Do you know any victims of identity fraud? In this electronic age we are living in, identity fraud will become more and more common. You have to be careful who you give your personal information to.     When you pull your credit report and find accounts that are not yours, you might be a vic...
Nancy Pelosi calls President George Bush a total failure.     I usually do not comment about political statements and current news but I could not resist this one. It's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. The people of the United States give congress even lower ratings than they do Pre...
    I am often asked, "Can you trust credit restoration companies?" Is there anyone out there who does what they advertise? I must admit that many of these companies are not trust worthy.     Beware of companies who make promises of guaranteed credit repair. The client is part of the guarantee. ...
I am often asked about how credit card debt effects credit scores. You would be surprised how paying down your credit card debt can raise scores significantly. If we allow our balance to get to 50% of our credit limit, it effects our scores negatively even though we are paying them on time. If we...
   Is credit repair really legitimate? Can credit scores really be improved dramatically in a few months time? There is so much scam out there it is hard to know who you can trust and if it will really produce the results you are looking for.       I know, I have had many come to my office who ha...
     If we understand credit it is our friend. If we don't understand credit it can be our enemy. Many people do not understand the basics of good credit nor do they know how to turn around their bad credit situation. There are certain fundamentals, if applied properly, that will turn any credit ...


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