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One of my primary directives in life is to help others reach their goals. When we reach our goals we are more satisfied and enjoy life so much more. When someone asks me to join in that journey I am honored and privileged to be a part of the process, often as a coach and guide. I love sharing my experiences and hope they are helpful to others.
More and more I see the topic of various disclosures come up in venues like Facebook groups, real estate magazines, and even in real estate classes I attend. One of the latest "what's hot, what's not" disclosures in the real estate industry is regarding Methamphetamine or more the more popular te...
  1 cup of Engage in the Media   2 Table Spoons of Sharing Things You Find Interesting   3 tea spoons of Add Your Own Thoughts   4 pinches of Seek Out Other Sources   One of my passions is teaching. I love helping others discover how to do new things or to improve on what they are already doing. ...
This afternoon I was on my way to pick up my son from daycare when the radio started playing a 9-1-1 call from a woman who was trapped on the 83rd floor in the World Trade Center. As the call was playing I passed a business that was flying it's American flag at half staff in remembrance of the a...
Real estate agents sometimes have a bad reputation, and rightly so, because some are really great sales people. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but think about it. Some agents would rather make a sale than make sure the deal is right for their client. Occasionally real estate agents are com...
As a Realtor in Richmond, VA I'm on the road a lot. Most mornings I drive my son to daycare. Driving to daycare this morning the roads were sprinkled along the way were children waiting for the school bus to pick them up for the first day of school. Many of them were accompanied by parents eithe...
Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of Summer as school gets back in session. Some people celebrate this time (usually parents) while others groan (many kids). Growing up I was like many children, I wasn't really a fan of school. After all school often got in the way of all the fun I was hav...
Love'em or hate'em Zillow is a big player in the world of real estate. Everyone has an opinion about them and some people are down right mean, without really knowing what they are talking about. Yesterday I was on a conference call with a sales person from Zillow with several other agents and se...
Sunday I decided to go out and preview properties by visiting open houses in the areas I like to focus on here in the Richmond, Virginia metro area. "Why preview homes when you're a Realtor?" you may be asking. What a better way to visit several properties in a single day, meet agents from other ...
The final curtain closed on the antics of a beloved comedian loved by many this past week. Shocked by the news of Robin William’s death, people have responded in various ways, some in very disturbing way. Most people have expressed condolences and respect, while others expressed anger or name cal...
Some people said it couldn't be done, others just shrugged their shoulders, but a team of professionals made it happen, this week we did it! I was able to help a client sell their home in the morning, and but another home that afternoon. To add complexity to the mix, the seller for the home my c...

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