beautiful: Spring is on its way, here are my top Sping Lawn Care Tips for a Beautiful Lawn! - 02/16/09 03:16 AM
     Many people often wonder why their neighbor has a stronger, healthier, and more beautiful lawn then their own. Chances are the neighbor cares for and maintains (or has a company that actually knows the keys to a great lawn) their lawn better than the person who's lawn might not be so nice and beautiful. Well you are in luck. I know the keys to the strong beautiful lawn that you need to do to have that strong, healthy, beautiful lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, and I am going to share those keys with you. Along with these keys there are steps … (5 comments)

beautiful: Fall lawn care tips - 11/07/08 04:26 AM
    As many of us already know proper lawn care and maintenance is a vital part of your homes curb appeal and exterior beauty. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to properly maintain their lawn, so here are a few great tips that will help you this fall in not only maintaining your lawn, but ensuring a beautiful lawn next spring.
   For those of you that do fertilize your lawn.... The first thing you want to do is your last weed & feed fertilizer treatment should be done by mid to late-September at the very latest. The reasoning for this is so there are no chemical reactions, … (4 comments)

beautiful: Your lawn won't grow without water - 08/02/08 12:08 PM
Proper watering techniques guarantee the heath and beauty of your lawn and plants. It's important to water your plants deeply. The appearance of your plants reflects how much moisture they have. Yellow, drooping leaves indicate over-watering, while grayish leaves and wilting indicate under-watering. If you can leave a footprint on the grass, it is also an indication of under-watering.
Look at your lawn and plants carefully before watering them to gauge the right amount of water they need. It's best to water early in the morning before 10 a.m. because evaporation is less during these hours. Evaporation is also less during … (0 comments)

beautiful: Late Spring-Summer/ heat lawn care tips - 06/10/08 12:26 PM
Summer is alot different than the Spring and Fall for your lawn. Just like many of us it tires with all the heat and lack of rain. The main thing of summer lawn care is simple.... keep everything simple and to a minimum. If you follow these simple tips you can help your lawn maintain its beauty.
First and most important is watering, when it gets hot just like you your lawn needs a good drink of water. Please follow this link for tips on Proper Watering Techniques. For those of you who know you will be under a watering restriction … (3 comments)


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