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One of my primary directives in life is to help others reach their goals. When we reach our goals we are more satisfied and enjoy life so much more. When someone asks me to join in that journey I am honored and privileged to be a part of the process, often as a coach and guide. I love sharing my experiences and hope they are helpful to others.
I used to be one of those birds, yup, the ones that are already freezing their tail feathers off waiting for the big deal at your local big box retailer. But I typically wasn't shopping for myself, I was shopping for others - sometimes I knew the person, sometimes I didn't. One year I went black ...
A few months ago I purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 - probably one of the best, most portable computers I have ever owned. A few weeks before that I had started a Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription. When I was first exposed to Microsoft Office 365 I was a bit apprehensive. Why would I want...
There's nothing quite like waking up in the morning knowing that your 4 year old will not bother you because you're at the grandparent's home and he would much rather have fun hanging out with them rather than boring old dad. As I slumbered in bed I started to smell the aroma of the turkey and ot...
A few years ago when my wife and I were looking for a larger home one of the communities I had my eye on was Kings Charter in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Eventually we decided on a different area, but this neighborhood is still one of my favorte areas and where I've had the honor and privilege to h...
Would You Like Some Cheese?From time to time Realtors whine about getting fined when they don't pend a property within the appropriate time frame or neglect to enter some other data point because they don't think it matters. It's never fun to have to pay out some of your hard earned cash to cover...
Every Fall I find myself having to evict some unwelcome guest into our home. This week as we had a nice cold snap was the week it started. Little did I know the mice in my house were helping me with one the latest "Holidays" - Rodent Awareness week. Rodents can be a serious problem and can cause ...
See Details View All Photos Request Showing Request More Info Map View Financing Options Contact Agent    is proud to introduce you to our latest listing in Aylett, Virginia within King William County. This custom built home makes country living even more comfortable. Boasting nearly 3,000 squar...
"...and Use You As My Real Estate Agent to Sell My Home in Glen Allen."   Hiring the Right Person Real estate agents hear this from time to time and I actually understand why some people might say something like this. Not every agent is the right person to represent you in some real estate transa...
Yes it's that weekend for most of the United States and Canada when people get an extra hour of sleep due to the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time that occurs this weekend. If you are connected to some professional who gets business in any way no undoubtedly you have been reminde...
Lift is typically a good thing; for an airplane it means you can gain altitude which means you can fly and control the plane. Using the same analogy, typically falling short is a bad thing. If you fall short of the runway when your are landing that means you crashed. Not the way I want to see a p...

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