bellevue wa mortgage: Money Management Skills for a Happy Life - 03/11/08 08:01 AM
The stronger your money management skills are, the more likely you will live the happy life you want.  It doesn't matter if you're Middle Class or a Millionaire, you will probably feel a few dollars short of comfort as some time.  You need to have a plan if you are going to win - which are simply having discipline, goals, and desire.  Being prepared will help you get where you want to be.  Just follow these Seven Savings Strategies:
1.     Set Goals - This will help override the impulse to buy something not that important.  Write down your plan for short, medium, … (19 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Wine Tasting at the MANETTE SIDEBAR - Bremerton - 03/11/08 06:33 AM

Come join me for wine tasting at the Manette Sidebar in Bremerton!  The 2nd Tuesday of every month, the Sidebar will be hosting a wine tasting party.  $10 buys you 7 tastes of the beautiful nectar of the vines! also...all very tasty appetizers will be 1/2 off! 
ADDRESS:2113 E. 11th Street; Bremerton, Wash. PHONE: 360-792-0801 HOURS: Monday-Friday 3 p.m. - 2 a.m. Saturday 4 p.m. - 2 a.m. Closed Sunday
Manette is a great neighborhood for an afternoon walk along the waterfront and sunset views at the park.

bellevue wa mortgage: To REX or not to REX? It's your home Equity - 03/10/08 03:17 PM
Recently Komo 4 published a story called A new way to get equity out of your home.  Yeah...someone is trying to help us in this bear market (probably not).  A REX Agreement (sounds like wrecks) is an equity investment company in San Francisco.  They provide immediate cash with no loan, no interest and no monthly payments. 
To qualify for the REX AGREEMENT, you must have a stand-alone home that you live in. Second homes, condos and vacation property are not eligible.  You must also have a decent credit score and be financially responsible.  Other things to consider are:
The equity you take out determines … (2 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: I love Ben! - 03/10/08 02:34 PM
Benjamin Franklin that is!  Do you know how Daylight Savings Time Originated?  In 1784 Benjamin Franklin is thought to have come up with the idea for daylight-saving time. In a whimsical letter to a French journal, he said that Parisians could save thousands of francs a years by waking up earlier during the summer because it would prevent them from having to buy so many candles to light the evening hours.
Years later in 1905 the prominent English builder and outdoorsman William Willett invented DSTduring one of his pre-breakfast horseback rides, when he observed with dismay how many Londoners slept through … (8 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Let me introduce Imants Holmquist - WA Real Estate Attorney - 03/05/08 05:17 PM
Imants contacted me earlier this week after reading my blog Favoring change for Downtown Kirkland - The McLeod Project.  He was kind enough to invite me to lunch so we could get to know each other better.  I really enjoyed learning more about his specialty.
He helped me understand that he works in a firm with about 5 other attorney's that also do estate planning.  Imants does "most things real property related including transactions, litigation, and entity formation. In terms of fees, we try to flat fee as much as possible. Condominiums we flat fee at considerably less than other firms."
He also … (1 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Negotiation without Friction? - 02/23/08 03:55 AM
Experts in negotiation handle the process so smoothly that discussions hardly seem like negotiations at all. While the word negotiation itself conjures up visions of cigar-chomping adversaries pounding the table to emphasize their demands, the best results are achieved when all the parties involved are able to put themselves in the others' shoes and arrive at an agreement that is beneficial to everyone involved. Whether you are negotiating a higher salary, a new job, or the acquisition of a company, your chances of success are far greater … (4 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Favoring change for Downtown Kirkland - The McLeod Project - 02/20/08 03:58 PM
