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One of my primary directives in life is to help others reach their goals. When we reach our goals we are more satisfied and enjoy life so much more. When someone asks me to join in that journey I am honored and privileged to be a part of the process, often as a coach and guide. I love sharing my experiences and hope they are helpful to others.
Tied for 10th Best Place to Get Ahead in February 2010 by Forbes.com Hanover County is where I now call home and one of the counties I serve as a RVA HomePRO. This was based on employment and income growth in the county and the housing market reflects some of those numbers. Here are the December ...
Back in October 2011 an 8 year old non-verbal autistic boy, Robbie Wood, went missing when he was at North Anna Battlefield Park with his family here in Hanover County, Virginia. Robbie was only wearing a red, long-sleeved T-shirt, blue athletic pants and blue shoes when he went missing. Overnigh...
One of my goals this year is to ramp up my blogging and AR participation. Part of this has been to hit an average of 1000 points every day - at least for the month of January. So far it looks like I'm doing well on that. The funny thing is it's not all about me - a good number of points are comin...
It’s that time again, you’ve decided you want to make some changes in your life. Maybe it’s a New Year’s Resolution, maybe it’s just time to finally to lose some weight, or you’re going to finally do…A Fire to Warm Your New YearWhen a new year comes around people examine their life and look for t...
Posting on Active Rain is a fun activity. You make connections with other professionals and you learn from others expertise while sharing your own. Active Rain is a great platform to network with others and spread your wings. It's also helped me hone my writing skills. About a month ago I was app...
Christmas has come and gone. Now you might be using the time between Christmas and New Year's Day to clean like my family is doing. Part of this cleaning likely involves getting rid of Christmas wrapping and boxes your gifts came in. I'll bet you never thought you might be setting out a billboard...
One thing I really like about working in real estate is there really no first day or last day of the week. I often find myself working on weekends and during the week it's time to connect with other professionals. The one thing that really throws a wrench in things is having holidays in the middl...
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about Simple Tech Tips to Fix What Ails You and how restarting and updating your computer can solve many issues with your computer when it's acting wierd. Tonight I experieced a wierd issue that wasn't solved by those steps. The experience i had was Active Rain...
I have the honor of saying I'm a third generation Realtor. When I was growing up I often found myself at the real estate office my father was a part of with my two younger brothers. When all three of us showed up the other agents in the office called us Huey, Dewy, and Louie after the three nephe...
My family traveled to my wife's parents for Christmas. While we were away our two dogs spent time at the local doggie day spa. That is our affectionate term for the local Hanover Society to Prevent Cruelty to Animals Kennel.  Sounds like a strange place to  send the family pets to the local SPCA ...

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