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Okay, here is a list of five simple things you can do to take and post better pictures for your listings (apart from using a professional photographer!).   1. Have the seller prepare the space properly: This might be the hardest one, because it depends on someone else, and will not be possible fo...
We've all seen them, and many are responsible for unleasing them on the world... Yes, the crooked picture is everywhere! If you aren't selling this lovely piece of history, then please take a second and do one of two things: 1. Use a tripod and level your shots 2. Use some image software and stra...
It's a phrase my mom taught me, and probably your mom or dad too -- "Use the right tools for the job!" Man, I didn't want to believe her. I would use my teeth to bite off those plastic clothes labels ('cause the scissors were just a bit too far away...). Making tape instead of painter's tape, 'ca...
  We've all heard of FSBO (fizbo) sellers -- For Sale By Owner. Agents tend to feel that it doesn't make much sense for people to try and sell their homes without the help of an expert. Yet many agents fall into the same trap in their selling...they become PhSBAs! (insert scary music here...dum, ...
We've all seen them, and the guilty parties know who they of the toilet (with the seat up, no less)! There are many infamous shots taken by real estate agents -- the crooked house, half a sofa, dirty dishes in the sink, the list is endless. The question is why is everyone putting ...

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