I realize the initial reaction for most when they hear about change coming is to resist and oppose.  But let's consider all the facts and benefits The McLeod Project will bring downtown Kirkland.  Stuart McLeod owns the property that is to be redeveloped which includes Hector's south to Mixtura (Tully's to Ben & Jerry's would remain) and the parking and businesses behind there (Calabria, Sasi's Cafe).  The plan is for a 4 story mixed use building to include: retail/restaurants, office space, and an underground 500 car parking deck.  The architectural design is according to current zoning, in line with other downtown … (2 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: 69 Flights of Stairs for Leukemia - 02/18/08 03:05 PM
What was I thinking?  Now I must go through with it.  Training hard and putting a team together for the annual Columbia Tower Stair Climb in an effort to fundraise for Leukemia.  I think this may be the tallest building in Seattle.  What I do know is that each time I go there it is up a couple elevators to a club for wine. 
I will be participating in 22nd Annual Big Climb for Leukemia. The event is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's most challenging event - and a complete quad burner! Last March, over 4,200 people climbed the stairs at … (6 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: 10 Lies Desperate Home Sellers Tell - 02/18/08 02:29 PM
Barbara Corcoran recently shared these tips on the today show.  This definately makes sense in this market where sellers may be under pressure financially to dump the house.  It is a buyer's market so take your time and exercise due dilligence.
"My neighbors are wonderful!"  Really? Why not check it out for yourself? Knock on the wonderful neighbor's door. Tell them you are thinking of buying the house next door and ask them what they think of the neighborhood. If you get the door slammed in your face, you can assume by "wonderful" the seller meant, "It will be wonderful to get … (4 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Happy New Year ~ My Gift to You - 01/01/08 04:13 PM
I have been so moved by the Secret in 2007 that I want to share with You.  Believe works!  Here is a short recap I wrote:
"THE SECRET IS THE ANSWER TO ALL THAT HAS BEEN, ALL THAT IS, AND ALL THAT WILL EVER BE."                                                                   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson                                                                                 (1803-1882)the Secret.....Life is about the Law of Attraction.  Some of the greatest people in history have already known this:  Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, and Einstein.  You can have, do, or be anything you want - no matter how big it is - happiness, health, and wealth.  Everything that is … (0 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Reverse Mortgages helping Older Home Owners - 01/01/08 03:44 PM
Reverse mortgages used to be a way for homeowners to get extra cash during retirement. Now they're also being used for a more-pressing purpose: helping people who are struggling to meet payments on high-interest-rate loans to keep their homes.  The strategy calls for persuading lenders to take the cash generated by a reverse mortgage in lieu of foreclosing on older homeowners.
With a reverse mortgage, the bank makes payments to the homeowner instead of the homeowner making payments to a bank. The loan is repaid, with interest, when the borrower sells the house, moves out permanently or dies. The products are complex … (0 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Circus Contraption and the Aerialistas perform Free tonight at Seattle Center - 12/30/07 08:13 AM
Circus Contraption's Klezmer-fueled "dark cabaret" never fails to make us smile, and the Aerialistas have a way with the rope and trapeze that goes way over our heads in the best possible way. The troupes perform at Seattle Center as part of the Winterfest revels, and the shows are free. Center House Theatre (Seattle Center) 305 Harrison St. Seattle, WA 98109 Maps & directions
Sunday, December 30: 6:30 p.m.; performance
So go have some fun!

