sedona land for sale: Sedona Real Estate Market Statistics - 02/24/11 12:09 PM
Well the buyer's are back in droves in the Sedona Real Estate Market and are buying Sedona AZ Homes for Sale - like crazy.  In fact when you look over the most recent stats from 2010 - the amount of homes sold in 2010 is higher than the amount sold in 2006. That is great for our seller's.  However, the median sold price does continue it's constant march downward with the median sold price for the Sedona Real Estate Market currently at $358,000.  That price is down by 10% when comparing it to 2009.  The sold median price per square foot … (1 comments)

sedona land for sale: Do you need an attorney when selling a home short in the Sedona AZ Home Market? - 01/25/11 01:58 AM
So you have hired the right agent to sell your Sedona AZ Home for sale as a short sale.  You have a contract.  It's at the bank.  The realtor is telling you -you have nothing to worry about.  You are pretty confident that you have a nonrecourse note and you won't get slapped with a deficiency judgment by the lender.  So do you need an attorney?  Let me answer this question with a question.  If I have a pain in my leg, and a physical therapist tells me it's just a pain and nothing to worry about - am I still … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: What qualifies as a Short Sale Hardship in selling a Sedona AZ Home? - 01/21/11 04:15 AM
What Qualifies as a Short Sale Hardship? Sellers aren’t entitled to a short sale just because they’ve lost equity in their home. Lenders look for other hardships when approving short sale transactions.  Here are the standard reasons for a short sale hardship that will have to be fully documented in the short sale process for the lender to even consider a short sale:
Job loss Illness Divorce Death of spouse Natural disasters Bankruptcy However, besides a hardship, lenders also consider whether the home’s value has dropped, the mortgage is near or in default (you don’t have to default to qualify but you … (2 comments)

sedona land for sale: Sedona Housing Prices Drop so why is my Sedona AZ homeowner's insurance rising? - 01/18/11 04:07 AM
So my Sedona AZ Home isn't rising and yet my homeowner's insurance policy keeps going up?  How come?  Home prices are falling across the country, but many home owners are paying more to insure their homes. So why is insurance going up when a home’s value is going down? In an article from MSNBC titled"  Home Prices are down, so why not insurance" explains it as the following:
“The price of homeowners’ insurance is based on the cost to repair or rebuild your home. The price of a home is based on the market value of that home and the land upon which … (3 comments)

sedona land for sale: Rental Guidelines for buying a Sedona AZ Home - 09/07/10 12:14 PM
When someone buys a Sedona AZ Home for Sale many times they want to rent it out until they can totally relocate to the area.  I got the following tips from Ryan Moeller from Bigger Pockets and I want to share them with you.
1. Don't count on Appreciation.  That's a bonus
2. Watch your loan-to-value ratio.  Ideally, the total cost of the purchase, fees, and repairs should be no more than 70% of the appraised value of the property in good condition
3.  Maximize annual return.  Aim for properties that can be rented for at least 1.5% to 3% of the … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: Sedona AZ Homes for Sale yield deals in the Luxury Marketplace - 05/23/10 07:03 AM
I am fortunate to be a member of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professional Associations.  And if you remember the goodwill that came from Macy's Santa recommending Gimbels department store to a parent wanting to purchase a toy that Macy's didn't carry in the classic 1947 film, Miracle on 34th Street, then you will have a hint of the motives of the Sedona Luxury Real Estate Professionals. Macys and Gimbels were vigorous competitors, as could be the members of the SLREP, each from different real estate brokerages and with individual real estate practices. Often times it seems that when times get … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: Sedona Homes Sales will rebound when foreclosures Stop - 01/10/10 05:28 AM
I know this doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out... However, I have been saying for months that the declining prices in home values will continue until the FEDS, the BANKS, GOD.. .someone stops the wave of foreclosures.. For why should any of us in good faith hold onto our homes during this crisis?  I have been saying for months that the FEDS, the BANKS, SOMEONE will need to re-tool all mortgages out there.  Adjust all of our mortgages - anyone who has bought a home in 2001 or beyond.. And low and behold, I just read an article from … (1 comments)

