news: Barack Obama Removes American Flag - 08/02/08 04:55 PM
Are you aware that Barack Obama has removed the American flag from the tail section of his campaign plane and replaced it with a symbol of himeslf?
I am not trying to make anyone mad here but am just curious, Is this okay?
I will keep this brief.
What are your thoughts?
Does it matter to you?
How do you feel about this?
Any thoughts are okay and encouraged. I would like to hear your opinion.

news: Is The Government Mortgage Loan Bail out a Good Idea? - 07/30/08 05:19 AM

Is The Government Mortgage Loan Bail out a Good Idea?
At 7am today President Bush signed the new program into existence. The bill, the biggest overhaul of housing law in decades, provides a lifeline for an estimated 400,000 homeowners facing foreclosure, and provides assurances to the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose books are loaded with bad mortgages.
House republicans were very against the bail out. Initially President Bush said he would veto the bill because it was very socialistic but later changed his mind saying some relief was better than no relief at all.
What do you think? … (0 comments)

news: Where Do you Buy Your Gasoline? - 07/28/08 05:22 PM
Gas rationing in the 70's worked even though we grumbled about it.  It might even have been good for us!
Are you aware that the Saudis are boycotting American products? Shouldn't we return the favor?  Can't we take control of our own destiny and let these giant oil importers know who REALLY generates their profits, their livings?  How about leaving American Dollars in America and reduce the import/export deficit?An appealing remedy might be to boycott their GAS.  Every time you fill up your car you can avoid putting more money into … (5 comments)

news: What Are Your Gas Prices Update. - 07/27/08 03:32 PM
    What are your gas prices? Here in South carolina our prices are down to $3.51
    Just a few days ago our prices were $3.68 so that is a decrease of 17 cents.
    I think we are supposed to happy about this but one year ago our prices were $2.70, so we are still up 81 cents over last year.
    I appreciate all who are letting us know what they are paying and what changes they are making to cope with the extra cost of driving.
    What are your gas prices? What changes are you making in … (10 comments)

news: IS THIS A GREAT BARNYARD OR WHAT? - 07/25/08 06:25 AM
    I ran across an article entitled "Is This A Great Barnyard Or What," I removed all of the names to protetct the guilty. I thought you might enjoy it.
    Once upon a time, on a farm in Virginia, there was a little red hen who scratched about the barnyard until she uncovered quite a few grains of wheat.She called all of her neighbors together and said,  "If we plant this wheat, we shall have bread to eat.  Who will help me plant it?""Not I," said the cow."Not I," said the duck."Not I," said the pig."Not I," said the goose."Then … (1 comments)

news: Do You Want Healthcare For Illegals? - 07/23/08 04:42 PM


news: What Are Your Gas Prices? - 07/22/08 03:22 PM
    Just thought it might be interested to ask you what are your gas prices? Our gas is $3.71 here in South Carolina and one station not far from here is $3.68
    The economy is all over the place. Today they announced that Wachovia has a terrible loss of almost 9 billion dollars and is cutting 6,350 jobs. US Air lost over 500 million and is cutting jobs by 3800. Bloomberg says: General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co., the two biggest U.S. automakers, have about a 46 percent chance of default within five years, according to Edward Altmann, a finance … (24 comments)

news: Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and Tomatoes - 07/22/08 03:50 AM
   First the government tells us tomatoes are the cause of salmonella and now they tell us that it was jalapeños instead. This has cost tomatoes farmers a tremendous amount of money and many of them may go out of business because of the governmental intervention.
    Now the governmental bail out of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae may cost 25 billion dollars with a "B". Congress is expected to vote this week on a housing measure that would give the Treasury Department authority to throw Fannie and Freddie a temporary lifeline. Many critics think this will expose tax payers to billions … (1 comments)

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