bellevue wa mortgage: Another Sign of Strength in the King County Economy - 12/30/07 06:30 AM
Boeing recently finalized a deal with British Airways creating a total for 790 orders of the Dreamliner plane.  British Airways' order gives the plane one of the industry's most successful launches ever - even though the airliner has yet to take flight.  Boeing expects to fly the first 787 around the end of the first quarter of 2008 and begin deliveries in late November or December. It expects to deliver 109 airplanes in 2009.  The British Airways deal is worth $4.4 billion at list prices.
"This order is a vote of confidence from one of the world's leading global network carriers in … (4 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Option ARM Borrowers not included in Bush's Plan - 12/30/07 06:11 AM
There has been much talk of the Bush administration planning to help subprime borrowers whose loans are due to reset to higher interest rates next year. But hundreds of thousands of borrowers that obtained the Pay Option ARM with good credit will see sharp increases in their payments if unable to refinance.  These homeowners could be the next wave of trouble in the mortgage crisis. 
If they chose to make only the minimum payment on a regular basis, their loan balance has increased.  Terms of the Option ARM allow for a maximum loan balance cap usually at 110% of the original loan … (6 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Seattle Bus Tunnel Closed Until Further Notice - 12/26/07 12:20 PM
Metro closed the tunnel Dec. 17, reopened it Dec. 18, then closed it again Dec. 19. It has remained closed.
The computer system, installed this year, is designed to let operators control signals, ventilation, elevators, security cameras and lights from a control center near Safeco Field in an emergency.
Workers found suspected flaws in some of the circuit boards.
Sound Transit spokeswoman Linda Robson said Monday that the circuit boards have been replaced, and workers will monitor the tunnel and run simulations.  She said there is a "high level of confidence" the problem has been fixed.  There still has been no word of reopen.  … (0 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Fuel Efficient Vehicles - 12/26/07 12:03 PM
I was so excited when I heard that President Bush signed into law this month, legislation that will bring more fuel-efficient vehicles into auto showrooms and require wider use of ethanol, calling it "a major step" toward energy independence and easing global warming. The legislation signed by Bush at a ceremony at the Energy Department requires automakers to increase fuel efficiency by 40 percent to an industry average 35 miles per gallon by 2020. It also ramps up production of ethanol use to 36 billion gallons a year by 2022.
Bush said the new requirements will help "address our vulnerabilities and dependency" … (7 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Washington Loan Officer License REQUIRED 1/01/08 - 12/26/07 11:51 AM
I am one of the 1,900 Loan Originators that have renewed their license for 2008.  If you haven't, then renew your Loan Originator license soon at  Remember that all Loan Originator Licenses expire on 12/31/2007 and you cannot conduct business without a valid Loan Originator License.
REALTORS - DON'T GET CAUGHT IN A TRANSACTION THAT YOUR LOAN OFFICER CAN NO LONGER CLOSE FOR YOU!  Ask them now if they have their license renewed for 2008.  This is the first year that the exam and continuing education is required to be complete.
Frequently Asked Loan Originator License Renewal Questions  
Question:  What is the process for … (5 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Fannie Mae Price Adjustments for Credit Scores - 12/12/07 06:01 AM
Fannie Mae has announced that in 2008 they will be implementing price overlays for all loan products with FICO's under 680 and LTVs > 70%, as well as loans with subordinate financing and 2 unit properties. These changes could literally pop up on the rate matrix anytime between now and then with no warning, so floating a rate, even if the bond market is down 20 basis points could prove to be very costly. Any borrower on the fence with a FICO < 680 needs to get off of it TODAY, because time is not on their side if they're looking … (4 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Mortgage Bailout - is there HOPE? - 12/12/07 05:56 AM
Monday, Business Week wrote an article on Educating Clients & the Mortgage Bailout.  This may or may not affect them and now is a great time to refinance! What the Mortgage Bailout Means for You.  (For the consumer)
On Dec. 6, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, with the support of President George W. Bush, unveiled a plan to aid certain homeowners who face the prospect of higher mortgage rates in the next few years. Paulson worked with banks and other mortgage companies to develop the initiative, and thanked them for their involvement. "We have worked through an evolving process to help minimize the impact of … (4 comments)

bellevue wa mortgage: Appraisal Reinspections required for selected areas in WA due to storms - 12/12/07 05:49 AM
Due to the recent storms and subsequent flooding, a Disaster Waring policy was put into place affecting the following counties in Washington state: King Thurston Whatcom Lewis Mason Grays Habor KitsapIt also includes the following counties in Oregon:
Tillamook ColumbiaAny appraisal completed prior to 12/5 for properties located in these counties will need to be re-inspected for damage prior to docs.  The re-inspections can be completed by the original appraiser or by a licensed home inspection company or a city or county authority.  Properties that have suffered damage, will need a 442 verifying the completion of the necessary repairs prior to funding.  Also, a Disaster Inspection Certificate will be sent out … (1 comments)


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