sedona land for sale: SEDONA REAL ESTATE MARKET ANALYSIS OCTOBER 2009 - 10/13/09 07:45 AM
Sedona Real Estate Market Overall
The Sedona Real Estate market continues its buying frenzy in the mid to lower price sector.  In this past 3rd quarter alone, our sold volume was up by a whopping 62% from last year, with Foreclosures or Short Sale accounting for 41% of that business.  Even though Foreclosures and Short Sale represent only 12% of our active market- those segments continue to bring the market down and make the Once "Unreachable" Sedona Real Estate Market - an affordable place to own a home!  Prices have come down to 03-04 levels.
The Vacant Land sector … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: Sedona Real Estate Market continues to tick upward! - 08/01/09 04:22 AM
The Sedona real estate market continues to show signs of recovery with an increase of sales by 23% since 08.  Our pending home sales are up by a whopping 150% (which includes foreclosures and short sales).  However, of those pending numbers - 80% are either a foreclosure or a short sale home - 80%.  That is staggering. The median price point is down from 08 by 21% to $429,000.   This price represents all price ranges including the luxury market (over $1 Million). We are having buyer's come back into the market since the price point has dropped so substantially.  Our inventory … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: START 4TH WITH A BANG - BUY A HOME IN SEDONA AZ - 07/03/09 02:28 AM
Happy 4th of July. Well if you want to start your 4th with a BANG buy a homes in Sedona. In many of our markets- Residential Resale, Condos, and especially vacant land - we are seeing prices we haven't seen since 03/04. Close to 40% of our solds are foreclosures - but hey that is really what is driving the prices downward and will continue to drive our market. You can buy a sweet home in our area for under $350,000 - and that same home in 05/06 could have been worth upwards of $500,000. Please call me at 800-975-5943 or … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: SEDONA REAL ESTATE STATS FOR JUNE 12TH, 2009 - 06/12/09 01:35 AM
Well. the Sedona Home Sale Market Place is slowly inching it's way back up.  For the end of May - the Median sold price was $426,000.  down by 16% from last year at this time, but up substantially from our record low point of this past January at $341,500 The number of our Pending is up by 135% - which tells me buyer's are coming back into the market place in droves - because of the low pricing and interest rates.  the Vacant Land market has suffered tremendous wounds - down by  60% from the same time this past year with … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: SEDONA RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE STARTS TO REBOUND - 05/07/09 06:29 AM
Statistically, we hit bottom on January of 09 with a price point of $341,500. Our solds are now averaging around $430,000. And we have more pending sales now, then we had at our all time high of May 05. 1/2 of those homes currently under contract are either a foreclosure or a short sale - which will continue to drive out market downward.  Of course alot of the homes currently Buyer's are taking advantage of our low prices, great interest rates, and realizing that this is the time to BUY!  Also, with the stock market slowly going back up, consumer … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: Golden OPPORTUNITY AWAITS BUYERS IN THE SEDONA AZ MARKETPLACE - 11/11/08 01:24 AM
What are you waiting for?  Xmas?  If so, it is right around the corner and is a golden opportunity to buy.  Take it from Warren Buffet - "Buyer's buy when Seller's are desperate".  Don't wait any longer.  For by you waiting - the next buyer will buy it.  And then you will be wishing you had bought it. The pricing in Sedona continues to decline and buyer's are in our marketplace buying up properties that will appreciate - since October 1st - we have 26 listings in escrow in our marketplace!  In Cottonwood and the remaining Verde Valley, we have had 22 … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: It just keeps getting better and better.... news from Sedona Real Estate - 10/27/08 04:45 PM
This is a pep talk for all your buyer's out there who are on the fence.... thinking it over.... waiting for the golden opporutnity!  I have news for you - this IS the golden opportunity.  THERE IS NO BETTER TIME TO BUY A HOME, A PIECE OF DIRT, AN INVESTMENT PROPERTY THAN NOW.It's the best time in 20 years..  IN fact, I think we should all take our money (what's left of it) out of the stock market - and buy a home, a piece of dirt, or an investment property. Can you imagine how we could jump start this economy.  … (0 comments)

sedona land for sale: What the Gov. Take of Fannie and Freddie means to the Housing Industry - 09/11/08 11:12 AM
This document was provdied courtesy of our local Sedona MLS Board, via the National Association of Realtors.

What the Government Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Means to Housing Industry
In short-term, home sales should improve as mortgage rates fall
Washington, D.C. (September 8, 2008)-The federal government's takeover of secondary mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should cause a drop in mortgage rates in the short term that benefits home buyers, but the long-term outlook is too early to call. NAR fully supports the action of the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

sedona land for sale: SEDONA LAND PRICES DROP BY 2% EACH MONTH - 04/05/08 02:49 AM

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