOUT OUT TO KATHY CAYLOR, REALTOR AND PHOTOGRAPHER EXTRAORDINAIRE !!! Check out her website Over the past couple of months HOME STYLE AND STAGING has had the pleasure of working with Kathy Caylor, ( I understand she found me here on ActiveRain, which I am most thankful !!!) K...
  BEFORE AND AFTER...WITH A TWIST !!! HOME STYLE AND STAGING recently did a staging where the owner had done some of the staging before I was asked to come into the project. So this Before and After is BEFORE what the owner did, and the AFTER is what HOME STYLE AND STAGING was able to do with the...
WHEN YOU KNOW IT IS TIME TO FINALLY GET THAT YARD RAKED,Lexie and Lucie were out playing in the back yard, and when it was time to come in, well this is what I was greeted with.. It seems that there were more leaves on Lucie than in the yard. Sooooooo....I guess it is time to finally get the blow...
Yes, indeed A PICTURE IS WORTH 1,000 WORDS !!!  I recently caught Lucie, one of my miniature schnauzers laying on the couch snuggled up to a throw pillow with has "Love" written on it. I just smiled and said "I love you too, Lucie" !!! Sometimes things just come together to make all things
I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU CALL ME.. JUST CALL ME !!!!    Yes that is correct, call me anything ( well, that is suitable for my ears ) just call me. I will come running !!! Last week I received a voice mail and the caller was calling for HOME STYLE AND STAGING and would like to speak with Mary Lou Tea...
HOME STYLE AND STAGING received a phone call the other day from a very nice lady in Indiana, she asked the name of the color that I had used in two of the re-design bathrooms that I done. I was thinking to myself, how in theworld did she know that I did a bathroom in chocolate brown and her in In...
HOME STYLE AND STAGING  just recently hit the 100,000 points mark !!! Then I discovered that I am in the top 50 in points for HOME STAGERS for all states....  I knew that I could look up and see my rating in my own state ( Which I am # 2 ) just figured out how to look that up...( Yes I am a littl...
GOT A RE-DESIGN JOB BECAUSE OF MY LINEN CLOSET... HOME STYLE AND STAGING was contacted last week because someone saw on FaceBook where a friend of mine had posted a photo of my linen closet.  Yes, I am kind of a neat freak...and they were probably poking alittle fun at me, but what the heck it p...
I DID IT !!! CROSSED OVER THE 100,000 POINTS LINE !!! HOME STYLE AND STAGING posted first blog in November 2007...and now 3 years later I am going over 100,000 points..I never thought that I would get here !!!   BUT I have.... thinking back to that date in November 2007, I had no idea what Activ...

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