rva: 7358 Travellers Way, Mechanicsville, VA 23111 - 06/15/15 03:06 AM
The latest offering from RVA HomePRO Michael Hottman. Spread your wings with the extra space this cul-de-sac lot offers in Travellers Run. Country living in the heart of Mechanicsville. The three-quarters of an acre lot this home sits on borders a family farm to the rear and a neighbor with an over 2 acre lot on one side gives you plenty of space to have the neighbors over for lawn movies while the fenced in back yard can keep the family pets safe.
Less than a three mile drive to Kroger and Lowes on Route 360 is this home that welcomes friends to … (0 comments)

rva: Tech Tip: A Big Win In a Short Way - 02/20/15 12:32 PM
Today was filled with wins today. One big win was getting a contract ratified on one of my listings. The win wasn't so much getting the contract completed, but how I got it done. I was out and about when the seller contacted me to sign the contract. Thankfully I already had the contract scanned and uploaded into our electronic file system (dotloop). I had already set up the signature and initials on the form and just needed to send the seller the link...
The problem was this seller does not have a computer, and he doesn't do email on his phone, but … (7 comments)

rva: 6 Buying Tips When Purchasing A Home in Glen Allen, Va - 02/09/15 11:45 AM
These 6 buying tips will save you time, money, and headaches when you're looking for a new home:
     1.   Get Pre-Qualified – before you can seriously consider purchasing a home, it’s important to know exactly how much you can afford. This can be the scariest part of the buying process for some. It’s perfectly natural to be nervous, but we can put you in touch with someone you can trust to help get you pre-qualified. A good lender may ask you financial questions you wouldn’t reveal to your mother, but they also will not share anything with any other party unless you … (10 comments)

rva: Please Don't Rob Yourself to Buy a Home! Retirement Account Loans - 01/26/15 12:34 AM
With the changes in lending that have occurred recently there are some lenders out there who are farming their contacts encouraging people to buy homes and get the minimal down payments necessary by withdrawing money from their retirement accounts under the "hardship allowance" some retirement plans offer. When someone reccomends this they sell it as you're just, "borrowing from yourself" and you are paying back yourself with interest. It's great to be your own bank isn't it? Well maybe and maybe not...
From the IRS:
1. Under what circumstances can a participant get a hardship distribution from a retirement plan?
A … (23 comments)

rva: Tech Tip: There's Been a Resurrection! Now I Can Breathe... - 01/21/15 02:17 PM
This morning I was working away on my computer and the internet stopped working. Unfortunately that's not too uncommon in my office, then my screen froze, an the dreaded blue screen of death showed it's ugly head. This is the first time I've seen this on a windows 8 machine so I waited to see what would happen...
The computer rebooted, started the boot process, did some checking, and then a strange message appeared:
Boot Disk Not Found
Umm, what? I started having flashbacks to my days in IT. I started going through my checklists in my head, what could be … (12 comments)

rva: Guido is Killing Me Softly With His Song - Importance of Words - 01/17/15 08:04 AM
Killing Me Softly With His Song
By Charles Fox with lyrics by Norman Gimbel
Strumming my pain with his fingers,
Singing my life with his words,
Killing me softly with his song,
Killing me softly with his song,
Telling my whole life with his words,
Killing me softly with his song.
What's That You Say?
Professionals who work in any field for any amount of time often come up with acronyms and words for things that mean little to the general public. Think about real estate for a moment. Nearly every day I go into the MLS to do a CMA on … (29 comments)

rva: Lessons From TOPGUN for a Real Estate Agent in Glen Allen Virginia - 01/15/15 12:01 PM
In the midst of the Vietnam war the US Navy and US Air Force both introduced some amazing new technology including the brand new air superiority fighter, the Phantom F-4. The F-4 had an amazing thrust advantage for fighters at the time and it was thought that internal cannons (machine guns) would not be necessary because combat a close range would no longer occur due to relatively new long range heat-seeking and radar-guided missiles.
Technology Can Solve Problems
The thinking was that the supersonic age was here and these new missiles would be able to destroy the enemy from beyond visual range because combat fighting was at … (10 comments)

rva: Service for Long After the Purchase of Your Home in Glen Allen, VA - 01/09/15 12:02 AM
As a  one of the services I always offer my clients in Glen Allen, Ashland, Mechanicsville, or any home I help someone with is to help them long after the transaction is completed. I look forward to the calls where a client or their friends and family need help with something around the home so I can refer quality contractors to help them out because my service extends far beyond the closing of their home. It's sort of like a personal Angie's List™ with some added benefits: no subscription fee and an advocate if something doesn't turn out like they want it.
With the cold … (13 comments)

rva: Help Finding Those Who Get Lost: Project Lifesaver - 01/05/15 01:24 AM
Back in October 2011 an 8 year old non-verbal autistic boy, Robbie Wood, went missing when he was at North Anna Battlefield Park with his family here in Hanover County, Virginia. Robbie was only wearing a red, long-sleeved T-shirt, blue athletic pants and blue shoes when he went missing. Overnight temperatures in the area hovered in 40s while daytime temperatures got up to the 60-70 degree range. Day after day passed with no sign of Robbie and thousands of professional searchers and locals came out to search for the boy. As each day passed hope dwindled that Robbie would be found alive. 

rva: Why Set New Year's Resolutions When You Can Start A Bonfire! - 12/30/14 02:21 PM
It’s that time again, you’ve decided you want to make some changes in your life. Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution, maybe it’s just time to finally to lose some weight, or you’re going to finally do…
A Fire to Warm Your New Year
When a new year comes around people examine their life and look for things to change. Many people set New Year’s Resolutions for things they want to change in the coming year, and many of these resolutions are kept for only a few weeks, but there is hope.  Instead of setting resolutions, consider starting some fires in your life. … (5 comments)

rva: The Second Day of Christmas: Two Turtle Doves Come Home - 12/26/14 12:40 PM
My family traveled to my wife's parents for Christmas. While we were away our two dogs spent time at the local doggie day spa. That is our affectionate term for the local Hanover Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals Kennel.  Sounds like a strange place to  send the family pets to the local SPCA but they have top notch facilities and really love on our dogs. A few years back they purchased a local kennel business to support their business of rescuing unwanted/abandoned pets. 
While at the kennel our dogs get the full spa treatment. The get a 4 paw pedicure, a full … (4 comments)

rva: The First Day of Christmas: A Partridge in a Jingle Bell Tree - 12/26/14 08:33 AM
Several years ago my wife was shopping in Target, not her usual behavior since she hates shopping (I know, I'm a lucky guy). While she was there she saw two adorable jingle bell trees that she wanted, but it was uncharacteristically expensive for Target so I asked her to wait for the big one whole we purchased a small one - I planned on coming back when they had it on clearance. Christmas day came and Target put it on clearance on their website so I tried to order it... and FAILED. This was back when stores had not anticipated the traffic their sites would see and … (6 comments)

rva: How's Your Poker Face? The Players in Real Estate - 12/17/14 04:24 AM
A Buyer Calls  From time to time people call me looking for the listing agent on a home. I think some people think if they are talking to the listing agent they will be able to get a better deal or that the listing agent may have some inside information on the home or even that it really doesn't matter who I talk to as long as they can help me buy this home. When I hear a caller is looking for the listing agent my perspective is they don't really understand agency as it relates to real estate and what … (7 comments)

rva: Garbage In, Garbage Out, Why Good Data Matters in Glen Allen, Virginia - 11/23/14 09:56 AM
Would You Like Some Cheese?
From time to time Realtors whine about getting fined when they don't pend a property within the appropriate time frame or neglect to enter some other data point because they don't think it matters. It's never fun to have to pay out some of your hard earned cash to cover some "problem" the MLS administrators identify? When you don't understand why you are being held accountable for you feel less welcome to the correction. 
So here's my explanation to why there are fines. While I don't know this for a fact, I do understand databases and the fact … (3 comments)

rva: WARNING: Don't Change Your Clocks This Weekend! But do a few other housekeeping items at home in Glen Allen, VA - 10/29/14 07:20 AM
Yes it's that weekend for most of the United States and Canada when people get an extra hour of sleep due to the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time that occurs this weekend. If you are connected to some professional who gets business in any way no undoubtedly you have been reminded of this fact already, as if it was some hidden event no one was aware of. I get so many notifications you might think some sort of national emergency occurred, or would occur if I don't change my clocks this weekend. But before you rush around changing all … (8 comments)

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